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On a national level we are supporting 1st responders and Families Against Narcotics in Hope Without Handcuffs. Click image below for more information.


Stop Frying Your Brain.com  We are tight nit community of approx 180k consisting of drug addicts, alcoholics, service providers, non profits organizations,, businessman and professionals. We are a crowd sourced community content marketing model mostly organic in nature.
This site is made up of thousands of pages. So if you see something not finished please come back lots of people are working on it.
rantWe’re a work in progress (crowd sourced community organic b2c content marketing model) authored and developed by monkeys, lawyers, doctors, bikers, candy bar eating nerds, drug addicts, programmers, IT jerks, two database wizards, PPC guy’s, two many bosses, a few good managers, management jerks, sex addicts, counselors, therapists, secretaries, know-it-alls, subject authorities (so they think), to many SME’s, alcoholics, AA members, some ppl we don’t know, military personnel, law enforcement, churches, various non-profits, veterans, facility providers (ceo’s cmo’s), nurses, psychiatrists, psychos, wife’s, a few smart kids, a few dumb ones, a couple of sales guys, two preachers, social media team, 3 split testers and a couple of really freaked out investors (with bean counters) as we’re paying some of the above (now that’s funny I don’t care who you are) and one WHACKED out CEO with his new dam STUPID puppy that keeps eating all the fiber optic connections. Won’t you join us?
So needless to say we make a lot changes daily and growing like crazy. New faces everywhere and we haven’t stepped on the gas yet. Gotta make sure the wheels don’t come off first so we are load testing too. Currently supporting the integration of 21 different API’s/social media platforms and NO everything isn’t working yet.
If something doesn’t work just come back later. Tks@R


Currently we are in pre-launch mode. Split testing and adding our network of service providers. So far so good. If you’re a service provider you’ll want to board early as we are servicing on a 1st come 1st serve basis and we have a line at the door. Additionally, after we get all the bugs out our prices for inclusion will increase. You know what they say….. 1st to market captures market share.


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 StopfryingYourBrain.com becoming one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation. Below is just a sample of our 1000’s of pages of articles and video’sfounder
We are a community B2C content model augmented with PPC – Click Image below for more



We have hundreds of addiction experts under the hood. Won’t you join us?another-peeking-under-the-hood










We are consistently seeing 1800 to 2000 people a day on the website. Our biggest peak day for 2016 was 50,000 unique views. Weekly peaks of 10,000 to 20,000 are starting to be common. UPDATE
In order to service the peak traffic we had to re-provision our servers and add additional communications/pipes. This is strictly our organic side of the house. Currently provisioning for a projected 300% increase in organic traffic the next 12-18 months.
Yes the site wiggs out some times from the load, we are still putting on the wheels, so just be patient. We’re getting there. We haven’t even officially launched yet.
Now starting to realizing additional traffic on social media platforms and our pay per click models are starting driving tons of traffic as well.
Several good brands stepped up to the plate on the ppc side of the house. This side is coming on line in the next few months. We have some of the lowest CPL, CPA costs in the business.

mission statement

Our mission statement is to bring good information to the individuals that need it so they can make excellent informed decisions about the services they are seeking.



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