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To me, a hero is someone who makes others around them better than they were on their own. This person gives selflessly their time and talents to assist those in need. Heroes are not perfect. They do fail, they do falter but they also humbly and graciously pick themselves up.
Mike Lindsey

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What was your most heroic moment?

The most heroic moment in my life?  The day I quit using drugs. Yes, I was a hero to myself. Changing my course abruptly, presented many simultaneous challenges. My mind was flooded with questions of how, when, where, who and back to how. The why was blatantly obvious. I would not survive another winter on the streets.

Alone, driven by the instinct of survival, I was able to create a network. This network, much like those I built in my addiction to get what I needed, is what would help me save my life. In the moment, I did not realize that my Higher Power was my first connection. Looking back, it is so obvious.

As I took steps to reclaim my life, I was always met half way. A new person or opportunity would always show up to help me along my journey through what I now call recovery.

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Am I a better person for surviving addiction?

Addiction is so sick and twisted. For years, all of my issues were not my fault. The “blank” made me do it. I quit the use of drugs and alcohol. I was responsible for everything that happened around me. This insidious son-of-a-bitch gets to walk away and sink its teeth into another victim. While I try to pick myself up and put back together the broken pieces of my life. As I pick up the pieces I realize it is not reconstruction, it is resurrection. After years of self sabotage, destruction and active addiction, could I actually become a better person? Even better than I was because of these experiences?

What was the purpose of my journey through addiction? Perhaps, I am meant to walk this path so that I can help others find their way out, too? I struggled with addiction for well over 35 years. I was always able to maintain my way of life, even if only by the threads. Then, unexpectedly, my new friends were all meth and heroin addicts. They would come over to my place and I would let them crash for days and weeks.

I did not belong in this world. I was a working professional with a career. Why did my journey in life take me down this road? What did this journey teach me? I felt so out of place no matter where I went.

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What is my purpose?

During my days of using and living on the streets, I put myself in many risky situations. There was someone or something protecting me along the way, I know there was. I walked away virtually unscathed except for my estranged family, divorce and financial issues. I did not have any trouble with the law nor did I suffer any acute bodily harm. There were definitely many opportunities for trouble and injury.

Today, I am a recovery advocate or coach, I suppose. I am not a certified coach. However, I provide support to many suffering addicts. Is this my destiny, my purpose? Is this work really for me, or is it just a false sense of security? Perhaps my external focus on recovery has blinded me to the risk I am putting myself in every day.

Do I have enough “fuel” in my tank to go help others on a daily basis? How do I know if my tank is running low? Even more importantly, how do I refill my tank?

I am not sure if any of this is heroic…


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