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A special Shout Out To Todd Bulldogg Mccagg & Nathan Hardage At Core Vision. This concern has helped many without any consideration especially Stop Frying Your Below are the results from Alumni. Check it out. Thought I would share with the community. Tks Guy’s !!
Robert Henslee

SFYB Founder/Publisher

TestimonialsUpon completion at Core Vision, the lovely and wonderful Ms. Paula asked if we would write a review or testimony of our experience.

I hope this will cover that. I went to Colorado to fight an insidious disease that had ravaged not only myself, but also left devastation in the lives of all my friends and family. What I found was an entire community of people just like me.. from every age, race, and class our society knows. All of us had lost something, many of us lost everything in our addiction. Regardless of our reasons for beginning or continuing on the reckless paths that took us from our lives, homes, loved ones and comfort zones, we all hold a common goal.

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A Lovely Little Town

That we wanted​ to live, and to do so free of the darkness that had furiously pursued us all our lives. I have found many other recovering addicts since returning from Colorado, and not surprisingly their story is our own.

What is amazing about coming into the life of recovery, whether at Core Vision or elsewhere, is that it has given us many of those things we had thought unobtainable to us after the ruins we had left behind us….And that is our story. That we have found (or are finding) love, acceptance, tolerance, self-worth and respect..


That we too are worthy. If nowhere else but within our own tribe, we have a family.

All my people in recovery are my brothers and sisters for life, and the addict still suffering is our lost sibling in need. This is what gives hope to a hopeless junkie like me. Much love to the Core Vision crew and all my recovering loved ones.

Peace and #ProudofYou Megan, Amber, Tyler, David, Andrew, Cole, Dominic, Josh, Joey, Andy, Nick, Jesse, Angela, Ryan, Lizzie, Amber, Erika, Amanda, Ryan, Joshua, Holly, Nick, Larry, Ben, Eric, Kevin, Sousha, Mikhail, Joseph, Gianna, Matt, Garrett, Jimmy, Mary, Jen, Mary Jayne, Andrea…. Hoping that’s most of you, lol..Love you all

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