If you’re thinking about hiring a doctor or establishing an integrative health department, we encourage you to follow these four steps;
STEP #1:  Make a written commitment to yourself to write a vision statement for how you see your center setting itself apart from the pack.

The longer you wait, the sooner your competitors will get the jump.  Industry experts are testifying before Congress and other state legislative bodies that treatment professionals rely too heavily on more drugs to treat a drug addiction problem.  This resolution is pushing the profession into the direction of finding effective alternatives to drugs as a way of treating addiction.

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Many effective non-pharmaceutical therapies are available, needed, and wanted by the consumers, who are your clients. In the very near future it will become a necessity to have a fully functioning integrative health department in each treatment center that provides alternative care that is not pharmaceutically based.

Another reason for the necessity of creating a fully functioning integrative health services department is the congruency it represents to your clients, community, and profession that more drugs for treating drug addiction is both a subtle and an overt contradiction in methodologies, which ultimately leads to more relapses.

Addiction Recovery Solutions has created a system for you to transition your addiction treatment center into the new age of integrated health for better outcomes and improved reimbursement. You deserve this revenue stream. Why give it away to a third party?

STEP #2:  List Your Objectives.

Is the health of your clients and your business highest on your list, so that you would want a doctor that is using clinically appropriate and medically necessary services to address your clients’ conditions?  Do you want high quality clinical services for your clients AND the revenue that comes with it?  Do you want to work with honest, well-trained, and reputable professionals – or are you willing to risk working with others who are not that concerned and keep the accounts receivable for themselves – not knowing if they will be in business tomorrow and might not be exactly compliant or honest?

Addiction Recovery Solutions is the right choice because we are dedicated to serving you and not the other way around. We are right there with you all the way as part of your medical team, not a separate entity that comes and goes with the schedule. Would you want a service provider sitting in your meetings that is actively competing for your clients care?


STEP #3:  Ask Questions.

The way you learn about a potential doctor or health professional you want to hire is to ask specific questions and listen carefully to the answers.  Here are nine questions to ask a doctor to help you feel more confident about the one that you choose:

1) What services do you recommend for my clients needs?

2) What type of equipment will I need and how much space should I allot?

3) How many days per week should I schedule?

4) What specialized training have you had in addiction care?

5) Are you a member of the Florida Chiropractic Association, Alliance For Addiction Solutions, or other professional organization?

6) Are you and your staff certified by the ACACD, and can I see your hard copy certificate?

7) Do you bill the insurance carriers and get paid by them?

8) Are you insured, and can I see your malpractice face sheet?

Addiction Recovery Solutions provides you with the simple solutions to all of the above questions and more. Because we are the integrated health services provider for addiction recovery centers, we don’t have to focus on running a private practice as our main mission. This gives us the complete freedom to serve you. Isn’t that what you really want from all of your doctors and staff anyway?

STEP #4:  Tour Your Facility

Once you’re satisfied that you’re working with honest, competent professionals, invite them to tour your center and facilities and allow them to completely understand your vision.  Ask for written quotation. This gives you the assurance that you know exactly what your investment in establishing an integrative health department will be – no surprises. If you hear the words, “It will cost you nothing,” it is not true – and it could cost you big!

Addiction Recovery Solutions will never sell you on the idea that providing health services will be free because your won’t have the billing headache. In fact, you already have a billing department or have outsourced it to another entity. Why would you want to give that source of revenue away? And why would you not want to know what services the doctor is billing your patients for?

The purpose behind these steps is to empower you with the information you need to make a wise decision in choosing the right professional for the right reasons.  The proper implementation of integrative health services is essential to creating a healthy environment for your center and your clients, and this decision should never be taken lightly.  These guidelines will help you to locate an ethical and excellent board certified doctor and other health providers for your for your needs.

You have to look no further as we have already provided the above answers for you. Addiction Recovery Solutions is the right choice for adding integrative health services to your addiction treatment center.


Whether you manage a detox facility, PHP, inpatient center, or IOP, we hope you find the information valuable, and if you have any questions please email us at mailto:info@addictionrecovery-fl.com or call us direct at 772-288-6456.

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