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Addiction a Disease? Or Learned Behavior?

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Yo big dogs listen up. My name is “FUBAR”. If you don’t know what that means click here. I am a crackhead, a drug dealer servicing dozens of crack houses in the hood. My drug of choice is crack cocaine of course and let me tell you, I am a subject authority.
It took me a while to get the publishers to approve me. My intent is to write a number of articles from a drug dealer and crackhead point of view. Let me thank those in charge who gave me this opportunity. Mainly the head dude there…. Rob (Thank God he’s a biker)
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Came across this website one afternoon when I was visiting customers. Crackheads were sitting around discussing addiction watching on their smart phone. I thought it might be interesting to share their perspective.
Of great debate in the crackhead community, the Russell Brand piece this website did. Click here.

Crackheads don’t share the perspective of the doctors, therapists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists etc. As a group, we advocate addiction is a learned behavior and not a disease.
By that I mean, most of my new customers use crack cocaine to escape  some other problem which is bigger than them. Many of these people are lawyers, doctors, real estate agents, bankers, grocery store owners etc. Their world in some way has been totally obliterated and these people are lost souls.
The pain of losing everything you worked for your entire life and then not knowing how to recover is what drove them to use crack cocaine to get relief.
Just as an observation, crack houses are very unique place. It doesn’t matter if you sold your mother into slavery, slayed your father or barbecued the firstborn for dinner. Your accepted unconditionally within the group. No person will make any judgment of you.
So I submit to all here that crackheads are socially dysfunctional. This is their attraction to the house in the first place.

Yes people you’ve got problems at Rat Park… Sales are good!



I know in my case this is true. Looking at my picture you can see that I am a handsome dude and I shouldn’t have any problem with women socially speaking that is. I was doing it wrong all my life going to bars with fancy cars and spending all my money. Imagine how surprised I was when I discovered I could have any woman in the house for a $20 rock. I was truly enabled and addicted for life. Think about that!

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I find that once crackheads put their life back together, smoking crack and hanging out becomes very unimportant to them. Please share your thoughts.

YES I’m A White Guy !

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