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Brittany Sherfield ~A mother’s addiction journey


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Addiction Recovery Revolution & Women With Addicted Families
Interview by: Debbie Nelson SFYB Director of Public Relations





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Lennord Buschel

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Debbie Nelson
Debbie Nelson - SFYB Director of Public Relations - Is a gifted Energy Healing practitioner, Recovery Coach, and Motivational speaker.CEO of Metanoia Guide, Inc. Founder of Addiction Recovery Revolution and WWAF, Women with Addicted Families. Inspired by her own recovery journey, Debbie uses a practical and down-to-earth holistic approaches to help sustain long-term recovery. This can be achieved without any hype or mysticism, just purely and simply speaking the language of the energy systems to help them align and balance.

These effective methods accelerate healing wounds of the past and present and allow clients to claim more joy, peace, and long-term recovery. Through her professional training and natural intuition, Debbie is able to restore harmony to the body on many levels.

Debbie’s methods can quickly locate flaws in the ancestral-emotional DNA and repair wounds of the past, some of which have been contained in the lineage for many generations. This powerful method of healing changes energy patterns transforms behavior and shifts subconscious beliefs. Clients report profound and life-changing results, typically after only one session.

The SimplyHealed™ Method, which is an easy, non-invasive way of clearing away negative emotions and restoring balance and vibrancy to the body systems AND the energy systems

Empowering her clients with knowledge and using holistic approaches Debbie’s program can greatly affect long-term recovery.
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