Welcome to STOP FRYING YOUR BRAIN’s Addiction Treatment Website Ran By Drug Addicts, Bikers, Alcoholics and Professionals. If You Need Some Help Your In The Right Place.

I’m sure you’re wondering about the owners of this groovy site.  I mean, why would we care about the brain cells you’ve fried with drugs and alcohol? Why would we care about addiction treatment? (we have become one of the most viewed substance abuse sites in the nation. Click here to learn more)

Good question.  Now you’re probably wondering about our brain cells (yeah, the jury is still out on that).  Maybe we’re trippin on psychedelic chemicals (those were the days).  Or we’re smoking wacky weed (those were the days).  Don’t freak.  We’re not.  We learned our lesson.

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We’re Flip and Flop.  That’s what our friends call us.  We got the idea for this site while we were munching on one of Flip’s organic salads.  She’s a vegan health nut.  Me?  Gimme a steak.

We’re hippies from the ‘60s and spend most of our time chilling at our pad, listening to Flip’s favorite Johnny Winter and Rick Derringer CDs (totally bitchin guitar).  Sometimes we burn a little nag champa incense.  It reminds us of our old head shop (those were the days).

So we were talking about Woodstock and communes and flower power and pot parties (okay, mostly the parties).  We still can’t believe how innocent everyone was back then.  I mean, we had no idea drugs could actually KILL you, until badass Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix fried themselves.  Holy crap.  Who knew, right?  Not us.

So we decided to build a website about drug and alcohol addiction.  I mean, why not?  Flip has a family history of alcoholism, and one of my ex-wives is a crack addict.  Plus, Flip and I were both stoners in the ‘60s and early ‘70s, strung out on weed and every psychedelic chemical we could swallow.

See?  We’ve got experience.  We’re more than qualified to create a site like this.  That’s what I told Flip.  So we did it.


Groove on what we’ve got here.  Stoke a few of your charred brain cells and read the outta sight articles we’ve posted.  We thought helpful info might be a cool thing, so we did that, too.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by our pad and hang out with us.  Flip makes a killer vegan salad.  She really does.  We’ll even burn some of our marijuana-scented incense (yeah, those were the days).  But if you can’t come, don’t sweat it.  You know where to find us here online.  I mean, it’s not like we’re going anywhere…

Make Love Not War, baby.


Flip and Flop

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