Addicts Are Weak – By: Blake Evan

Community Best Answer:  I can understand how one’s gut reaction to addictive behavior and people would be to say it is a weakness of the mind. I will further say that psychiatrists do not help by over diagnosing without proper diagnostic testing. But ultimately I believe many, if not most, *true* addicts suffer from defective “minds” (or, more literally, brains) rather than weak minds.

Blake Even

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Overwhelming scientific research of recent years has uncovered an untold amount of evidence pointing towards common genes and genetic defects among addicts. In addition, for some decades, scientists and psychiatrists have been acutely aware of the affect of some chemical imbalances on addiction, OCD and ADD being among these chemical disorders. As I said above, I do not believe for a minute that many of the people diagnosed with and medicated for such disorders actually have them (it is sickening how little diagnostic testing many psychiatrists do before prescribing pills and such)….but if you have had any experience directly or indirectly with such disorders, I’m sure you would agree mental defect, rather than mental weakness, is very often to blame for addictive personalities.

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I don’t think chemical disorder is a blanket excuse that pardons one of their actions and behavior, but I do believe those that truly suffer from such imbalances have mitigating circumstances. I also think lazy psychiatrists are very much to blame for overdiagnosing, as they very often satiate the “need” of those just looking for an excuse for bad bahavior.

As others have mentioned here, behavior learned as a child from elders may also play a role in addiction. One not raised in such an environment can easily throw stones and suggest a strong mind is all that is needed to overcome such learned behaviors, but psychological research will provide insight as to how that is much easier said than done. Again – not an excuse, just a mitigating factor.

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Darlin Huntress
 People struggle with the idea that addiction is a disease.  Just take a moment to watch Blake put it into simple terms for you.  In the video Blake explains the addiction is a chronic, progressive and deadly disease.  That is the criteria for something to be labeled a disease.
No one can deny that addiction fits that bill perfect.  The next thing everyone wants to say is that addiction is a choice.  Ok, yes I made a choice to drink a beer when I was 21 years old.  Did you ever make that same choice?  What was the outcome for you?  Were you able to forget that crazy night and live your life?
If you have the disease of addiction you aren’t able to do that.  That first drink makes you feel like you never have before.  You are no longer uncomfortable in your skin and you want that back. Don’t take it from me, just take a few moments to watch Blake explain addiction and why it qualifies as a disease.




Blake Even
Blake Cohen graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a B.A. in Psychology and has since become a Certified Addictions Professional. Over the course of his career, Blake has worked as a behavioral health technician, outreach/social media marketer, certified group therapy facilitator, and as the Director of Admissions at the Fort-Lauderdale based substance abuse treatment facility, Evolutions Treatment Center.

His thirst for knowledge and deep personal connection to the field of substance abuse and drug addiction therapy have appropriately led him to the founding of LiQuid Recovery Nutrition, LLC. He strives to strengthen the mental health/addiction community and improve the lives of those in need by delivering exceptional health and human services tailored to meet individual needs.
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