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I am a aggressive Internet marketer (Certified Master Coach Internet Marketing) with 40+ years experience that specializes in the drug and alcohol vertical markets. Look at my endorsements above from executives in the drug and alcohol community. Note they are all maxed out at 99.

I have hundreds of references from Fortune 500 companies. I added a few below for your review. I enjoy 20,000+ contacts (linkedin) from executives in this space. Chances are if I cannot help you I know somebody that can. I know all the players. Click image above to visit my LinkedIn profile.

A good overview of this vertical can be gained from my latest pulse post. Click Here

If you need options marketing your concern, I can provide you instant market presence. I understand this specific vertical inside/out and what it takes to dominate this competitive space. Reach out to me.

Are you considering your online marketing opportunities? Give me a call and allow me a few minutes to demonstrate. Over 40 years experience, have all the tools, know how to use them. Can demonstrate immediate results. See our emarketing consulting services section.

We have a number of community marketing pay per click models with partnerships available for those of you needing instant results and limited budgets.

Limited budget for pay per click?  This is the way to go. Many different options available ready for you. Reach out to me.

New to pay per click? Not all advertising/search platforms are equal, learn more here.

I own several good pay per click  models with white label landing pages. I offer turn key ppc marketing if you want to take the plunge. Have you running in a few hours. All you need is a good marketing budget. Reach out to me.

I own and operate Since I operate in the addiction space, I find the last thing an addict will turn loose of… is their cell phone. Therefore, we built a marketing platform that is specific to mobile delivery for our client base realizing superior campaign performance. It works very well. See

Have you ever seen an attic without a cell phone? We can deliver big agency campaign results on over 60 different mobile platforms at a prices you won’t believe.

We offer a complete library of PPC campaign/mobile capabilities with real-time reporting and tracking.  We build custom sales funnels and offer an array of list management services and have professional writers for drip campaigns which I highly recommend.

If your not running a drip campaign your losing market share to those that do. More about our drips click here. We can have you up and running literally overnight.

If you’re looking for immediate additional market share you should consider a drip campaign. Drip campaign details. In-house creative services featuring a large library of predefined campaigns

While you’re there, take a second and review how Remarketing campaigns work. They produce tremendous results for very little money. Reach out to me.

Some very specific demographic, geographic and psycho-graphic information about marketing to the addiction vertical. You’ll find this information very interesting.

Lastly, the website has a number of advertising opportunities. This is a very strong organic model and would be a great place to start. Click here for more information. We also have a number of mailings to go out to our behavioral health national referral list. This list is 80,000 strong. A great place to advertise. Click here for more information. Reach out to me.

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I have hundreds of recommendations from Fortune 100s. Here are a few that I randomly selected off my LinkedIn profile. If you see one you like just click on it and it will enlarge making it easier to read.











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Robert Henslee
Ceo & Founder at
I am the CEO & Founder of Stop Frying Your Brain which is my pet project. I have many other concerns as well. I enjoy the title usually of "CCO" Chief Content Officer and others with many companies. This is a five year project and I'm about half way of year three. My user community of 175,000 define the build as this is a community asset. We had 4 to 6 million unique views in 2016 depending on which set of analytics you wish to believe. We switched servers several times and lost much of the raw data.

At SFYB Our mission statement is to bring good information to the individuals that need it so they can make excellent informed decisions about the services they are seeking. If you're in this industry and need some help with your concern reach out to me 772.206.6676 (texting works best). I can truly help you.


If you have a challenge my goal is to connect you with the best information and leaders in the industry. One thing I am certain of there is something here that can help you. Good luck and if I missed something please reach out to me.

Professionally I'm a "Big Data" Lead Gen Internet (Community Mkting Models) This is my ORGANIC model - You should see what I can do with PPC The fact you're reading this speaks to the results of organic B2C models

What I do
Alcohol/Drug Rehab/Addiction Verticals - Mobile
Publisher/Founder SFYB - We Are Here To Help
PPC Is My Specialty - Need Prospects Get In Touch Mobile Future Is Now !

I'm currently Active in
* Seeking Partnerships Apps Developers Drug/Alcohol/Addiction
* Looking For Mkting Partners Community Marketing Rehab/Drug
* Co-Opt PPC Model Opportunities Reach Out Drug/Alcohol/Addiction
* Turn-Key Drip Campaigns for Small To Medium Businesses
* Looking for facility operators to test our mobile apps
* Make VC capital available for treatment facilities for valued added

I do extensive Internet marketing consulting for individuals, startups and mega brands. I can save you big money, introduce you the market and generate customers for you quickly. I am the technical side of the house. I specialize in all the gadgetry, wizardry, social media and technology necessary to put your house in order quickly. Over 40 years experience

Our network providers, owns, operate and dominate the largest social media foot print in the addiction vertical consisting of hundreds of groups on the different social media platforms. We help both service providers and USERS with the largest audience of people exploring services and the largest network of professional service providers. PLEASE JOIN US.

I built as an option for operators who cannot compete against the mega brands and their multi-million-dollar pay per click budgets. is a community marketing content model which soon will out perform pay per click models in the foreseeable future.

We deploy and operate on 65 different mobile devices and have extensive emarketing capabilities on mobile devices on the back-end. We have agency quality available for our clients enabling them with drip-marketing campaigns.

Our website is constantly under development as we split test and learn exactly what the market wants, what works and how to build it. We are not afraid to test because this is a crowd source asset. We are defined by the community and users we service.

We are averaging around 2500-3500 views per day, many 10k to 20k peaks. Our busiest day 2016 was 50,283 people in one day. We just upgraded our platform to handle 60k views per-day and we are growing FAST.

I have over 40+ years of experience, plenty of references and you'll find me to be the real deal. You can check them by clicking on the LinkedIn button below. If you're interested in pay per click I can show you how to do this at the lowest possible cost while achieving the maximum results.

Get in touch with me today by clicking on the email icon in the bio below. Or better yet you can call me directly on my cell phone 772. 206.6676 We especially like non-profits and veterans as I'm a veteran myself.

Thank You Robert Henslee Publisher (Stop Frying Your Brain) Ph 772.206.6676
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