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So many people over the years have questioned this concept of “alternative” or “holistic” approach to addiction recovery. Most of all I have been asked does this work? Well to be frank do we really know what works? Think about that. For some people meetings are the key for their recovery. Other people feel that MAT is their recovery. I could ask the same thing from trauma recovery. Each individual care provider based on their education and experience will in fact design their own recovery treatments and therapy.

Veronica Salber

Veronica Salber SFYB Author

With these options its difficult to know what works and what doesn’t, with or without the added benefit of you the individual having or not having knowledge based experience for each concept. Lets break this down deeper using the concepts of what Western medicine and society call alternative options. Western Medicine was designed for emergency medicine. It has become the forefront and leader in health and medicine. Leaving anything else in the dark. No one knows what people are talking about then it comes to the “alternative”, which sadly is such a discredit given it has been around since the beginning of time, and western medicine is merely a toddler. There are so many options from herbal medicine to traditional systems like traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. Taking these two trtraditional systems, Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda we look at three parts.

The body mind and spirit. These components are the key points in “Healing From Addiction” and its theories of practice. This theory base was intended to show the parts as separate pieces then through self healing be brought together as one part. The basis of Chinese medicine focuses on emotional triggers that affect organs then essentially cause physical manifestation. This can be physical disease or mental. All stemming from energy and emotions. Same with Ayurveda but they use the chakra ideals where TCM is meridian energy and meridian organ based.

To understand the concept we lets use worry as the base emotion. Well for one why do we worry? We worry because we have no control over a certain situation or event. We dont know the details and we dont know the outcome. In Tcm this emotion would directly affect the heart and the energy in that major meridian. Meridian organs are linked in pairs. The yin and yang. The heart is connected to the liver, the opposing emotion to worry is anger. Anger is defined as multiple emotions triggering. Worry can cause, sadness, disappointment therefore directly causing anger in the liver to be triggered.

This can lead to heart related issues, and it can also cause issues in the liver. In the long run this will start to have a decline of energy flow and will set off a systematic discourse in the body. If viewing on a chakra view point directly connected to addiction we can focus on the root chakra. Also found in “Healing with Addiction”. The root chakra gives us the connection to ourselves and each other. Key things in this chakra are Survival and self preservation, and Physical identity.

When this becomes blocked the energy can not flow through the rest of the body effectively, and there are a lot of withdrawal of this chakra and its parts. We start having lack of trust, for ourselves and each other, we start making decisions based on survival. In the work of these traditional systems we focus on the healing of the body mind and spirit by going to the root of the issues, and not the symptoms. Symptoms are used as a guide to direct the practitioner to directly find the root energy that has been imbalanced. Sometimes we know for sure other times we find the lines that need the most healing at taht time.

Sometimes combination therapies are used to the healing. Each system has various therapies, just like in Western medicine. Each therapy is designed with the energy lines and channels for healing. One may not feel comfortable with accupuncture, where as they may want accupressure or moxibustion. All of the therapies are designed for healing the specific areas of the body mind and spirit for a positive healthy outcome. Sound confusing? It can be. This is why you find a practitioner who can work with you an explain to you how this works, and promoted self healing. With all recovery, body mind and spirit it takes the work of the individual seeking healing for it to really work effectively. There are specified points on the body that are meant to open lines, by decreasing pain, eliminating manifestations of energy causing blocks, opening lines to remove disease. Ultimately the individual needs to do self reflecting work. So how can this work and help in recovery? Well lets look at why people become addicts.

There is a significant ratio of patients becoming dependent on opioids because of pain. These therapies are designed to help eliminate pain, and also heal the root of the issue. Secondly there are many psychological issues that play in the role of addiction. This often in times comes from childhood trauma. Each one individual. Thriving for the need to fit in, or feel better because it hurts that much. In these systems we are able to get the root of the problem and eliminating it. The main benefit of taking this approach to recovery is that it is natural based and works with you body mind and spirit. There are no side effects that are going to negatively harm you. You wouldn’t have to worry about continued dependence on a “medication” that hasn’t maxed out in clinical trials to know long term effects. It would be a kick start to a new way of thinking therefore a new way of life.

Veronica Salber
Veronica Salber is a native to Philadelphia, Pa but made a huge life change moving to Chittenden County Vermont. She has spent most of her life advocating and helping addicts get to recovery. Seeing so many failures she felt a desire to do more. Loosing so many to the disease that she has loved, wondering what piece is missing that makes this so difficult to not overcome. Being in an alcoholic family she mirrored emotions and experiences but never understood when the line was crossed into active addiction.

Over the years Veronica kept pushing her self to know and understand all that she could. From expanding her education, having an equivalent to a masters, working on her doctorate, to becoming a Practitioner of Massage. Understanding the body in all its components was something that she desired to understand. Veronica has a very diverse work history from working with special needs children, to working at Jefferson University in the Neurology Department. One her journey picking up many pieces to a large puzzle she yearned to figure out. Veronica became a spiritual minister to do transitional work in hospice care. Soon, the main aspects of her way of life were rooted from Buddhism, and deep Spiritualism, and in that is where she found the key to Mastering herself, therefore the ability to master many things, including this series for Healing.

Growing up in the Western Concepts of medicine her father a nurse, and she started as a Vet Tech, and CNA understood the black and white aspects of medical care and treatment. Always knowing there was another way she took pride in learning, Massage therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayerveda. She now specialized in over 26 modalities and is well known for her healing and massage and bodywork techniques. She is a master of Distant Healing. She has been healing for over 25 years. She has also developed the ability to assist with missing persons, to find closure to the families to find addicts that need help. Learning and using these things in her every day life she has developed her own energy healing, as well a becoming a Master of four forms of Reiki.

Veronica started to teach massage and this became the roots of her outreach. Veronica has a profound way of explaining the concepts that are not seen as plausible or matter related in a way to create it in the aspect of a practical usable part. What is seen is seen, what is felt is not tangible. This is the basic concept of life. Veronica has developed a way to make this intangible matter of thought and energy very real and physical. Creating an aspect of connection and showing the cycle of oneself allows one to know and understand the connections of who they are therein allowing new forms of connections to emerge.

Over the years she has been able to explain that all mental health and illness is caused by a root of this oneness cycle. Getting to the core root of anything always removes the symptoms This is something she wants to make an overall awareness is. How can we treat the symptoms and never remove the root? In her work she has proved that we on a conscious level do not always need to know the root issue, just recognize it is there. All emotion have a core connection. All emotion can be broken down into smaller pieces. The smaller pieces in time get lost and we immediately hit the big ones. Anger, Depression, and Rage. Triggers dont cause these BIG emotions, its a learned behavior. There are no longer stages to get there if there is a constant.

Through her own experience with emotions and her own personal journey she has developed a system to obtain true healing of oneness. By explaining the oneness cycle and the parts we can gain a deeper understanding on how we work as a whole and how each part is affected and effected by the other. The program series that Veronica has developed is basic yet effective. It is all based on self work, in the event that you are unable to afford massages, energy clearing, chakra work, and Accupuncture. This series was developed based on an excerpt of her book. Healing from Addiction. The tools provided in this series are tools to live by and made so that each person can use them in the way that they need to. Life doesn't come with instructions, we learn along the way. Sometimes understanding ourself is a simple key into mastering who we are. “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

In order to save the world, we must save ourself. When we save ourself we safe more then just our world. Master "V'
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