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Magnolia Ranch Recovery2017-04-18_12-56-03

By: Robert Henslee A Celestial Safe Haven for Rehabilitation (For my friend Peter) Tks for all you’ve done for us….
Robert Henslee

SFYB Robert Henslee Founder CEO

Nestled at base of the rolling foothills of the Central Tennessee countryside, our recovery estate boasts 15 private client rooms amongst our 7,000 square-foot residential mansion. The plantation-style grounds span over 106-acres of meticulously maintained land, custom designed to evoke space, serenity and soothing healing in comfortable seclusion. Although grand in size, the cottage-like main house hosts our therapeutic staff, residences, offices, kitchen and amenities so that every necessity is at your service.


Our hallmark program, Equine Assisted Therapy, was inspired by the historic horse farm that the estate sits on.

Our on-site stables are home to 17 majestic horses, all of which participate in our therapeutic healing track, who provide our clients an opportunity to share their emotive core while they help to care for the animals


Notable lifestyle features of Magnolia Ranch Recovery include evening fireside chats under the Tennessee stars.

Our small client-to therapist ratio means each resident is given undivided attention by their clinical team. At Magnolia Ranch, we improved on traditional therapy models by adding 4-6 additional hours of additional equine therapy on the weekends, so that despite a full schedule, each resident can take full advantage of our especially notable equine track.


Find the parts of you that have been lost along the way when you experience our secluded safe haven of rehabilitation.

Spend your time re-learning who you are, connecting with the world around you and setting achievable goals that your team of clinicians will help you reach both during and after your stay. Magnolia Ranch is not a respite – it is a habitat of remarkable rehabilitation.

Peter Dacchille

Magnolia Ranch Recovery
39 Stevens Hollow Road Taft TN

Team1-3Residential substance abuse treatment center is looking for a qualified Clinical Director.
We are seeking a creative, hardworking, reliable, caring and licensed individual. Candidates must be licensed in the state of Tennessee to be considered for this position.

Ideal candidate should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, be passionate about recovery, and have a deep understanding of the unique circumstances and requirements of the role. Candidates must possess a license to practice as a Masters’ Level clinician or above and be qualified and recognized by a professional credentialing body to practice alcoholism and substance abuse counseling, and be trained and competent in making differential diagnoses. Master’s Degree in clinically related field required along with a minimum of five years of supervision of others and clinical experience in addiction and related disorders.

Responsibilities include ensuring that all clinical staff are qualified, oriented and otherwise capable to carry out their assigned duties and that the clients, families and referents are provided with treatment that is consistent with company’s philosophies.

The Clinical Director will maintain the quality of the program dynamics. The Clinical Director will need to have at least 2 years of verifiable experience in substance abuse treatment center management and will hold necessary licensing as a Clinical Director required by regulatory bodies and insurance carriers. It will be the full responsibility of the Clinical Director for the maintenance of the clinical client chart within the guidelines and requirements of the rules including, but not limited to: monitoring weekly group progress notes, creating/monitoring treatment plan objectives, discharge summaries, monthly reviews obtaining client signatures where required.

Will supervise all therapists and will coordinate all treatment, prevention or case management services as needed. The Clinical Director will participate and facilitate clinical staffing. The Clinical Director maybe required to facilitate individual, group or family counseling sessions and complete timely and accurate documentation. Provides direct supervision of treatment staff, and acts as liaison between treatment services staff and the Facility Administration departments.

The Clinical Director organizes weekly interdisciplinary team meetings and call schedules and oversees on-boarding, orientation, ongoing trainings, performance evaluations, and mentorship of clinical team members. Most importantly, the Clinical Director will set the cultural tone, establishing a highly professional, dedicated team of therapists.

Required education:


Required experience:

Clinical: 5 years




Core-Vision 1

Core Vision – A Special ThanksCore-Vision 1

A special Shout Out To Todd Bulldogg Mccagg & Nathan Hardage At Core Vision. This concern has helped many without any consideration especially Stop Frying Your Below are the results from Alumni. Check it out. Thought I would share with the community. Tks Guy’s !!
Robert Henslee

SFYB Founder/Publisher

TestimonialsUpon completion at Core Vision, the lovely and wonderful Ms. Paula asked if we would write a review or testimony of our experience.

I hope this will cover that. I went to Colorado to fight an insidious disease that had ravaged not only myself, but also left devastation in the lives of all my friends and family. What I found was an entire community of people just like me.. from every age, race, and class our society knows. All of us had lost something, many of us lost everything in our addiction. Regardless of our reasons for beginning or continuing on the reckless paths that took us from our lives, homes, loved ones and comfort zones, we all hold a common goal.

Core Vision - A Special Thanks Click to Tweet

A Lovely Little Town

That we wanted​ to live, and to do so free of the darkness that had furiously pursued us all our lives. I have found many other recovering addicts since returning from Colorado, and not surprisingly their story is our own.

What is amazing about coming into the life of recovery, whether at Core Vision or elsewhere, is that it has given us many of those things we had thought unobtainable to us after the ruins we had left behind us….And that is our story. That we have found (or are finding) love, acceptance, tolerance, self-worth and respect..


That we too are worthy. If nowhere else but within our own tribe, we have a family.

All my people in recovery are my brothers and sisters for life, and the addict still suffering is our lost sibling in need. This is what gives hope to a hopeless junkie like me. Much love to the Core Vision crew and all my recovering loved ones.

Peace and #ProudofYou Megan, Amber, Tyler, David, Andrew, Cole, Dominic, Josh, Joey, Andy, Nick, Jesse, Angela, Ryan, Lizzie, Amber, Erika, Amanda, Ryan, Joshua, Holly, Nick, Larry, Ben, Eric, Kevin, Sousha, Mikhail, Joseph, Gianna, Matt, Garrett, Jimmy, Mary, Jen, Mary Jayne, Andrea…. Hoping that’s most of you, lol..Love you all

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Review 2


Ass HAts

Comcast AssHats Ripping Off Seniors For Billions

Ass HAts

Corporate Monopolies Ripping Off Seniors for Millions if not Billions of Dollars in America. PLEASE SHARE!
Robert Henslee

SFYB Publisher

Enough is enough I say. Hello everyone my name is Robert Henslee I work with many people from all walks of life. That includes the elderly. Over the last few years I’ve become more involved with senior citizens who are struggling just to survive. Many living on fixed incomes eating stuff that would make a billy goat puke. This country is in a sad state if you ask me.

Many times these individuals approach me because the buzz on the internet I can and usually do help ppl in some way. Many read the various articles I publish on stop frying your brain. 174,000 subscribers.

Dozens of seniors reach out to me. These people are in their 80’s and 90’s. When they approach me, it’s usually the same statement. I don’t have enough money to eat. Can I help? Reviewing their monthly finances we seem to be finding cable bills in excess of $100.00 or more. How can this be? Are these seniors really making such poor choices. Having cable bills in excess of a hundred dollars and they can’t even eat? WTF?

At first I got angry… telling them they have to be more responsible running their life. I usually follow this up with a phone call to an active family member. But more recently I had a similiar experience with one of the local cable companies myself and then I learned just how this scam works.


And folks let me tell you in my opinion this is a scam and these company executives should be locked up for doing this.

These seniors are the latest victims by a corporate monopoly out of control. Shame on our government officials for allowing this to happen.






Please allow me to explain my own personal experience with a company called Comcast Cable.

He’s how the scam works and extracts food right out of seniors households and inflicts massive suffering.

It starts out at the local bingo or association meeting. Some slick sale’s person announces the “NEW BARGAIN” called something like the “Golden Starter Package” for some really ridiculous price like $39.00. And of course all the seniors jump all over it.

1000’s sign up for it. However the $39.00 price is only good for a few months and then it jumps to $120.00 but these people don’t understand that. When you’re 80 years old you’re not always the sharpest pencil in the box. They don’t understand the $39.00 price doesn’t include the $20 dollars in taxes too. Nor can they explain specifically what they purchased. I mean WTF is a basic “Golden Bundled Starter Package” anyway?

Businesswoman screaming down phone

Daughter screaming down phone on hold with comcast cable service after getting hung up on and waiting for hours. We value your call please hold. Liers!

During the course of calling in and complaining customer service reps (which barely speak english and not in the USA) service reps usually get automatic bill payment enabled on the subscriber. Full access to their bank accounts.

A few months later these companies are ripping off citizens for major money… as the actual rate kicks in taking their money right out of their bank accounts. Without their personal knowledge and ripping them off for thousands all while destroying the quality of their lives .

Only in America. Talking about bait and switch.. deceptive advertising. But it gets worse. Much worse. This is so sad these companies prey on the elderly like this. What a GREAT company Huh?


Hey Donald Trump can you do something about these dishonest media companies ripping off our seniors?

Personally a similar experience myself some 90 days ago getting ripped off by this monopoly.

Then I understood. I called and complained about my ridiculous bill (took almost 1/2 day – welcome to the worlds worst customer service) I was promised my bill would be adjusted and not to worry. Well it wasn’t .Did I mention I’ve done this four times now. That’s good service huh?

Then on subsequent calls they would refuse to adjust the bill until the past due bill ( the one that should be adjusted in the first place) is remitted and paid in full.

Talk about getting ripped off. Going on now for 120 days or better. I figure they have stolen in the neighborhood of $1000.00 dollars from me personally with this scam. Multiply that by millions of seniors.. This scam in excess of a billion dollars? Somebody should go to jail if you ask me.

Here are some other options for seniors


So pass this on (SHARE) to everyone you know especially all grand ma’s and grand pa’s in the USA. Oh and please read my latest rant on Linked In about my piss poor customer service experience with Comcast. Click Here


The Best Rich Walters

The Best Of Rich Walters

The Best Rich Walters

The Best Of Rich Walters
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Road Most traveled

The Road Most TraveledRoad Most traveled

My first use of any substance was when I was 12. I smoked a little weed in my bedroom closet with an old buddy of mine.
Homeless Addict

Mr: Homeless Addicted

I only smoked weed until I about 15, the I started drinking. I dropped out of high school when I was 16 because, being the smart kid that I was, I thought I was too cool for school. I went from smoking weed and drinking, to eating psychedelics like mushrooms and lsd. I had a pretty fun time with all of that for a while.

Then, when I was 16, I had discovered crank and meth. I used for a little while, but it wasn’t really my thing. Then I broke my ankle and the Dr gave me some painkillers. I had to find a way to keep up with my addiction, considering I was only 16 years old. I didn’t have very many options at the time. It started to get out of hand real quick. I’ll give you an example.

When I was 16, I was about 5’5″ but I weighed roughly 250-260ish. Nothing about a year, I ended up getting my ex-wife pregnant with my first child.

The Road Most Traveled Click to Tweet


When we stopped using, I was down to about 110. Now, for my build, my ideal weight hovers around 180. So, at 110, I was literally skin and bones. I cleaned up my act because I wanted to be more of a father to my child, than mine was to me. Over the next few years, I had moved all over Washington state, following the work. I continued to follow the work until I was about 20, and kept my nose clean (aside from rx painkillers I got from a couple accidents) when it came to drugs. That was until I tried heroin for the first time. At the time, I had found my own person paradise. While I was moving from place to place, and working mostly under the table jobs, I always found a way to make sure my addiction was my #1 priority.


My method of using my DOC at the time was smoking it. Well, after a while, everybody builds a tolerance, and that’s where things started to get exponentially worse for me. I know it’s kind of far into the story to bring this up. But, addiction runs rampant in my family. My dad died from a heroin OD, my mom is still kind of a closet addict. It’s nothing major, but it’s an addiction nonetheless. On my dad’s side I have 3 uncle’s and 1 aunt. My grandmother is a recovering meth addict, as is my aunt and one of my uncles. Also, my grandfather is an alcoholic. To be honest, I don’t even know if my grandfather is still alive or not. The last time I saw him in person was 12 years ago, at my dad’s memorial. That sums up my dad’s side. On my mom’s side I have 1 uncle and 2 aunts. My uncle is a recovering heroin addict, and 1 of my aunts is a recovering opiate addict.

So, I was, how do you say, genetically doomed. Back to the story. My older brother is still an addict. Heroin and meth. He was the one that gave me my first shot of heroin. I was 21 years old. Thinking back on it now, I had been an IV heroin user for 1/3 of my life. Roughly ten years that I’ll never get back. I don’t remember, what should’ve been, the happiest days of my life. Then, I met the love of my life when I was 26. I had moved to Montana to get clean, because it was impossible for me to stay clean living in my home state. So, I did the only thing I could do, I moved 2 states away where I knew absolutely no one.

Well, I was fortunate enough to come across the most beautiful woman in the world, and I’ll never forget the day I first saw her. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had met the woman that I would be fortunate enough to call mine. Well, after about 6 months, we had gotten pregnant with our daughter. I can’t even begin to out into words the feeling I had. Not only had I met the the peanut butter to my jelly, but now I was having a child with her.


Well, the day I was blessed with another daughter was October 1st, 2013 in San Antonio, TX. The damage I had inflicted onto myself, because of my drug use, was irreparable. I remember when the Dr wheeled her into the OR for an emergency c-section. That’s the extent of my memory for that day. I don’t remember hearing my daughter cry after being born. I don’t remember watching her get weighed and bathed. Shit, I don’t remember holding her for the first time. To this day, I try and try to remember even bits and pieces. But I cant, and I’ll never forgive myself for it. After our daughter was born, my wife and I used the birth as an excuse to get more and more painkillers. The following november, we moved back to Montana to be closer to my wife’s family. Her grandfather had ALS, and she wanted him to meet his last granddaughter at least once before he passed. Around December I had gotten diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease.

That was the first time I had been to a pain management dr, and oh boy was he my best friend. The bad part about that, was that he had me on the bare minimum dosage on hydrocodone. It wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy my addiction, because my tolerance to opiates was through the roof. But, he had me on just enough to give me serious withdrawals when I ran out early, and to keep me crawling through the door every month. I managed to keep myself from getting sick most of the time.


Mostly from random trips to the er, and the occasional acquaintance who happened to have a few they were willing to part with. Then, in May 2013, we found out we were pregnant with our son. During the whole pregnancy, I was extremely and hopelessly addicted to opiates again. My DOC (heroin) wasn’t available where we lived, and if did happen to pop up, it was extremely overpriced and not worth the hassle.

On the evening of December 27th, 2014 my wife was going through the “nesting” phase. We went through our place with a fine tooth comb and deep cleaned everything. My birthday was the night before, and I hadn’t had any opiates since the night of my birthday. Needless to say, I was going through some extreme physical withdrawals that night and was beyond sick. My hair hurt. While cleaning, I had found half of a 30mg adderall. I felt like I had won the lottery. I popped that bad boy and got my first wind. Now, I was actually useful to my wife, because I had that nice amphetamine energy. Well, we had to be to the hospital at around 6ish for my wife’s scheduled c-section.


After eating that adderall there was no way I was going to fall asleep willingly. So, naturally, I did the only thing I could do to speed up the process. I ate about 700mg of diphenhydramine to knock myself out. Well, that turned out to be probably once of the worst decisions I could’ve made. My wife went into labor in the early morning hours of December 28th. I was so fucked up that she kept trying to wake me up so we could go to the hospital, but when she finally succeeded in waking me up, my dumb ass casually goes outside and smokes a cigarette, the I go back to bed. Well, needless to say, she wasn’t nice about waking my ass up after that. We had packed hers and our daughters bag the night before.

So, I strapped my baby girl into her carseat, went upstairs and grabbed the bags, then helped my wife down the stairs and into the car. After we had dropped our daughter off with my mother in law, we went to the hospital and had our baby boy. Well, the same thing had happened with my son, as it did with our daughter. I don’t remember his first cry. His first bath. Nothing. I think that’s what haunts me the most to this day. No memory of my children being born. None of them. I think the worst part about my son’s birth was that he was born 2 days after my birthday.


A man couldn’t ask for a better birthday present than the birth of his 1 and only son. But, I just wish I could remember it. After that, we lived a pretty normal life. I worked as a meat cutter while she stayed home with our monsters. The summer of 2015, my little brother was getting married, and we made possibly the worst decision of our lives up until that point.

We went to my hometown for the wedding and we never left. In a matter of less than 2 months I was back on the needle. At that point, I had talked my wife into giving heroin a try, and within w weeks, I shot her up and got her hooked the needle as well. Now, I don’t regret anything that I’ve done in my life, because in the end, it shaped me into the person I am today. Except for one thing. Introducing the love of my life to the needle. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive myself for that, and to this day I think the guilt that I carry from that is one of the main inhibitors of my depression.

My little brother got married in July of 2015. By thanksgiving, we had robbed almost everyone in my family blind. We had fucked up so badly that my parents kicked us out with our kids, and we stayed in a seedy ass motel. Hopelessly addicted to heroin. On December 17th, 2015 my wife’s grandfather had lost his battle with ALS. Utter devastation. We took that as our sign to get the fuck out of dodge while we had the chance. So, we took it. When we got to montana, we stayed with my wife’s sister, and I went through the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life. We quit a $200+ a day heroin habit cold turkey.

My wife, her withdrawals were pretty mild. Which was a good thing. She was able to keep up with our 1 year old son and 2 year old daughter. Me, on the other hand, couldn’t get up from the bathroom floor. I am beyond thankful that it was me that went through that and not her. I almost died. I didn’t get RLS. I got RBS. Restless body syndrome. I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink, nothing. Shit, I could barely even talk.


The only time I could talk was when my wife would come into the bathroom to check on me and I would beg her to just make it stop. I couldn’t take it any longer. I used my fucked up back to my advantage and was able to talk them into taking me to the er. Just so I couldn’t get something to take away the pain of my withdrawals. Well, I ended up getting what I wanted and talked the doc out of some painkillers.

Well, after a couple days, the physical withdrawals had subsided, but the mental aspect was running rampant. I looked and looked to find something comparable to opiates to help with the cravings. The only suboxone Dr in town was a cash only Dr who was booked 3 months out for new patients. There’s no way I was gonna wait that long, and that’s when I discovered kratom. I can honestly say that that shit was what saves my life. I would have never been able to get through the first couple months without it.

I ended up working for my wife’s brother in law, who owned a construction company. I was making pretty decent money, and because of the kratom, I felt fucking fantastic! No craving, no withdrawals, no nothing. After about 5ish months of working my fucking ass off, this is one of those times that my hard work didn’t pay off. My wife’s brother in law ended up screwing us out of about $1300. Needless to say we didn’t stay there much longer. After some heated words, they gave my family and I the boot with our kids.


We didn’t have anywhere to go, and we ended up moving into motel 6. But, without the income that I had, we weren’t able to afford that for very long. We ended up moving around 250 miles away, because my wife’s friend had a spare room and told us we could stay with her as long as we needed. Within a week, we ended up back on the needle. It wasn’t heroin this time. It was meth.

My wife had found her DOC. Her first time with meth was like me with heroin. She had found her paradise. I’m an opiate guy. Meth was never my forte. I’m a downer through and through. Well, after everything we had done to try and get our shit together and stay sober went right out the fucking window. We ended up moving in with my wife’s other sister who lived about 60 miles away. After we got there, we were able to sniff out the drugs, and that’s when our downward spiral began… Again. After 3 months of daily IV meth use, and robbing my wife’s sister for almost $4000 worth of silver, we ended up homeless.

Again. We slept in our car with our babies for almost a month. We couldn’t live like that anymore. We took our kids to the only person we could think of. My wife’s mother. The day after we dropped them off, we got a call from my wife’s mother. She told us that cps showed up and took our kids. That was August 31, 2016. After we found out, we had lost everything. We didn’t just lose our kids. We lost ourselves as well. My wife tried to kill herself and I rushed her 20 miles to the nearest hospital to get the massive quantity of pills pumped from her stomach before I lost her. Now, I’m not a religious person by any means.


But that day, there had to have been some kind of divine intervention. Not only did I rush her 20ish miles to the hospital, while going 80+ mph. But I did so on an empty gas tank. After we arrived at the er, and I knew she was going to be ok, I went out to the car to goto the store to get cigarettes. The car wouldn’t start. 120% our of gas. If there is a God, that had to have been his way of telling me that he wasn’t done with us yet. After everything, we were in complete denial over everything that had happened. We blamed everybody else for our kids being ripped away from us.

We were good parents. We didn’t have a problem. We were in complete control and we didn’t deserve to have our babies taken away. We used that denial as an excuse to justify our continued meth use. We were able to numb ourselves of the guilt and shame that we had for being the reason as to why we didn’t have our kids.


Well, it was a never ending cycle. Blame everyone for our problems, feel terrible guilt, use to make the guilt go away. Wash, rinse, repeat. This all happened in the month following the removal of our children. Then our daughter’s 3rd birthday came around. At that point, we legally weren’t able to see, or talk to, our kids. Not seeing our daughter, and being able to wish her happy birthday, was our “nail in the coffin”, so to speak. That’s when my wife attempted suicide for the second time. She swallowed a large hand full of pills again, and I rushed her to the hospital. Given the amount of Tylenol she ingested, she was on the brink of complete liver and kidney failure. They admitted her to the icu, and that’s where she remained for the following 3 days until they were able to check her into the psychiatric ward for evaluation.

After she got checked in, I was lost. All I could do was sit in our car and think to myself “how did I Fuck this up so badly”, “if it wasn’t for me introducing her to the needle, none of this would’ve happened”. It’s been 7 months since We lost our kids, and I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the events that brought us to where we are. Because it happened so fucking fast. Our kids were gone, my wife almost died twice, and I was alone. I had nobody and I was sleeping in our car.

My wife and I hadn’t been apart for more than 16 hours our entire relationship. I snapped. I tried to end my pain and suffering. The pain and suffering I inflicted on not only myself, but also to the ones I care about the most. I started the car and I tell myself out loud “if you can make it up to the hospital safe, then you’ll check yourself into the psych ward and get the help you need. IF you can make it.”. It was 11pm, October the 5th. I drove as fast as I possibly could through down.


I didn’t stop for anything. I ran red lights at 85 mph through the busiest intersection in town. Nothing happened. I made it to the hospital, surprisingly, in one piece. I had myself committed. At 1 am they transferred me to the psych ward and have me an Ambien to knock me out. When I woke up, I walked into the cafeteria and there was my soul mate. My wife and I were in the psych ward together and that’s when I had my second “moment of clarity”. Well, just like every other positive emotion I had up until this point, that clarity was short lived. She got discharged 2 days later, then the day after that, I got discharged also. That’s when we got our third wind. We went on a meth fueled road trip across Montana that last almost 2 weeks. 2 weeks I wish I could get back.

Well, after 2 weeks worth of sleep deprivation and paranoia, we had finally lost what little sanity we had left. We both got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Enough was enough. We knew that if we kept up these bullshit shenanigans, we would lose our kids forever. Well, that was more than enough motivation for us. I’m happy to say that we’re going on almost 6 months clean, and we’re so close to getting our babies back that I can smell the Johnson and Johnson in their hair.


This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’ve been an addict for 17 years. Over half of my life. While in the hospital, they diagnosed me with general depression and anxiety. It was kind of expected. The part that sucks most for me is that, I’ve been an addict since I was 13. My brain never got the chance to go through puberty, because I kept myself numb to any and all emotions through my drug use. Now, at 31, it seems like I’m finally going through puberty, emotionally.

But, I’ve been dealing with it fairly well. For the first time in 17 years, I’m having to deal with all the losses I’ve suffered, and all the bridges I’ve burned, with a clear head. The damage I have caused not only myself, but also to the ones I care about most, will never be repaired. If it wasn’t for my wife, and the ridiculous amount of love she has for me, I would not be here to write this. She’s the strongest, and most amazing, woman I have ever known. I’m beyond thankful, and lucky, to be able to call her mine.

Now, as my crazy long story comes to an end, just remember one thing. If you ever feel like you’re alone, or if you feel hopeless and that sobriety is futile endeavor, just know, everyday that you’re able to stay clean and not use, means you’re THAT much stronger than the person you used to be. I would tell myself, and I still tell myself, that God gives his toughest battles to his strongest warriors. It’s going to be hell. Its going to be painful. But pain is weakness leaving the body! I always have an open war of you ever need to vent.

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Dirty Needles

The dreaded Hep C VirusDirty Needles

Robert Henslee

Robert Henslee SFYB Founder/Ceo/Publisher

Dear Friends; I talk with hundreds of individuals and families challenged with addiction every month. Many have incredible stories to tell. Even their loved ones communicate facts of terrible horror. Addiction has so many dark & deadly aspects/secrets.
One of the saddest are dirty needles and the trail of dead bodies.
I was recently informed by the user community of a solution that I thought may help. Tks@R
Dear Robert my friend;

Your cause is very personal to me. 8 years ago my wife discovered she was infected the dreaded Hep C Virus. At that time our only option was to go through Interferon treatments. The side effects were terrible. I had to personally give my wife injections into her abdomen every week. After 6 months she was finally given the green light of being Hep C free. But, sometimes the cure is worse than the cause.

But, Thanks be to God she was one of the 40% that got cured by Interferon. A lot of people, family and friends knew what Kim (my wife) and I had gone through. As the years went by I started getting contacted from some of our friends that also had Hep C. The great news was that there was a true cure on the market called Harvoni. At first I was so joyous for those afflicted but then heard the price. Almost $100,000 per person for 90 pills. I was totally shocked by the Big Pharma greed, but at least there was a cure.

The dreaded Hep C Virus and dirty needles Click to Tweet

As the months went by I had friends call me, text me & email me saying that their insurance was denying them because either they weren’t sick enough or comback in another 6 months for more tests. The irony was that they were all independently repeating the same lines or excuses. Why would an insurance company want you to get sicker? And why delay medication so your liver could become more & more damaged? To me I saw it as being all about the money. Corporate profits over human lives.

I knew several people who went back to their physicians every 6 months only to continually be denyed again & again. So, at this point I decided maybe there was something that could be done. We have an international company that assists people for orthopedics around the world, getting hip, knee or shoulder replacements. So I had the network to try and find an affordable option outside of the US.


After extensive research my wife and I flew to Mumbai,India to meet with the manufacturer and physicians of Hepatology that would help Americans in Mumbai..

We were very impressed by the professionalism of the Indian hosts, and knew this could be the answer for our friends that were stuck between a rock and a hard place. After 4 months we finally had a turn key approach for our friends at a fixed cost that they could afford. The Answer:

Take a 7 Day Vacation

1). Fly round trip to Mumbai, India
2). Have all of their transportation waiting for them.
3). Have a relaxing 5 star hotel to stay at.
4). Have pre-set appointments with their physicians at the hospital where they would have their blood work done and an MRI if needed.
5). And two days later pick-up their prescriptions.
6). Have 2 days to sight see in a chauffeured car.
7). Fly back home and start taking the medication to get their lives back on track.

Our goal is to help those who are being denied their right to live a Hep C free life.
As we all know, Hep C is a very private matter, and telling other people is a risk because they don’t fully understand what it is, and are afraid of what it can do.

So, we set this up exactly like a vacation as far as others are concerned, you simply went on vacation. We have put this plan on our website or Surgical Vacation.

We even offer financing if needed.


The entire trip including everything I mentioned flight, transportation,hotel,physician,bloodwork and medication are $5,200. If you or someone you know is fed-up with waiting to be cured, in 3 weeks they could be back home taking their medication. We fully understand what those afflicted are going through.

Don’t hesitate to contact me personally if we can help you.
Best Wishes,
Keith Salvato  CEO

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Noun 1) lynch mob – a mob that kills/ shames/ smears persons and or business for some presumed offense without legal authority



The number of violent acts against African Americans accelerated during the first quarter of the twentieth century.
Robert Henslee

Robert Henslee SFYB Founder

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) began compiling lynching statistics in 1912, thirty years after the Chicago Tribune and twenty years after the Tuskegee Institute started tracking such crimes.

In November 1922, the NAACP ran full page ads in newspapers pressing for the passage of the Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill. Entitled “The Shame of America,” the ad laid out the shocking statistics of lynching from 1899 through 1922.

The bill was passed by a two-to-one majority in the House of Representatives but was defeated in the Senate. A few years later, the NAACP issued the statistics as a broadside. Entitled “For the Good of America,” it encouraged citizens to “aid the organization which has been fighting for ten years to wipe out our shame.”

GLC 6197 p.1. National Association for the Advnacement of Colored People. Broadside: For the Good of America, circa 1922-1939. (The Gilder Lehrman Collection, courtesy of The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. Not to be reproduced without written permission.)

Soon there after law enforcement started arresting and convicting the lynching crews who attacked civilians and businesses. It was just matter of time before mobs made a mistake and lynched/attacked the innocent.

Their toxic poison destroyed many good families and organizations. A few law abiding citizens were so afraid of being targeted by these lynching crews they committed suicide. Resulting in these bullies being charged with murder and they themselves were put to death by the government as a result of their own stupidity.

Yes lynch mobs were a very sad part of our past hence everyone is entitled to due process.


History has taught us great evil lives behind the self proclaimed good cause of bullies/mobs.
Food for thought. I’ve gotten many calls recently asking “Who’s Side Are You On”? Well…..
My answer is simple. I’m an American… A Vietnam Vet. History taught us lynch mobs/bullies…. no matter what the cause… is just plain wrong. I will not share or participate in their cause. Life’s too short.

When Passion for Industry Reform Transforms Advocates to Vigilantes


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