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This is a very interesting clip. It presents an alternative view to mainstream thinking as the world is constantly changing around us. Current day evidence suggest this clip has a lot of validity as the number of unnecessary prescriptions has increased over 1000% in the last 50 years. A fact that’s undisputed. 

Clips like “big pharma” is now harvesting your children for profit Click Here suggest a pattern much like the doctors that supported the tobacco industries position in the late 70’s. (we all know how that ended).


What’s even more remarkable, as the clip was presented in the various professional groups on Linkedin, some of these doctors have attempted to flag the clip as spam in a feeble attempt to control the message.

It is our belief actions like these only demonstrate that the content and the message is right on target and the doctors engaged in such actions are part of the challenge. I am NOT suggesting All doctors are bad… both good and bad in all professions. Just consider how professionals react is a pretty good indication of what you are dealing with.

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As publishers we suggest watching the companion clip Click Here  and the clip about the FDA being exposed is very well viewed. Click Here. You’ll find all these clips have over a million views and are pretty relevant to the debate. 

Lastly, the fact your child has a better chance being killed from a Heroin overdose than in an auto accident is of real concern. Click Here


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