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alph-dogThe Movie Alpha Dog

What makes some give up & others the drive to change the world?

SFYB Author

Has anyone seen the movie Alpha Dog? If not it’s a true story in which a young hard core addict owes his dealer $1200 . So the dealer kidnaps the guys little brother. He is seen by 39 people while being held. Actually developing what the 15yr old thought were friendships. They took him all over the place. The guy watching him keeps giving him the chance to escape.

The teen decides to stay so that his brother won’t get in any more trouble & he knows his brother will pay it. When the brother refuses to pay off his debt the dealer orders the child’s death. They make him hike up a hill to where his grave is already dug, they blindfold & bind him, slam him in the back of the head w a shovel & then shoot him. They close in the end of the movie w the Mom, who was beautiful, thin & young before this happened, now blown up, unkempt woman in a psych ward.

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She is a complete wreck, her son died for $1200,because his brother wouldn’t tell them what was really going on. I’ve seen this movie a million times, as sad as it is, I like the actors. I watched it a few weeks ago, now w a new perception of the ending.
As the mother gives her side of the story you realize she’s institutionalized, & she slips into madness. Watching this I realized as it hit me like a brick; that could’ve so easily been me. I could’ve made different choices.

That first night I had been awake since the previous morning so approximately 36 hrs w no sleep, while I was walking along the highway trying to burn energy. My gaze kept going from the skies to the huge trucks that kept passing, if my son had faced death, there was no reason why I couldn’t do the same. But I didn’t do it.


On Monday, I was complaining to my husband that there’d been no response from God yet. Yes, I really thought I should’ve had my sign already. So he tells me to watch my bird feeders for a new bird because he knows Anthony & I used to watch the birds at our feeders in the mornings when he was young. I need to interject at this point, I had been awake for all but 2hrs of sleep since that Saturday morning til Monday night. I could not keep anything at all in my body. I was violently ill from everywhere. I was also sickly & so weak previous to this.

I got another 2hrs Monday night, actually early Tues morning & went to have my tea & *down swooped my very first wild bald eagle as it soared over the lake along the surface, I knew immediately that was my sign. When I talked to my daughter later that day, she said “omg, mom. We were out for a ride yesterday & there was an eagle over the car”…… 1200 miles away. On Wednesday my 6yr old grandson (Anthony’s son) saw it at his bus stop & on Wednesday Ant’s gf saw it 20 miles from where my daughter & grandson were.

That solidified my belief in God. I was still sick, I was getting calls from MA, forcing me to attend the wake & funeral. I had no money & my ex assured me his family was covering all expenses. I was so grateful for that. There was no way I could’ve paid, & definitely not my ex. But I was harassed by my ex’s sister, telling me how bad I looked to everyone & what a shitty person I was. I was so sick & dehydrated, but I had to go. On Tuesday & Wednesday. I repented all of my sins & forgave everyone I felt had ever wronged me. This great big weight was lifted from my shoulders that I no longer felt, it had been there so long. I made personal apologies to everyone, but most choose to not be in my life & that’s 100% OK w me. I needed to do that to move on.


On Thursday I flew “home” to Mass, because I still could keep nothing down or in, I collapsed in the airport trying to get to my connecting flight. I had to be cleared by the EMT’s to fly on. I got into town w 3 hours to spare. Sick to be in my house 25’ from my backyard in MA is the cemetery. I coincidentally had met my son in the cemetery just before I moved. It was me, his sister, his son & his nephew. That’s the last time I saw him alive & when we parted ways it was w an I Love You from all of us to all of us. I was OK not attending these forced services I had no hand in arranging & so I just followed what had been set up. The first sight of my son’s body hit me like bricks dropped from a skyscraper & I dropped to my knees. I had a lot of family support, my aunt & cousins I hadn’t seen in yrs, my brother, my sister-in-law, close friends. It was a very large turnout.

My son lay there for all of those there to see, dead at 25.They cried the tears, they appeared to mourn. Yet the shit that took place, was so typical for that small dirty evil town. No one cared while he was alive, he was called names, ignored by the family & just never important to them.

Ant’s cousin is , who is also rumored to be on Heroin, did a deal at the wake. My ex was trying to score percocet for himself & Ant’s gf who was at that point 4 days into withdrawal. He was also trying to take her mother home w him, since his own girlfriend had to put her 3yr old to bed.

The “best” part of the night though for me was when I had gone outside looking for a friend & was told that this drunk “relative”, you know the type, mom’s friend ends up family. She didn’t know me or my ex & she most definitely did not know my son. She caused a scene in front of his casket, then progressed to driving by the funeral home & swearing & sticking up her middle finger. When I came out she had parked just a house up from us. I approached her & asked her to leave. She went crazy & tried to storm the funeral home. I had to have the police called.


His service the next afternoon was beautiful I had decided I did not want to see him lowered into the ground, but tongues immediately began wagging, horrible mother, mean, evil, crazy.

Call me what you want I had already had my good bye in that cemetery in March. That is how I choose to remember my son. My ex’s family had everything removed from his plot….. Granite edging, toys I had put there from Aiden, trinkets, the money. Gofundme was set up & money taken by an aunt, an education fund set up, that has never been mentioned again. Everything my son owned that should have gone to my grandson was whisked away & hidden by my daughter & ex.

I left MA w no regrets that I would be away from the hellish drama. Florida is home now. I lay down to try & get some sleep, on the night that marked a week, Sunday. I lay down exhausted & closed my eyes.
That was the moment God took over!!!

Now back to Alpha Dog & that poor mother, some of us get the shit beaten out of us & just stay down. Not me, I have prayed for mental breakdown, it would certainly explain my experiences a whole lot easier. But, that is not what I am made of & God knew this when he healed me & gave me the ideas, the motivation, the drive & passion, to put it all out there. To dedicate myself to helping others & trying to change addiction/recovery stigma. This girl is on fire!!!
Thank you
Erin Berndt



Purgatory: In Between Addiction and Recovery


Chelsearae SFYB Contributing Author

There was a period of time, before getting clean, where I was in some kind of strange purgatory with opiates. I had my two drug connections, but neither of them was consistent enough for me to be on the pills every day, and I didn’t have enough money for that anyway, since I was no longer dealing weed and didn’t get many hours at work.



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I never got deeply into use enough during that time to where I would get withdrawals or anything, but what happened was almost worse; I was a continuous cycle of craving, fighting with myself, giving in, getting high for a day or two, self-loathing, rinse and repeat. Although it was torturous and possibly even worse than my California drug using days, I can see now that this was all necessary for me to finally get sick of what I was doing to myself. 


This went on for months and months, and each time the struggle was tougher and the self-loathing was deeper and more intense. It progressed to me feeling suicidal when I would “fuck up” and get pills. Sometimes I’d be feeling really good about the possibility of getting off them, and one of the dealers would text me and it would destroy my peace of my mind immediately. I would sit there and drive myself absolutely nuts going back and forth about whether I should buy them. Whenever I’d say yes and decide to get them it was as if I went on complete auto-pilot, walking over to Tracy’s apartment or driving out to Hank’s place (my dealers). 


My mind would be completely blank, if I were in my car I wouldn’t even put music on (which is strange for me). It was like something had taken over. I would literally start driving to Hank’s house and snap out of it halfway there. One time I even made it all the way to his driveway before I asked myself what the fuck I was doing and turned back around and went home. Sometimes I’d text one of them on impulse when I had a craving and change my mind before they responded and tell them never mind, and then change my mind again; this stuff through me into a complete frenzy. I would tell them not to sell to me anymore, and I deleted their numbers deleted from my phone, but I had them memorized already, and, of course they still sold to me when I wanted them. They weren’t my friends, although they pretended to be. They wanted my money. Tracy eventually noticed that I was an addict and took full advantage of it by charging me $10 per 10 mg pill (they usually go for 5).


On the days that I was able to resist the temptation to get the pills, I should have felt happy or relieved or proud of myself, but everything was still pure misery. Sometimes I’d reason that I was going to be miserable anyway, even when I said no to them, so why say no? I was at constant war with myself, my inner turmoil was so intense that I am shocked I didn’t go crazy. This was a result of doing recovery in a half-assed way. Life didn’t start getting better until I quit those pills completely, and even then, it was a long uphill journey. Then I met the dudes at Stop Frying Your Brain.

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My First Legal Prescription for Opiates


Chelsearae SFYB Contributing Author

I had dental surgery 2 days ago, and they prescribed me opiates. The day before the surgery I was 10 months clean off opiates. Why would someone in this position accept a prescription? That’s a really good question, and one that I don’t have an answer to.
I decided that it was okay and I could handle it even though I had had problems (to put it mildly) with them in the past. I still don’t know if this was my fear of physical pain or some dormant junkie tendencies talking, or maybe (likely) a mix of both. I was not sure how badly it was going to hurt having a screw drilled into my gums and bone, but I knew from the start that I was going to take the Norco prescription regardless.



I think I really just wanted to test myself, and that I was missing the feeling a bit. So instead of taking the advice of recovered addicts and recovery experts and marking the “yes” box on the questionnaire that asked me if I have a history with drug addiction, I decided to try it out and take these pills that gave me hell for years of my life and left me with nothing. The pills I struggled over and over to banish from my existence. I have no idea what I was expecting, but some part of me needed to play with fire I suppose.


What happened was they prescribed me 20 pills and I was supposed to take one every 6 hours but I ended up taking 10 the first day and the other 10 the second day. Today is the third day. It’s almost shameful to admit these things, but it’s really not. My brain feels slightly fuzzy today, but I’m not crushed or craving.

While on those pills I did not feel any happiness that surpassed my normal sober level of happiness. It used to be that they created happiness within me, and allowed me to experience peace. This is not the case anymore. They made me irritable, and itchy, and hot. They made it hard to think clearly and even to fully enjoy something great that happened yesterday, yet I still compulsively took them and obsessed about them. I think I used to enjoy them so much because I was always in pain before and they numbed me and made everything hurt less. Now I enjoy existence for the most part and being disconnected from my innate sensitivity towards it was not enjoyable at all.


I feel like I’ve outgrown the mentality that something like that could bring me anything worthwhile, yet I still found myself going through the familiar motions of an addict. I felt that same burning obsession, the same mechanical anticipation at my next high; and I never forgot that those pills were in my purse in the next room. It was all I thought about, all I cared about, I was right back to my old fiendish self. It was almost as if no time had gone by since I quit the stuff.  When they were gone, I was relieved, but while they were still within my reach, I was completely and hopelessly consumed. Addiction makes no sense whatsoever, and I can’t figure out how it could still have such an effect on me after all my experiences with the stuff.


It’s actually kind of scary to think about. Scary, ridiculous, and absurd. I don’t know what I needed to prove to myself, or what the point of that was. I feel glad that that experience didn’t fuck my entire world up and make me want to spiral back down into oblivion (maybe knowing I don’t have that option/connections for the drug helps too). I feel confused that it happened at all, but mostly I just feel neutral and will continue living. Does this count as a relapse? Should I be disappointed? If it is a relapse, I suppose I can just add it to the long list of them and not do it again. I still know what I want, I still mostly know who I am and where I’m going and I’m excited for the future.

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SFYB Contributing Author “FUBAR” Best stuff in the hood brother

A Day in the Life of a Crack Dealer. Think about this for a while… Stop being so dam stupid. Be Smart. You have a choice. VOTE: While You Still Can! Donald Trump?

A Day in the Life of a Crack Dealer

A Day in the Life of a Crack Dealer – Symptoms of Poor Leadership in America

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The slums is a beautiful place for someone like me. These abandoned gutters and lost souls that vaca such an area of opportunity for dope slangin. I flipped the script on the 50 and the 9 to 5ers, and I bank. Having the keys to the candy store gives me my own personal supply.

Sure I could bitch and cuss about being beat down, shot, robbed, lied to, stabbed, but I never felt less judged being in a place like a crack house. That’s where I lived most of my life… home to me bro. I actually feel safe here.

You think you have it bad? I dodge bullets going to work. The local gang down the street just as soon shoot me, it’s all about turf and dollars dude. That’s my pink slip.

So Donald Trump eat me. 🙂 I hope you get elected and fire them idiots in charge. That’s if you can figure out who is actually in charge. I know I can’t. They stand up there and say one thing, get elected and do something else all together. Depending on who gave them the most money. Corporate Congress I say..

Donald Trump for President

Donald Trump for President – No More Mr Nice Guy… Make America Strong Again

OBama you don’t know the game, you got the rules missin.  Trying to convince the fools this addiction is a disease, so you can stack the benjamins and the insurance companies pay. I’m on the scene major and front row, VIP in the dirt you want to forget about. I don’t think addiction is a disease. 

This is a Cash Game on the street feeding cheese in Rat Park, I’m not the playa, I in the game, and they always come back. Just like the big insurance companies depend on. I learned the trade from them. Land of the free but mandatory insurance? Sounds like Hitler to me.

Dam I’m just a country boy from Kentucky how I ended up here I’m not sure. Watch my favored song and learn about me….. This song says it all. I can’t believe I got shot over this.
I earned my right (payed in blood) for my opinion so take a second of your day is all I ask. I paid for your freedom the hard way… please give me a second of your time and hear my perspective.

I didn’t screw up all these people lives I just help them forget. I mean down here in the hood we don’t have any options no jobs, no future. Hopelessness rules the day. Its pure pain not to be able to provide for the kids. It eats at you and messes with your head in a way I can’t explain. .

Our politicians packed our jobs and companies up and sent them to China. All that’s left is a sea of despair. Sold us out. We don’t make nothing in this country anymore  Either sling crack rock or become a basketball star and we all know that white boys can’t jump. The government did teach me how to dodge bullets until one day, but that’s yet another story..I’ll save for later. Got screwed again.

You never feel alone for a friend with a fix is never one to be missed. I question my perspective on the crack candy I sell.

Am I the one to blame or did these people seek to kill their pain? You see I’m not evil I’m just trying to eat and make a living man. I don’t have any choice. Who’s going to hire me with a possession charge?  I don’t seem to have any options. Can’t believe I’m still alive. 

It’s like this dude, after corporate Congress and all of our fine outstanding politicians finishes screwing the citizens out of everything they own, they show up on my doorstep hurting.

When your hungry the first thing to go is your morals. Your going to eat dude. I’m trapped in this mess with the rest of them. Hell I didn’t invent this shit, the big drug companies did. They were hired by the government I understand for war many years ago. Where do you think these drugs originated from in the 1st place? R&D on your kids returning from Nam. That’s where. Your flesh and blood.

Donald Trump for President - No More Mr Nice Guy..

Donald Trump for President – No More Mr Nice Guy..

Crack is the drug of choice for me because it helps me forget my miserable life and the pain that I live in as I watch my mother go out the door with the new John.

Something happened to my head in Nam when I caught my first bullet after verifying the body count. They say I got a duel case of PTSD and some other thing? Don’t really understand it. 

I don’t know how I caught it because always wore a rubber with the gook chicks, think it had something to do with counting the pile of dead bodies every day and then come across one of my friends. That was the day it happened.

Yea…That bent my head for good. Does anybody even remember what that shit was all about? I know for one thing for sure… I haven’t a clue anymore. (Still Frying My Brain) I hear we won? What a joke. We haven’t won anything I can remember. Liers.. 

Crack cocaine rocks packaged for sale

Crack cocaine rocks packaged for sale

It is like they smell it, they become super dogs. Once they gets a taste they have a sixth sense for it.Reminds me of the horror show. The walking dead. But, they are not addicted because I supply this stuff.

Their own demons eat them alive and I just happen to have a remedy for the pain and sorrow created by the fine mess of our leadership of this country. I understand, in the same boat myself. 

The question is, if this is a learned behavior or a real disease? How can we make it public that it can be unlearned. Your drop science says to be learned is to repeat actions that leads to changes based on practice or experience. I’m pretty sure its not a disease. I wasn’t board a crack head. I was at one time a full functioning human.

Most of the crack addicts I know were not born a crack head. When they got hurt enough they started looking for relief. If not crack, then something else. Many times they just stop when the pain of being a crackhead becomes too much. The experts say this is rock bottom. It’s about pain and social disfunction I say. If its a disease its a self inflected one. 

I wake up, throw on the clothes on my floor from the night before, look in the mirror and question if  this games gonna kill me. I personally don’t know any old crack dealers. Where do they go? I roll picking up my supply for the week, cheapest way is to get a kilo and cook it up and cut it with a little bit of shit. I can’t raise the price after the fools are addicted like the legal drug companies do so I have to cut it to get my margins up. A little bit about that later.

Donald Trump for President - No More Mr Nice Guy..

Donald Trump for President – No More Mr Nice Guy – Endorsement by the boys in the hood & The United Federation of Crack Dealers of America 🙂 Now that’s funny.

I converse with my ace, he is like family to me. Running through my head is selling what I am given and what bitch is going to hang with me for the day. I enjoy the company, talking and negotiating. But it isn’t much of a life. At least I can keep a roof over my head and have learned to appreciate a big Mac and that’s on a good day dog. And of course the system wants to paint a big red X on my back lock me up. I don’t think I’ll ever happen.

Spitting with my fellow crackheads, I hear all their stories.  How messed up their lives have been since they were shorties. They lived in the fallen areas of society forgotten by the government with drug attics, alcoholics, and been abused in ways yall never understand after the corporations and politicians finished harvesting for a profit. They are doing the same thing to the land too. Do you know who OWNS the gran canyon? Not americans… Dhaaa think about that. They done pawned that to. Google it.


What disease is this? Self inflicted? I think not. Addiction is?  These repeated actions of getting screwed lead people to becoming addicted seeking no more pain because they have a problem bigger than them.

They were skooled to become an addict by the great leadership of this country.selling off our livelihood. Just where would I be able to get a job anyway? The NSA (maybe). Well nope not happening in this country anymore. Now they want to lock me up because I need to eat. They sold my job so now I’m screwed.

Dog I’m telling you we’ve ALL been screwed this country is going down the toilet. So if you despise me just remember one day in the near future you’ll probably be really happy to see me too. Just remember big brother is watching you dog.Soon you’ll have a big red x on your back. Smart phones they say.


The played hoes lay half-dressed on the couch enjoying their easy living and free fix. I spit at them for a minute to see if I wanna hit it. Gotta be careful cause the money brings bitches and the bitches bring lies. I can’t get caught between the bitches, my steel, and my chips. There’s a big idea of respect coming into houses like these. What is in here is theirs, unless you pay the right price. That goes for the woman too.


I got busta, hoes, and the 50 watchin. I pack steel and roll deep. I never know if I will get bum rushed, walkin out of those doors and have a piece held to my chest, or a knife to my throat. Is it the smack, or the stacks of cash?  Nobody cares unless you be pretty, or dying, never about the process in between which is where I see myself as I walk out of this dope house once again. I’ll be back, hopefully. I know that one day soon I probably won’t.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what causes addiction. You can learn a lot from a crack head and let me tell you i’m an expert. I think they have it all wrong. These guys nailed it. Watch the clip below

Click below you can learn a lot from a dummy.. Especially a crack head. Below is the results of the problem. Take the the time to understand where these people are coming from.

No more of this crap

Its because of guys like this your children have a better chance of an overdose than getting in an auto accident. Read more

Are you a victim of the WAR on drugs? Read More 

The plan to destroy America Read More

US banks are laundering drug money for these same cartels Read More


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Laura Stamps

SFYB Staff Editor

Bath Salts and “Smiles” are Nothing to Smile About

By: Laura Stamps

“Bath salts” can be a confusing term. That’s because there are two different kinds.

The bath salts we’re all familiar with are the fragrant, therapeutic crystals you add to bathwater to moisturize skin. They’ve been around for decades and are sold in bath stores, department stores, and fragrance shops.

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However, in the drug world, bath salts is the name law enforcement has given to a new class of designer drugs. Advertised as incense and plant food, these drugs are actually synthetic chemical compounds created to mimic hallucinogens. Sold in convenience stores, head shops, gas stations, and tobacco shops, they come in a variety of forms from white powder to granules to crystals. Users smoke, snort, or swallow them.

A_bath salts package

It has been illegal since 2012 to sell, produce, or possess over 25 of the most common chemicals used in designer drug bath salts.

“But health professionals say lawmakers cannot keep pace with bath salts producers, who constantly adjust their chemical formulations to come up with new synthetic drugs that aren’t covered by these laws,” Matthew Perrone reports for the Huffington Post. “Experts who have studied the problem estimate there are more than 100 bath salts chemicals in circulation.”

To amplify this problem, bath salts are usually created by amateur chemists and sold cheaply in stores or online under a variety of names:

  • Arctic Blast
  • Bliss
  • Blue Magic
  • Cloud 10
  • Cloud 9
  • Gold Rush
  • Hurricane Charlie
  • Ivory Wave
  • Nice Guy
  • Lady Bubbles
  • Lunar Wave
  • Ocean Snow
  • Red Dove
  • Scarface
  • Snow Leopard
  • Vanilla Sky
  • White China
  • White Dove
  • Wicked X
  • Zoom

Like synthetic marijuana (Spice and K2), bath salts are primarily used by teens, since the compounds are easy to purchase and rarely detectable in a drug test. Unregulated and composed of unknown chemical formulations, these designer drugs can be lethal. Effects include hallucinations, aggression, suicidal thoughts, psychotic delusions, liver failure, kidney failure, loss of bowel control, and death.

In Miami, a 31-year old man high on bath salts ripped off his clothes, viciously attacked a homeless man on a busy highway, and tried to chew off his face. When police attempted to stop the attack, the man only growled in response. It took four bullets to stop him.

A_bath salts bunch

“People take off their clothes,” Armando Aguilar, President of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, told Seni Tienabeso for ABC News. “People suddenly have super human strength. They become violent, and they are burning up inside. Their organs are reaching a level that most would die. By the time police approach them they are a walking dead person.”


Other violent episodes have been linked to bath salts. The drugs killed the users, or users gruesomely killed others. Even though no drugs were found in the autopsy of “Sons of Anarchy” actor Johnny Lewis, bath salts were suspected when he savagely killed his 81-year old landlady and her cat before jumping off the roof to his death.

Smiles (2C-1) is a designer drug closely related to bath salts. It’s an hallucinogen compound similar in structure, but mixed with amphetamines. Smiles has been illegal in the U.S. since 1998. Nevertheless, it’s becoming popular with teens, who buy it from online distributors.


Smiles was created in 1991 by Alexander Shulgin, the chemist famous for Ecstasy. Smiles is most often sold as a white powder and mixed with chocolate before it’s ingested. Like LSD, it interferes with the brain’s serotonin system. And like other hallucinations, the effects can last for days.
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“The problem,” Dr. Lewis S. Nelson, professor of Emergency Medicine at NYU in New York, told Ryan Jaslow for CBS News, “is whoever is making these drugs in an illegal lab has no means of quality control, and the drugs could contain different dosages and properties that cause potentially dangerous side effects. It can contain the expected drug, a different drug, or no drug at all.”

Smiles is particularly dangerous because it’s a mix of hallucinogens and amphetamine. Teens have died from ingesting chocolate laced with Smile. Others have been hospitalized. One teen died in North Dakota from uncontrollable seizures, while another died from beating his head repeatedly on the pavement, growling and foaming at the mouth. Other teens have experienced heart failure.


“Unlike better-known hallucinogens, it has stimulating effects, meaning it carries some of the risks of meth and other uppers, like potentially fatal dehydration, arrhythmia, and stroke,” Dr. Harris Stratyner, Vice President of Caron Treatment Center, told The Fix. “Combining a psychedelic with a stimulant – it’s pretty frightening. It’s like taking LSD and Ecstasy together. But the effects are highly unpredictable. It’s absolutely ludicrous that anyone would put this into your body. It’s like trying to get high off arsenic or rat poison.”

Yet this hasn’t stopped teens from experimenting with Smiles. The drug’s growing popularity has reached YouTube, where you’ll find videos of teens high on Smiles, encouraging other teens to try it.

Parents, beware. Educate your kids about bath salts and Smiles. Getting high off these drugs is nothing to smile about.


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Laura Stamps

SFYB Staff Editor

Parents, Warn Your Teens About Deadly “Spice”

By: Laura Stamps

According to RT News English, twenty-five teens died in October, and seven hundred have been hospitalized across Russia due to severe poisoning from the designer drug, “Spice.” This particular batch of Spice is being produced in Asia and shipped into Russia. It contains the compound MDMB/N/-Bz F, which is a poison. When consumed, it leaves users comatose, produces dementia, or causes death from respiratory failure.


Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service (FDCS) is moving swiftly to stop the distribution of this deadly compound. In the meantime, addicted Russian teens continue to buy Spice, soaking it in water to produce a tincture to drink like tea or smoking the dried herbs in a joint, pipe, or bong.

Here in the U.S., the D.E.A. cracked down on Spice distribution in 2012, listing five active chemicals in Spice as Schedule 1 Controlled Substances. It is now illegal to buy, sell, or possess them.


Unfortunately, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Spice manufacturers easily avoid these laws. They substitute unknown chemicals for the banned ones. This keeps the sale of Spice legal, but makes the designer drug more deadly than ever.

What is Spice?

Spice is an herbal mixture soaked in synthetic chemicals. Teens buy the drug because it’s supposed to produce the same “high” as marijuana. Spice looks like loose incense and resembles potpourri.

The label on the package guarantees Spice is safe to use. It’s not. The label also claims Spice is natural. It’s not. Spice is made by treating unknown dried plants with synthetic cannabinoid compounds. There’s nothing natural about synthetic chemicals.

Spice is sold in gas stations, mall stores, drugstores, convenience stores, tobacco shops, and across the web under a variety of names:

  • Spice
  • K2
  • Skunk
  • Yucatan Fire
  • Moon rocks
  • Zohai
  • Genie Bliss
  • Nice
  • Black Mamba
  • Scoobie Snax
  • Joker
  • Black Magic

“Like the users of bath salts, those whose lives are falling apart due to Spice are most likely to be teens and young adults,” reports Melanie Haiken for Forbes Magazine. “Teens and twenty-somethings already fond of pot turn to Spice because it’s easy to get, they perceive it as legal, and because schools and sports teams don’t test for it.”


These are the main synthetic compounds in Spice:

  • JWH-018, a chemical fertilizer that causes users to hallucinate
  • JWH-073, classified by the DEA as a dangerous chemical
  • HU-210, an extremely dangerous compound that is 100-800 times more potent than the THC in marijuana

Spice is not marijuana. Not even close. It’s no wonder Spice is blamed for causing violent incidents and deaths among teens. For example, Lamar Jack, a well-known, 19-year old Anderson University basketball player, collapsed during a preseason warmup in 2011 after ingesting Spice. He died a few days later. The chemical in the Spice he consumed was JWH-18, one of the five synthetic compounds the D.E.A. banned a year later in 2012.

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Despite its popularity, a Spice high doesn’t feel as good as a marijuana high. Effects include acute paranoia, panic attacks, hallucinations, coughing fits, vomiting, heart palpitations, psychotic episodes, and seizures. Even worse, the synthetic compounds in Spice are highly addictive. Much more so than marijuana.

“When I talked to my patients about Spice, every one of them would say the effects were extremely unpleasant, and they want to stop,” Brendan Bickley, Executive Director of Treatment Solutions Network in Costa Mesa, California, told Forbes Magazine. “But then they’d take it again. That’s when I realized the addictiveness of the drug.”


If you’re a parent, talk to your teens about Spice. It’s not safe. It’s not natural. It’s not marijuana. In fact, no one really knows what’s in a package of Spice. Manufacturers are using a variety of unknown chemical combinations to evade D.E.A. regulations.

However what is known about Spice is scary. It’s highly addictive. It causes brain damage and death. Keep your teens safe. Warn them about Spice. It will certainly save their future and may even save their lives.


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Laura Stamps

SFYB Staff Editor

A Russian Roulette Death with Designer Drugs @StopFryingBrain

By: Laura Stamps

Designer drugs have been around for over 20 years. They were created in laboratories by chemists to mimic illegal drugs like marijuana, LSD, cocaine, and heroin.

They’re popular because most are legal, and they usually don’t show up in a drug test. Yet they’re more dangerous than the drugs they mimic. Why? They’re unregulated. In other words, there’s no way to know exactly what you’re getting when you buy them.

For example, teens across the country have been seriously injured and some have died when taking the designer drugs 2C-E and 3C-bromo-dragonfly. These kids thought they were buying one kind of designer drug, but were actually sold a much stronger, more dangerous one.


Most designer drugs have psychedelic properties. Some are mixed with amphetamines. They’re deadly in high doses, because they affect more areas of the body than the psychedelics they mimic. LSD affects serotonin receptors, but it isn’t toxic.

Not so with the designer drugs created to mimic LSD. They not only increase serotonin levels, but they also restrict blood vessels, increasing heart rate and body temperature to deadly heights. Because these drugs are untested, no one knows if other organs or systems in the body are affected as well.

Scary stuff!

According to the DEA, there were 3200 calls to poison centers due to designer drugs in 2010. Just one year later, in 2011, that number skyrocketed to 13,000 calls.

“Synthetic marijuana or Spice can be found in convenience stores labeled as K2, Scooby Snax, and Mr. Smiley,” according to Kelly Alfano and Steve Tierney for Fox News. “It’s marketed mostly to kids and teens in packages that sport customized images like the Joker, smiley faces, and even Scooby Doo. Many think Spice isn’t dangerous or illegal because it can be purchased in tobacco shops, convenience stores, and gas stations. Harmless herbs sprayed with deadly chemicals, the drug can leave patients comatose or in some cases, dead.”


David E. Nichols, Ph.D., a pharmacologist at Purdue University, is a leader in the research and development of psychedelics for medical use.

“These newer so-called ‘legal’ highs, we really don’t know anything about them,” Nichols told Daniel J. DeNoon for WebMD. “People are playing a game of Russian roulette with these things. These are proliferating now. A lot of them came from my lab. We may have done one or two rat studies, but we know nothing about what these compounds do in humans.”

Why are medical researchers investigating the legitimate use of psychedelics? These drugs were traditionally taken for spiritual enlightenment. They also liberate emotions and events buried deep in the subconscious. Some in the medical community feel psychedelics can be beneficial for patients suffering from PTSD, as well as recovering addicts, offering them a path from brokenness to wholeness by helping them tap into these hidden regions of the subconscious.

Big Blink

But what’s happening on the street is very different. The web and social media have changed the playing field for designer drugs. Not only can you buy them legally on the web, but you can also obtain the raw ingredients to make them.

These dangerous, untested, unregulated psychedelics are sold as party drugs, which is not at all the effect they produce. Most of the teens taking them are completely unprepared for what they are about to experience. Some survive it, and some don’t.

Florida Attorney General, Pam Bindi, has outlawed 127 compounds found in designer drugs. When she heard about deaths occurring from Spice, she sent two law enforcement agents to Tallahassee Mall to buy it legally. The agents took it to a lab to have it tested. Those chemists discovered it contained a deadly combination of synthetic heroin, LSD, and acid.

Quickly, Bindi outlawed as many designer drug chemicals as she could in the state of Florida. She didn’t want kids coming there for spring break, staying in high rise hotels, and thinking they could fly.

Many rehabs now offer treatment programs for designer drug addictions. But it’s a tricky process. Most designer drugs don’t show up in the blood stream, so medical professionals have no way of knowing which chemicals are involved. Treatment begins by addressing the specific physical and mental symptoms of each patient.


Designer drugs are bad news. That’s a fact. At the moment, some are still sold in stores and on the web. Yet these drugs are far from safe. A package of designer drugs is not as innocent as the cartoon on the cover. It’s a smoking gun. Don’t become the next statistic at a poison control center. Your life is worth more than that.

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