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Detox Fear
steve castleman

SFYB Staff Writer

Going to Rehab: Overcoming the Fear of Detox

By: Steve Castleman

At long last, after more angry refusals than you care to recall, you’re willing to entertain the idea you might need rehab. What’s stopping you? If you’re like I was, it comes down to fear.

Detox Fear

The biggest immediate obstacle is the deep dread of detox.  Unfortunately, that fear makes sense. Withdrawal ranges from uncomfortable to monumentally miserable. Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards wrote in his memoir, Life, about heroin detox, “It is fucking awful. On the scale of things, it’s better than having your leg blown off in the trenches. It’s better than starving to death. But you don’t want to go there. The whole body just sort of turns itself inside out and rejects itself for three days.”

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Compounding the fear of detox is the alarm that accompanies having to quit for good, not just for a while. It’s the terror of living without your only reliable coping mechanism, of having to make a change so huge it’s almost unimaginable.

Those fears are real. But it’s important to remember that they’re also often exaggerated.

Doctors, for example, classify withdrawal as “relatively manageable.” It’s rarely life threatening and doesn’t involve surgery, chemotherapy, or other radical medical interventions.

A_detox 1

Of course, everyone in detox disagrees. There’s no way to sugar-coat it. Detox sucks.


Attitude matters, so here are three reminders to give you a better perspective:
  • Most addicts have detoxed on their own many times before making it to rehab. As Richards put it, “I’ve been through more cold turkeys than there are freezers.” Reminding yourself (constantly) “if I did it before I can do it again,” can make the fear of detox more manageable.
  • Many in detox start to feel better after a couple days, so there’s light at the end of the tunnel fairly quickly. Keeping in mind that the very worst misery of detox will last only a couple days and after that you’ll start to feel human for the first time in a long time can make it easier to endure the rigors of early detox.
  • While most detox alone, rehab withdrawal is done with help. Staff and the other patients take care of you, listen to you, commiserate with you, and help you through the rough moments. Supportive care makes detox much easier to bear than cold-turkey detox on your own. There are likely to be others in worse shape than you, giving you better perspective. And fellow patients who’ve just come through detox can offer encouragement that you’ll start feeling better a little at a time, just as they did.

If you can keep your fears in perspective, you’re more likely to translate a moment of willingness to get help into a moment of action. And that just might save your life.



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Are you having trouble finding a detox center in NJ?


New Jersey, believe it or not is a beautiful state. Many who reside there are very happy with “The Garden State”.


Xanax addiction is hard to overcome stay away at all costs

However, in recent years’ New jersey has seen a big influx of heroin addiction and overdoses. Many people who are addicted to opiate pain killers or heroin are seeking detox for withdrawal symptoms from heroin or pain killers.

There are quite a few detox’s and treatment programs within the state. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming influx of addicts seeking treatment for heroin addiction there are not many beds available. This proposes a big question for the state funded programs; What can we do to help more?

There doesn’t seem to be a solution that can come quick enough to solve the problem. Detox Centers in New Jersey number in 30’s excluding actual hospitals. These issues don’t even account for the regular treatment visits for alcoholism and other addictions.

What and where are these Detox Centers in New Jersey?

Below are the four inpatient detox centers in new jersey that offer inpatient medical detox treatment using FDA approved detox medications. However, try calling them and seeing if there are beds available. Let me know how that works out for you.

  • New Hope Foundation Inc Marlboro, NJ 07746
  • Maryville Inc 1903 Grant Avenue Williamstown, NJ 08094
  • Evergreen Treatment Center 230 East Ridgewood Avenue Paramus, NJ 07652
  • Sunrise Detox II 1272 Long Hill Road Stirling, NJ 07980

What are the primary reasons people seek detox for in New Jersey?

According to NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) Overdoses and treatment admissions have skyrocketed in the New Jersey since 2007. In some cases, they have gone up 100% or more. This raises some big issues and questions as far as affordable healthcare and healthcare policy pertaining to addiction treatment in New Jersey.

What about Medicare or Medicaid Accepting Detox’s

What about them? There are tons of Outpatient clinics in New Jersey that accept these insurance plans. However, many of them do a methadone maintenance or suboxone maintenance protocol and isn’t very effective to stop abuse dead in its tracks. You’re still dependent on a substance which leaves things just as complicated, but manageable.

My summary:

My only hope in writing this is to create awareness to those in my home state. Many aren’t aware that the drug addicts in their back yard do want help and don’t want to live that way. They have lost hope in trying to find treatment because they can’t get in. It’s important to get the addict into a detox treatment program as soon as possible after they become willing.


God Bless



What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?


Xanax addiction is hard to overcome stay away at all costs

IOP this means: Substance abuse intensive outpatient programs are services for individuals with substance use problems who do not meet diagnostic requirements for inpatient or residential substance abuse therapy. Mostly for those who are discharged from 24 hour care in an inpatient medication center and continue to need more support than the weekly or even  per week sessions provide in customary outpatient care.

IOP service provide a minimum of nine hours of service per week in 3, 3 hours sessions; but, some programs provide more sessions per week and much longer sessions per day, and many programs become less intense over time .Because services are offered in outpatient background, the duration can be more than that required for inpatient services.  Allow individuals to stay in their own homes and communities, which could increase their adjustment to community life.

What does an IOP Program Do and How does it work?

Intensive Outpatient Programs treat individuals with substance use disorders or co-occurring psychological and substance use disorders who do not require medical detoxification or 24 hour guidance. They offer a particular number of hours weekly of structured group, individual, and family treatment plus psycho education about substance use and mental disorders.

The American Society of Addiction Medicine  defines 5 levels of care to support professionals in choosing the right intensity for treating alcohol and drug use disorders beginning treatment services, Level I outpatient Level, services II intense outpatient services, Level III residential and inpatient services, and Level IV medically controlled intense inpatient services. Thus, IOPs represent a much higher level of care than normal outpatient services and a reduced level of care than residential and inpatient services.

The Substance Abuse and psychological healthiness Services Administration defines a set of core services for inclusion in IOPs, like a specified number of hours of organized programming per week; individual, group, and/or family members treatment; and psycho education about substance use and psychological disorders

IOP objectives help the individual study early stage relapse management and dealing strategies, make sure the person has psycho-social help, and address individual disorders and needs. But, wide variation across programs in regards to service delivery for example. systems for testing and examination, treatment planning and planning, crisis control, discharge planning, together with intensity and duration of care limit tries to assess the effectiveness and quality of care across IOPs.

Moreover, IOP services vary by establishing: community, hospitals behavioral health centers, or perhaps day treatment programs. The ASAM criteria note that the duration of treatment varies aided by the severity associated with the person’s illness and his/her response to the medication intervention. So, progress in a particular level of care, instead of a determined length of stay, determines a person’s movement through the treatment continuum.


In general, the present research shows that a number of service intensities may be effective for people with drug use disorders. There’s a high level of proof because of the caveats we’ve noted that IOPs are equally reliable when compared with inpatient and residential treatments.

Intensive Outpatient Programs have emerged as an important facet of twenty-first century addiction treatment plan for individuals who need a more intensive level of service than normal outpatient treatment, as well as allow participants to avoid or step down effectively from inpatient services. That is a most important thought for policy makers, suppliers, and individuals involved in substance abuse treatment services once determining which level of care is most suitable for specified medical circumstances.




Substance Abuse Treatment Reform in New Jersey


Many heroin addicts seeking treatment in New Jersey and other states who’re covered with Medicaid or Medicare insurance are having bum luck. We discussed this in a prior rant. SEE HERE



Xanax addiction is hard to overcome stay away at all costs

However, I have done some research in the policies issued by Medicare and Medicaid and the findings are interesting. It seems while everyone in New Jersey is focused Bridge Gate and Governor Chris Christy they avoided considering the policies written by Medicaid and Medicare insurance providers pertaining to substance abuse and alcoholism. Many of these plans were written in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Most only cert for alcoholism.

This raises a big question pertaining to heroin addiction treatment?

Most insured citizens in New Jersey have Medicare and Medicaid insurance policies. If heroin addiction rehab centers can’t cert a patient for heroin addiction with either of those insurance carriers where does that leave the addict?

Many people are blaming the affordable care act, but I feel it’s a start in the way of progress. What I feel needs to happen is an update on insurance reform from within the insurance companies.

Please see

When you Google: Medicare substance abuse coverage Google explains that there isn’t much coverage for substance abuse treatment by Medicare. Many other findings say that it must be deemed medically necessary. In many cases, it’s turned down by the insurance companies and addicts are left without hope.

What is the solution for drug rehab centers in New Jersey?

I think the state of New Jersey needs to form an alliance among treatment providers. They need to ask for more accommodations by insurance companies to treat addiction. If treatment providers don’t come together to push for insurance reform, nothing with be done.

Many admissions counselors who run verification of benefits for any of the treatment centers in New Jersey give up once they find that Medicare or Medicaid won’t cover the insured. However, if they were to have a doctor call in to say it was medically necessary they may be approved, but even then who knows?

The bottom line is we need to work together to find a solution to the heroin epidemic and start treating people with long term heroin addiction treatment. The days of people just maintaining their addiction to survive must be stopped. There is an easier softer way, but we need to come together as a community to stop this!

God Bless




According to Bright Futures Blog:

Alprazolam, marketed under the brand name Xanax, is a benzodiazepine used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. Similar to the effects of alcohol, alprazolam works by depressing brain functions. Abuse of this drug can be dangerous and can lead quickly to an all-consuming addiction to the substance.


Xanax addiction is hard to overcome stay away at all costs

I was about 13 or 14 when I first took Xanax or alprazolam (the generic version). It wasn’t prescribed for me, but I was an extremely overreactive kid. I would throw fits that left holes in walls and doors knocked off hinges. I was a fully functional Asperger’s syndrome having maniac. My mother didn’t know what to do with me, so she used to give me .2 mgs of Xanax to get me to calm down.

Fast Forward to adulthood…

After many years of unruly behavior, I found myself a full-fledged addict. I was 21 and heavily addicted to narcotic pain killers to the point where they didn’t get me high enough so I needed to supplement the narcotic painkillers with Xanax to get a high. It worked great most of the day I’d spend on the couch nodding in and out of consciousness and drooling on myself. Great way to live ay? Yeah right?

What was it like to withdrawal from benzodiazepine’s?

Most treatment centers won’t take you if you’re on benzodiazepine’s because you are at high risk of seizure and they can’t do anything for it. The only way to come off is to slowly taper off the drug. However, when I got clean in 2009 I was combating a 50 pill a day (Roxicodone) habit and a daily intake of 4 mgs of Xanax a day. To give you an idea that is two Xanax bars a day.

What are the withdrawal symptoms like to deal with?

Once I had come to Florida for treatment it took me about 4-6 months to fully withdrawal from the Xanax and Roxicodone. Some of the symptoms from the withdrawal were watery eyes, muscle aches, restlessness and other symptoms.

I can tell you this, I would never in my life want to be addicted to Benzo’s again ever…

The worst is the first few weeks and then it gets bearable, but also keep in mind I didn’t taper off. I just discontinued use and detoxed cold turkey.

If I were to suggest anything DO NOT take the stuff unless medically necessary because the detox is horrible.

God Bless



Heroin Addiction and Treatment


Men’s Addiction Treatment – Hope – Health – Happiness

Heroin is a highly addictive drug produced by morphine that is obtained from the opium poppy. Opiates and Heroin is one of the most severe substances abused in the whole world. In addition to health conditions caused by the drug itself, there are numerous of other risks connected with heroin addiction which is not much of an issue with other drugs. Heroin is used in a variety of ways, determined by user preference plus the purity of the drug.


Heroin can be injected right into a muscle, mixed in a marijuana joint or regular cigarette, injected into a vein, smoked in the water pipe or standard pipe,  inhaled as smoke by using a straw, or snorted as powder through the nose.


According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), between 2002 and 2013, the speed of heroin-related overdose deaths nearly quadrupled in the Heroin Addiction And TreatmentUSA, and  8,200 people died in 2013.  The CDC cites heroin as one “illegal, highly addictive opioid drug.” Its overdose may result in slow and shallow breathing, coma or death.

It is a common practice with folks to use heroin along with drugs or alcohol. This is often a dangerous proposition since it increases the probability of an overdose manifold. Usually, heroin is injected, but people also smoke or snort it on occasion.

Individuals who inject heroin are at risk of severe, long-term viral infections WHICH includes HIV, Hepatitis C, and Hepatitis B, and also bacterial infections in the skin, bloodstream, and heart.

Not only in renowned rehabs just like the drug rehab centers, but heroin addicts undoubtedly are a regular feature among patients in hospitals even in a remote borough. Heroin use has skyrocketed in rural parts of the United States in the past years, triggered due to the widespread availability of inexpensive forms of the drug — in many cases cheaper than black-market prescription painkillers.

Who is at risk?

Heroin abuse has reached a dismal level which necessitates drastic measures to counter the harmful effects. The CDC identifies the following at a greater risk of getting addicted to  heroin:

  • Individuals who are dependent on cocaine
  • Persons who are addicted to prescription opioid painkillers
  • Individuals who are not insured or opted in for Medicaid
  • Non-Hispanic whites
  • Male and female from 18-25 years old
  • Individuals who are dependent on marijuana and alcohol
  • People living in a vast metropolitan area

Heroin Addiction Treatment

Heroin addiction treatment centers put up a unique plan for every heroin addict based on the previous discussion with the addicts, members of the family and addiction level of the person involved.  These centers provide residential and outpatient care on the addicts. The treatment centers provide a high amount of facilities and medication therapy programs for the addicts. These specialized facilities help heroin addicts to encounter a relaxed atmosphere knowing that it leads to personal reflection and healing for adults and young addicts.

Heroin use is directly related to HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, together with the problem of the heart and brain. To solve this problem, heroin drug rehabs are the most effective options for complete drug treatment.  Heroin rehabs design various types of programs for short term and long term care.  Inpatient drug treatment facilities are one of the best choices available for people seeking to recover from drug addiction.

Some drug addicts are managed by experienced drug treatment specialists who end up an accomplishing heroin recovery case. These drug rehab centers have a specialized team of professionals for every result oriented drug rehabilitation program, and experts from the industry provide many types of these programs. The staff of these drug rehabs is skilled with numerous experience in working with many drug addicts.

The treatment therapy is depending upon the average person addiction level. Most of the following methods are best drug recovery treatments that will help heroin addicts get over addictions


It withdraws the symptoms of heroin and gives a drug-free life to the addicts. It can be a long-term treatment that uses residential and outpatient treatment programs. The amount of this treatment is at least three to six months. During the treatment, drug rehabs use medications as part of the treatment.

Methadone programs

It’s is a secure and efficient program to treat addicted peoples before the last thirty years. The medication therapy is used in this program for 24 to 36 hours. Patients can come out of their mental and emotional reactions. Methadone eliminates the craving that affects on our relapse. Methadone dosages should be carefully monitored in patients who’re taking antiviral therapy for HIV infection.

Behavioral therapies

These combine residential and outpatient approaches. An important task would be to match the most effective treatment method to meet the particular needs of the addict. Cognitive-behavioral approach is built to modify the patient’s thinking and expectations.

LAAM and other medications

LAAM is like methadone used to take care of the heroin addiction. Methadone prevents the effects of heroin as much as seventy-two hours with little side effects. Its long duration of action permits dosing three times weekly. Another medication to take care of heroin addiction is Buprenorphine. It produces a lower level physical reliance.

Citations: Bright Futures – Heroin Addiction and Treatment

Robert HensleeTranscending Addiction and Redefining Recovery…THE PHOENIX MULTISPORT STORY

Transcending Addiction and Redefining Recovery

THE PHOENIX MULTISPORT STORY bcoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more.

Why are some able to transcend their addiction while others are not? What do people really need to escape the shame of their addiction and achieve sustained recovery? Jacki’s talk focuses on answering these questions and demonstrates how resilience of the human spirit intersects with social contextual factors to set the stage for those struggling with addiction to choose a pathway to health.


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Transcending Addiction and Redefining Recovery

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Transcending Addiction and Redefining Recovery

Transcending Addiction and Redefining Recovery


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Funniest Drug Commercial Ever

2015-10-27_19-17-08 becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more.

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SFYB Staff Writer

The Day I Finally Realized: Yes, I am an Alcoholic

By: Lisa

I read a Paper the other day from an addiction specialist, and he said he HAS NEVER seen someone give up for good on the very first attempt, NEVER!  So isn’t that reassuring – phew!!  It wasn’t just me that couldn’t do it – personally speaking!

Truth is, I think I had been in a kind of Recovery attempt for two years before going Cold Turkey in August this year.  The phase of Recovery, looking back now was the Therapy sessions I was attending regularly because my kids were feral.  It was all their fault my family was chaotic, how could I ‘tame’ them, and my husband?

During this two years, I had a few attempts at trying to cut down my drinking, only drink on certain days, only have ‘one or two’, only drink spirits instead of wine, you know, the usual ‘chatter’ that goes on!  I didn’t have a problem OF COURSE, I just thought it would be good to cut back.  And the alcoholic word was NEVER to be pinned on ME< get real!  And because I could stop drinking for up to 10 days at a time, that confirmed I didn’t have a problem. Get off my case!!!!

So anyway, the kids’ and husband’s behaviour didn’t bloody well improve with all this expensive counseling.  What was wrong with them all?

The Day I Finally Realized: Yes, I am an Alcoholic

The tensions continued, so I just numbed it all out by drinking, and  then, ….. I may have become ever so slightly belligerent, and then the problems continued, so I drank more, and more often. When will this family of mine change and do what they are supposed to do?  Everything will be ok then !

I had learned a lot of Theory in this two years, and been told about a lot of my issues that I supposedly had.  But it was still mostly everyone else’s fault, they needed to change, not quite ME soooo much.

And then Rock Bottom appeared.  I know Rock Bottom must be different for everyone and I can only akin it to falling ‘in love.’  You ‘know’ when you ‘know’ ……..

Rock Bottom is a pit of evil and despair and you can EITHER, confront it or keep running.

Rock Bottom was my Day One of my new life.  Rock Bottom was when I accepted the label of Alcoholic. Rock Bottom for me was the day when I stopped drinking for good and there was never going to be an option of going back.  That was that, ‘party’ over, shipped sailed.  SEE YA.

You will all experience this in your own way and work through the stages of grief in your own time, but you do need to be patient.  It will not be forced, it has to be genuine and authentic and come from your Soul.  I suspect the rate of relapse will be high if the motivation is not genuine and authentic, and this is part of the journey too.

The Day I Finally Realized: Yes, I am an Alcoholic

After Rock Bottom, I had to quickly go about getting a load of tools to keep me on track. I still use them, and will continue to do so forever I suspect.

Now I am no expert, I only speak from personal experience and from the heart.  So I don’t know for sure whether you have to reach Rock Bottom, but I suspect it is highly likely!  The thing is, Rock Bottom will be SO different for each and every one of us.

It could come in the shape of a broken relationship, the loss of a job, a criminal conviction, self harm, harm to another, financial ruin, unnecessary risk taking, family chaos and turmoil or (insert anything else here that sucks BIG time! )…………….

And when you ‘find’ YOUR ROCK BOTTOM, treat it as a gift!  It is the path to sobriety, hence peace and freedom if you choose to embrace it and respect it for what it is trying to TEACH you.

You will know when it is time. Be patient.  It may take many attempts. This is OK.

Practice Self Compassion.

All I can say from my personal experience is that being Sober is the best thing I have ever done for myself, – I never thought I would say that.

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  • Fort Lauderdale and Atlantic Shores Hospitals would like to extend our hand We at Fort Lauderdale and Atlantic Shores Hospitals would like to extend our hand in helping you and your patients receive the best...
  • Treating Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms Dr. Cali Estes, of The Addictions Academy, has teamed up with Dr. Kenneth Blum, creator of Synaptamine to provide a new class that focuses on Reward Deficiency Syndrome and Post Acute...
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