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By: Scott McAdams

Drowning In Alcohol – The Good Life?


My father was a hard worker and successful in the advertising and public relations business. He’d rise at five or six in the morning, full of energy, prepared to tackle the day as a copywriter and executive.

But the challenges proved stressful and the competition intense. In his business, socializing with co-workers and clients was a must.  This was the era of cocktail parties, three-martini lunches, and a bar car on the train commute home. All perfectly normal for successful businessmen at that time.

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His work in Manhattan must have seemed as glamorous as the cover of “New Yorker” magazine. Sadly, social drinking to alleviate the stress of such a high power job developed into a daily requirement for my father.

Gradually, he became moody and cranky. A former lifeguard and avid golfer, he grew flabby and out of shape. His black hair turned prematurely gray. Eventually, he developed bleeding ulcers, followed by triple-bypass heart surgery.

Finally, he heeded these wake-up calls and turned to rehab and AA . This restored his sobriety and prolonged his life.  Once again, he became our beloved, happy dad. However, in the end he suffered from mid-brain degeneration, a condition directly attributed to his alcoholism.

We miss him for many reasons.  The path he chose for his life taught us invaluable lessons. None of his six children drink alcohol, and each of us wishes we hadn’t learned the value of sobriety in this painful way.


Maybe you’ve heard of “Buzz” Aldrin. He was a neighbor of ours in Montclair, New Jersey. Commander Aldrin was one of the first men to land on the moon in 1969. Even a man of this historic accomplishment can be devastated by alcoholism.

Reviewer N.Coles writes of Buzz at, “His battle with the bottle contributed to the break-up of his 21-year marriage and caused a further downward spiral of alcoholism and depression. Aldrin hit rock bottom in 1978, entered rehab, and has been sober ever since. He is a proponent of AA and talks candidly about his alcohol-fueled years in the hope of helping others.”

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, let Buzz’s example help you find solid ground, too.  Check out his book, “Magnificent Desolation.” It’s an awesome read!



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