The Truth Puff the Magic Dragon

Know, I know.  Everyone swears this song isn’t really a drug tune about smoking weed.  Yeah, right.  I believe that like I believe Flip will stop painting her nails her favorite shade of metallic green.  Get real, man.  We all know that’ll never happen.

Peter, Paul, and Mary are political folk singers.  Every freakin song they write has an activist meaning.  “Puff the Magic Dragon” tops the list, if you ask me.

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Just look at the lyrics of this tune.  The “dragon” (marijuana) is named “Puff” (toking).  The little boy’s last name is “Paper” (rolling papers).  Jackie Paper “loved that rascal Puff” (definitely a stoner loving his sweet leaf).  Kings and princes bow to Jackie when he rides the dragon.  Is the dude trippin, or what?

At the end of the song Jackie walks away from the dragon (weed).  Flip and I always wondered what happened to him.  She hopes Jackie entered rehab.  Me, too.  Then he could drop by our pad and hang out with us, listening to classic rock CDs and chowing down on Flip’s groovy vegan brownies.  Gotta love a sugar high, you know? Click the button below and learn the real truth about “Puff”




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