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A Call To Action!

With a world flooded with those who would seek to take advantage of those in need, the fleecing of private insurance providers by insane overbilling schemes and fraud within the treatment industry doesn’t end there.
john wallace

John SFYB Admin/Outreach

When a few ounces of urine are converted into liquid gold by profit mongers using elaborate laboratory schemes promising riches that far exceed any realm of reason, the sincerity of the message literally gets flushed down the toilet. Multi-million-dollar yacht owner James Slattery aptly named his boat “Pissed Away” as almost a means of mocking the federal investigation of his company Millennium Health and the subsequent 256 million dollars fine which was paid the day it was ordered.

This story seems overshadowed by the Chris Bathum scandal by where the self-proclaimed Rehab Mogul is alleged to have perpetrated over $400 Million in fraud, racking up 75 sexual assault charges and earning himself a 35 years sentence. Most recently we watched as the FBI raided Sovereign Health treatment facilities across Southern California to advance their criminal investigations of fraudulent activity within that billion-dollar business. Add to that the Steve Johnson saga in Palm Beach racking up 48 charges of patient brokering and so as the list grows from top to bottom we are forced to stare the corruption down as the epidemic grows.

The opioid epidemic can no longer be swept under the carpet as mainstream America and the world feel its deadly grip grows, grasping increasingly more within its fatal clutch.

The CDC mortality rates may not be the precise statistics some may require in order to raise the red flag yet you simply need a stroll through any impoverished area in order to look this beast in its eyes. That isn’t to say this blight on our species is limited to those poverty stricken by any means as suburbia suffers alongside the ghetto watching its youth die in unimaginable numbers.

Numbers and stats, rates and flow charts can’t compare to the pain we each feel when this brutal onslaught touches down in our lives and we are left baffled as to where we should turn for help. The headline news highlights these two evils almost simultaneously leaving fear for the lives of the addict in our world and doubt that any true help exists.

Power corrupts and great financial means is often confused as such which is what may cause these perpetrators to believe themselves untouchable until some alphabet agency kicks in the door, but what about the addict?

What about the loved seeking help and assistance dealing with the addict? What about the society that will bear the cost of treating the addict?

The solution is transparency and openness in this business which when corrupted is often shrouded and guarded from peering eyes hidden behind HIPAA, a protection intended to aid the client not the facility. HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. This legislation has been the protective shield for many clients, helping them find recovery without fear of the unfortunate stigma addiction carries.

Being that 91 Americans die every day from opioid overdose and over half those are prescribed by their primary care physician this shadow of darkness must be brought into the light!

When the epidemic more than doubles in deadly force from 2015 and the 33,000 estimated dead from opioid overdose alone, 158,000 estimated total deaths from all drugs that year to shocking numbers this year proves to show, we must rally together for effective means of putting this evil genie back in it’s lantern. 2017 shows so far to be the deadliest year on record where overdose is concerned and it’s only a little more than half over.

Combining the scandal and fraud perpetrated by the very institutions tasked with combatting this disease, the TRILLIONS spent, billed and thrown at it and the headline news airing something about the growing epidemic we must rethink, shift and find a new way. We at Stop Frying Your Brain are a community of over a quarter million addicts joining hands as we do at the end of meetings and shouting for change!

..Revolution in the means we go about treating the addict! Real Progress in the fight against the deadly killer which is not on the streets but the illness within!

Transparent facilities with open doors and legitimate practices! You got nothing to hide you say, SHOW ME! No more will we stand for the same lies and bureaucratic run around, we want to know what you plan to do different! Countless treatment facilities claiming to be evidence based,  well show us the evidence!

The numbers are shocking and I’m not quoting sources because I want you to look them up, I want you informed and not by me, go look and find 90% relapse rates, 85% of all in need receive no help at all, 23 million in need, 4.7 trillion billed…. This disaster must be treated as such, Start asking questions, start taking action!

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Stop Frying Your Brain song kept rattling around in my head after visiting their website. It was worse than it’s a small world at Disneyland. Eventually… I would hook up with those guys and it’s all because of that one stupid song.

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Enable me Not

Everyone who ever picked me up and dusted me off along the way only increased the amount of times I fell, those who attempted to protect me from the depths my addiction needed to fall may have played a hand in how long it took to reach a sufficient enough bottom.
john wallace

John SFYB Admin/Outreach

Scraping along and hovering just above complete defeat is just as demoralizing as the absolute zero finally obtain, sparing me from a certain death and allowing recovery to begin.

This isn’t an attempt to shift the blame for my addiction onto my enablers, I was an addict regardless of their efforts or existence and honestly it was my manipulation that kept them from turning their backs and letting me drop out. Turning someone’s love into a weapon against them is one of the trade crafts of addiction and is our means of spreading the sickness to all we encounter. They become quite spiritually ill and at some point, may even be dependent on our illness as a sense of purpose almost unconsciously playing a part in relapses and without knowing possibly our deaths. You can’t soften the blows without increasing how many we’ll take.

This isn’t phenomenon, it isn’t rare and isn’t wrong as it starts and is rooted in the very beauty of being human. We love and take on the role of caregiver sometimes unwittingly yet when matched against the formidable foe of addiction this base instinct to care for one another becomes corrupted and perpetuates the disease.

The insidious nature of this illness moves through society like any other outbreak yet the symptoms are not only seen in those afflicted directly, there are those too who we encounter and break in our own special way.

There does exist a means of treating this spiritual bankruptcy yet the antidote has no effect until a crash landing upon an individual bottom is reached. What that bottom may look like is varied from addict to addict, from the soccer mom who misses her pick up to the homeless man who picks his dinner from the dumpster, we all face our own scenario. The one thing that rings true is there is nothing, absolutely nothing that you can do to cure or fix us and being user’s, we will use you up if you try.

Our cries for help are sincere, we not only want it but we need it yet self-centered and selfish to the core of our disorder we don’t see the affect our pain and suffering has upon you.

It is impossible for us to sympathize and show you empathy as we are consumed by the bondage of self that embodies our addiction. Somewhere along the way and not knowing exactly where we cross over the invisible line and put ourselves beyond the power of choice and far from the reach of human aid, the relentless persistence of self-destruction and cycle of abuse has begun.

Spiraling towards an unknown depth brings about a polarizing fear by which blinds us to our impact on those who we hurt along the way, if you reach out to help us with material solution we will take it and squander it as there is no solution of that means sufficient enough to stop this dissent. Recovery can’t be bought or sold and has no requirements for a beginning other than we begin at a place of surrender that you cannot provide, it must come from within.

Drawing from my own experience, blessed with a loving family that cared for me to no end and having a way with words, I could manipulate and manufacture a reason to take relentlessly as though the aide they provided was my privilege.

The sober alcoholic father and his personal struggle and subsequent recovery from a seemingly hopeless state of body and mind became my habit’s greatest resource. The disease we shared and the gift of recovery he found while my mother was pregnant with combined with the love of a father for his son made for the ultimate weapon when used by this dope fiend as I turned that all against him.

Today I can’t imagine what that must feel like, knowing full well he financed and fueled my using all the while praying for me to hit a bottom that he may have played a part in my resistance. Not his enabling nor his disease made me an addict and I fault him not for the support he gave me regardless of how ineffective it was, I recognize that my illness kept him sick as well. This wasn’t isolated to solely my parents, anyone fool enough to fall for my nonsense from employer to whatever hostage like relationship I had talked my way into was another means of keeping myself from the dreadful thought of going without.

The single greatest enemy I faced was always me and it didn’t matter how much aide, support, love or concern you threw my way I would always draw it up and inject it.

Nothing was held sacred in my active addiction and not a damn thing I said should have been trusted no matter how much I appeared to believe it. The quandary them who held me so dear faced when proposed with the pain of watching me destroy myself or coming to my rescue was a fabrication and elaborate rouse this disease displayed to make you believe those were two separate things.

The fact is I was going down in flame regardless of how your efforts may have prolonged the actual crash landing, it was an inevitability that hardly any man, woman or child had the ability to help me avoid. The could of, would of or should of show I ran through my head on the regular has ended, the fat lady sang her last song and I finally faced the music alone in world where your never far from anyone else the isolation was a cell within my mind. Not the shame or guilt of how I had been brought me to my knees but rather a feeling of loneliness I shudder to describe.

With each self-centered thought and action I took the walls of my mind closed in on me bringing about a sense of being alone regardless of the proximity of other people. Surrounded by that loving and amazing family with my own child in my arms and still I felt all by myself. It was this feeling, not the external circumstances that pushed me hardest to find a solution, it is this feeling that today keeps me striving to recover.

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Stop Frying Your Brain song kept rattling around in my head after visiting their website. It was worse than it’s a small world at Disneyland. Eventually… I would hook up with those guys and it’s all because of that one stupid song.

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Judge us for our victories

To all who claim a judgement free line of thinking, I shudder to think of all the ways you have been victimized, taken advantage of, and flat out used by those more than worthy of at least a second glance.
john wallace

John SFYB Admin/Outreach

The very nature of making an educated observation of those you encounter is based and rooted in the survival instinct itself and as individuals cannot be extinguished. This such defense mechanism need not be extended any further than that as each of us, from millionaire to dumpster diver is capable of drastically changing and in a relatively short period of time. The affluent fall prey to the disease of addiction as often as the dope fiend rises above it, this illness knows no socio-economic boundaries and doesn’t play by our rules, it is ravenous and will continue to spread if our approach isn’t reexamined.

As addiction is increasingly prevalent a problem in mainstream society we see a shift in our collective conscious minds turning the tide of how best to treat this massive population of those fatally afflicted.

Such phenomenon is not only a result of a wide spread exposure to addicts in everyday life but also the hard-won victory those who have recovered, paving the way for us who have been blessed to follow them. Their efforts and example have shown evidence that this transformation is possible, softening the hearts and minds of not only your average citizen but law enforcement and the judicial system as well.

Witnessing the miraculous about face and rise from degradation of one addict after the next, returning them from lost hopeless criminals to productive members of their communities is hard to ignore. Such re-creations always have a basis and beginning in treatment, ongoing and progressive that without which change would not have been possible.

From medical professionals to lawmakers and judges this evident health and safety epidemic cannot be thwarted by lock and key, in fact any such method applied has only watched this dilemma multiple.

Treat the disorder with treatment and watch as the burden falls from that officer in the street to the fellow addict who will likely tell you how much they gain from such a burden by giving away the hope they have found by similar means.

That isn’t to say the crimes committed beyond that of simply procuring, carrying, and consuming illegal substances should be pardoned in my mind. Despite the control this illness has over our choices, we still must stand accountable for our actions, especially if we intend to find freedom from its grips.

Simply examine the results other nations have found extremely remarkable once decriminalizing the disease, do the research, and respond accordingly or bear witness to another increase to over the estimated 50,000 plus dead this year thus far from overdose alone.

Education and exposure, real access and treatment that doesn’t benefit from relapse by recycling clients should the order of the day if we intend to escape further decay. Those who have recovered and openly share their experience prove that we aren’t morally deficient lesser beings but rather fellow humans in need of treatment for an illness that ravenously plucks off our youth without prejudice.

The spread of its reach isn’t limited to the junkie in the street, pharmaceutical addiction is far more prevalent yet well less spoken of and why might you think that to be?

One such opinion I heard this very evening at a convention hosted to celebrate an Anonymous program of which I proudly profess myself a member was simply put “There ain’t no money in the cure”. This massive collection of people from all levels of society in their first few hours away from the substance that promises to kill them to decades of uninterrupted abstinence was all the evidence I will ever need. Their substance of choice was of little consequence as the solution remained the same for each of them, ongoing and dedicated daily maintenance is the only thing most will attribute to the miracle of their recovery.

We who were once considered lost, discarded by the mainstream, swept under the carpet, or locked away can now stand and say we faced a fierce killer and survived. The challenges of the days ahead when in comparison to those behind us seem rather inconsequential by measure of severity and from that outlook we flourish.

The Stigma society placed on us and mistreatment of this disease may have been part of the cause behind its explosion yet I have faith that it is exactly what will arm the next generation of those in recovery and real change will be made. You can no longer ignore us, you will not silence us and there will be no where to look away, we are here and have the only solution to show real results. Send us your broken who have surrendered upon the rock bottom that which will serve as the foundation of a life that will astonish anyone blessed enough to witness it, with any luck and faith that witness will be the broken addict looking for a way for we have found one.

It is not golden clad mansions on the Malibu cliffs fleecing insurance providers with some illusion of a cure, it is those of us blessed enough to walk alongside you for the long haul for that is what is required.

To those who came in and kept the doors open long enough for me to be fully broken I thank and salute you yet most tell me that I’m here for you as much if not more so as proof of what you never want to be again. From you I will be taught what to teach the next man and the so on and so forth, our numbers will increase attracting them who might need us next, day by day, week by week and year by year. This is the only thing that has ever worked for me and having spent a long enough time in the trials and tribulations under the lash of addiction I can honestly say it is the only thing I’ve ever seen work for anyone else.

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Stop Frying Your Brain song kept rattling around in my head after visiting their website. It was worse than it’s a small world at Disneyland. Eventually… I would hook up with those guys and it’s all because of that one stupid song.

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Busted and Disgusted

Getting arrested isn’t anything new to this dope fiend, it’s been going on my entire life. The feelings felt that first time the cuffs got slapped on were so long ago I could possibly bring them into my consciousness with any real merit.
john wallace

John SFYB Admin/Outreach

The years of being fueled by massive amounts of high powered stimulants kept me numb to the effects of something as traumatizing as being captured and whisked away by police.  I recall watching those around me begin to sweat the endless possibilities that having been busted might hold while I smiled and felt thankful for my indifference. Unsentenced time always seemed to last the longest as you pondered just exactly how long it would be before you saw the streets again.

So long as the offensive was not so major as to not provide an exit date I was relaxed and estimated the maximum penalty, mentally sentenced myself to that and crashed out. It took a long time before I linked my drug use and the frequency I was incarcerated, I always thought it was because I was a criminal simply unfit to live in everyday society.

This illusion made me far more comfortable imprisoned then those around me appeared to be, I had no fear of my peers and quickly realized the scariest looking ones of the bunch were those most consumed by fear.

The front and façade of their persona didn’t seem threatening to me and in retrospect had I developed a fear of these place I likely would have avoided them more. That wasn’t the case for me, it wasn’t as though I enjoyed it in there although if you looked my record would reflect something different. Doing time is not hard once you conclude that no matter how much time you think you can or can’t do it doesn’t matter, you do as much as you can and they’ll take care of the rest.

The system isn’t designed for comfort or convenience, it isn’t geared toward rehabilitation or reform and sure doesn’t care what you think or feel. Less than a few hundred men are tasked with the daunting detail of controlling a population of drug addicted, violent and criminally minded individuals that number in the tens of thousands.

All levels of society end up in the penitentiary, break the law once or serially and you run the therefore if you be addicted to an illegal substance your breaking the law every time you feed you disease.

Dope is how I treated my illness, it wasn’t the cause or result of the disease but rather the means at which I kept it at bay. Crime was not limited to the consumption, procurement, or possession of such substances and somehow, I avoided arrests for such crimes mostly only being apprehended for those which I committed as a means of financing the ferocious need I had for more.

The ways and means I went about to find and get more dope combined with an ever-increasing tolerance in turn increased the frequency and severity of the criminal acts I needed to commit to fund this hefty habit. Don’t leave anything exposed to the possibility of theft when surrounded by addicts, not all but most will take it, I know I would. So quick I could steal your socks without taking your shoes off and if I thought it might leave opportunity to do so again I would help you look for them afterwards.

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Many men and women have met their surrender on a jail cell floor, there exists no special set of circumstances necessary to meet this gift of desperation head on you simply must be open to it when it arrives.

The system doesn’t care how scared or prepared of incarceration you might be and the shocking level of acceptance over this concept I had begun at the ripe old age of 14.

Experience and repetition softened the blow this calamity for me but that doesn’t have to be the case for you, let it shock and awe your senses and come to terms with doing whatever it takes to keep it from being an eventuality in your life. The nation is turning the tide of how it addresses this disorder where law enforcement and punishment is concerned so embrace that along with them.

Treatment seems to be a far lesser cost and well more effective means of combatting the alarming recidivism rate our criminal justice system has seen. Incarceration doesn’t seem to be at all a deterrent for committing future crimes, this disease must be treated as such and as a society we are started to come to terms with that cold fact.

Court houses and judges across the land are looking for better ways to stop the revolving door of prison and county jails and the common denominator seems to be an ongoing means of addressing the addiction separately from the criminal act that may or may not be isolated to solely the abuse of drugs.

We are a people with a disease from which there is no known cure and that reality has the prison system packed to the very brim with people destined to return repeatedly until treating the illness becomes a priority. Most public defender’s offices employ substance abuse assessment units to better serve the needs of those addicted faced with doing time or finding treatment. Judges will likely opt for ordering residential treatment where applicable rather than yet another trip to the county jail and with these humble beginnings we may see the tide turn against an epidemic that steals increasingly more lives each year.

Stop Frying Your Brain song kept rattling around in my head after visiting their website. It was worse than it’s a small world at Disneyland. Eventually… I would hook up with those guys and it’s all because of that one stupid song.

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How Have I Made It This Far?I Refused

Raymond Kyle

Founder Warrior Foundation.

For many of us our past at times may have made us wonder how we are still alive today? Well I will tell you how….by the grace of God!

We all have done things in our lives or put ourselves in situations that it’s a miracle we made it out of. For some of us like myself it seemed to become and everyday thing. We would willingly put ourselves out there not caring what the outcome would be. Escaping death for the first time was scary but then it no longer became a fear it became who we were.

You may ask why God would save us time and time again when we didn’t even attempt to save ourselves. Why would he save us and not the ones who died doing the same things we were? Well all I can say is its by his grace we are here today! His mercy and his love is what has gotten us to this point in our lives.

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He is a father to us all so therefore he protects his children. If you are one of us blessed children of God that has lived the life of addiction and crime then you are here still cause you have a purpose that you need to fulfill. So to you I say quit asking why you are here and start asking how do I fulfill my purpose. God has a plan and it’s up to us to fulfill than plan. God bless you!

Raymond C. Kyle

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Recovery is a processProcess

Just like any other process in our lives it takes time. This is not a quick fix for all our problems, it’s a day by day process where we simply try to be better today than we were the day before if we happen to be so blessed to see it.
Raymond Kyle

Founder Warrior Foundation.

Alot of times in this process, individuals tend to want to rush, like there is some kind of race with a prize for who gets there first. Well, sorry to bust your bubble but whether you get there first or you get there last,we are all winners. We a get the same prize, LIFE!
There is no need to rush, enjoy this beautiful journey. Take it all in, don’t skip the hard part’s. The struggles in this process is where we are created, this is where we are learning to tap into who we truly are. Just slow down and relax.

You don’t have to move mountains every day. You don’t have to hurry up and get to a certain point. Take your time, and enjoy this journey. When we rush is where we are more likely to make mistakes. If we allow down and pay attention then we are better able to get out of this process and out of life what we not only need but what we deserve as well.

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I challenge you today, as I do myself to slow down. Take this magical journey into the deepest darkest parts of your soul and allow it to do the work it needs to do. Enjoy being you, enjoying the progress even if it’s minimal, enjoy it. This process works if you work it and will allow it to work in your life. Remember you cannot rush greatness, and you my friends are great. God bless you and have an amazing day.

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There seems to be an ongoing debate as to whether or not and individual can truly recover from addiction without following the 12 steps and the AA/NA program?

Let me begin by saying this, AA/NA has worked for millions of people for many many years, and it will continue to do so for years to come. The guidelines and principals taught in these programs can be very helpful in recovery, so I do believe the foundation of AA/NA is amazing.

Raymond Kyle

Founder Warrior Foundation.

But, yes there is a but, I very firmly believe in what works for one person may not necessarily work for the next. We as individuals are all made differently in so many ways. So it’s safe to say one program is not gonna work for everybody.

In today’s society it is becoming more and more often you hear of these amazing stories of recovery from individuals who work their own program their own way and are doing an amazing job.
There is no right or wrong way to recover. Long as you are moving forward,and are getting better in life then keep doing what you are doing.


Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you are doing it wrong cause there is no right or wrong way. Recovery is simply about living life on life’s terms and we each lead a different life.I will end with this! This should not even be a debate. We should all encourage and lift up each other no matter what program works for us. We are in this together and we will win, cause we do recover.

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Tap Into You – Do You Believe???????

How many times in our lives have we not done something simply because we didn’t believe in ourselves, simply because we didn’t think we were deserving or worthy, simply because we was afraid that we would fail?

Raymond Kyle

Founder Warrior Foundation.

The answer to that question is easy, too many times we have used these excuses to avoid doing something cause of fear, doubt, or uncertainty. The thought of failure for many of us is a looming distraction that ultimately keeps us from achieving the greatness that each one of us was created to be.



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We cannot tap into our full potential and we cannot be the Kings and Queens we were created to be by continuing to allow society, or another individual to tell us who we are and what we can or cannot do. We must face our fears, no matter how hard it may be it’s vital to our growth. We must overcome the doubt, and stop putting limits on ourselves and what we are capable of. We must quit allowing outside forces to define who we are, we are good enough, smart enough,pretty enough, and deserving of the life we are striving to live.

It is my challenge to you to begin tapping into your full potential each and every day. Show no mercy. Hold back nothing. Step into greatness where you were born to be. God bless you my friends.








JoAnn Miller

SFYB Desk Senior Editor

ALL DAY in the recovery community.



85 Of My Favorite Online Recovery Resources Click to Tweet

Whether you suffer from addiction yourself or are dealing with addiction in your family,  ALL OF THESE RESOURCES HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU.



All of these resources are awesome.

down-arrow-red 85 Online Recovery Resources

RJ Vied 


@rjvied  www.facebook.com/rjvied  


About: RJ VIED is in long-term recovery. He is an Author, Father, Husband and Recovery Warrior.  RJ travels across the Country spreading hope and fighting the stigma of addiction.  He currently is doing a radio show Tuesday and Thursday nights at


9pm-11pm Eastern Standard Time

The show is streamed live to that Facebook link or at their website www.recoveryradio.fm

 Magnolia new beginnings – nonprofit – family support
http://magnolianewbeginnings.org    Blog  

Support Group Families

About: Support for families struggling with the disease of Addiction, Substance Use Disorder.  This is a NONPROFIT that was created by a mother who found herself alone and clueless of how to help save her child who was using heroin.  This is an amazing group of mother and fathers that have some together to keep other families from going through the isolation and unknowing of discovering your child is addicted to heroin.
 A Hangover Free Life
About: This British blog is run by Lou. Lou offers personal blog posts, how-tos, interviews, and workshops. This blog is an excellent resource for anyone living in recovery. Lou also includes an excellent section on mocktails, including in-depth recipes and photos.

 Adam Sledd
About: Adam Sledd recovered from a substance use disorder. Adam a for 27 years. Following this, he finally decided to get clean by entering a drug court program. Adam favors what he terms ‘self-directed, empowered recovery’ over the 12 step alternative.
Addiction Land
About: Addictionland is designed to help all types of addicts. The site includes recovery experts, addiction support resources, and various recovery paths. The primary purpose of Addictionland is to offer addicts, in and out of recovery, a place to blog and gain free insight.

 Addicts Mom – Facebook page and Support Groups
http://addictsmom.com  http://www.facebook.com/addictsmom
About: The Addict’s Mom” is a group focusing on the mothers of addicted children.

Addict Chick – Book & Recovery Blog Page – Facebook
http://addictchick.com     http://www.facebook.com/addictchick
 Addict Chick
About: At 34, Amanda Meredith had it all – A successful career, a home, a child, and everything that should have made her happy. She was also crazy in love; his name was Cage, and their love would become her first addiction—but not her last. Some would say that love destroyed her, but what she let ravage her mind, body, and soul had nothing to do with love and everything to do with a deep-seated need to destroy herself.

With the prick of a needle and a shot of methamphetamine, she lost everything- her child, her career, and she lost Cage. Homeless and alone on the streets of Dallas, she became a statistic. A broken nobody that had hit the gutter and licked it. Her story is not for the faint of heart. It is, however, an accurate account of what a life lived without an actual sense of self, without self-love, and addiction looks like.

Addict Chick: Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll is her heartbreak, her sorrow, and the story of how she fought like hell to save herself, with a little help from the Man above.

In this memoir, one woman proves that no matter who you are or how far you have fallen, nobody is beyond redemption.

 Alcohol Recovery Blog
About: Alcohol Recovery Blog is a written by an anonymous writer. The blog details this person’s journey into recovery.

 Casey’s Law 
http://www.caseyslaw.org   Support Group: CASEY”S LAW
About: If someone you love is struggling with the disease of addiction, Casey’s Law can help you get them the treatment they need. It is a law that allows family members and friends to petition the court to get the addict into court-ordered treatment without criminal punishment. This video features information on utilization of the law from the following individuals:

 Barbara Cofer Stoefen
About: Barbara Cofer Stoefen’s website is for families who grieve a loved one gripped by the disease of addiction. Barbara’s daughter successfully navigated an addiction to crystal meth. Barbara’s writings detail her experiences with her daughter’s addiction and subsequent recovery.

James Sweasy Live
Watch One Of My Favorite Videos of James Sweasy

About: James SWEASY is a breath of fresh air in a community that all too often hears the same lines over and over.  James has found a way to deliver the message without sounding like he is preaching or that you are in hell.  Please check this resource out.  You will be entertained while you learn the truth about the disease of addiction.

After 20 years of addiction and recovery combined.  I found a way to live without drugs and alcohol. I carry this message with public speaking.

 Buy Buy Beer
About: Kristen started her blog in 2011 ago while newly sober and quickly discovered a supportive community and just how many ways there are to get and stay sober. These days she writes more about finding balance and celebrating

13. Buzzkill Pod
About: Buzzkill Pod is a podcast run by Paul. Paul has been sober for more than five years. Buzzkill Pod is about life through the eyes of recovery. Paul comes from an AA background, but he respects all routes to sobriety.

 Candace Plattor
About: This blog is by a registered clinical counselor with 20+ years experience. Candace has also struggled with her issues with addiction. She was diagnosed with Crones Disease at the age of 22. She was prescribed valium and codeine and later became addicted to these drugs. For many years she used these drugs. She also became addicted to cannabis. She’s been in recovery since 1987, and she uses the blog to offer inspiration and guidance for others.

 Catholic Alcoholic
About: The Catholic Alcoholic is a blog written by an AA advocate and written from the perspective of a female Catholic now living her life in recovery.

Cathy Taughinbaugh
About: Blog for CathyTaughinbaugh.com, who is a personal coach and author of Free Guide, 7 Ways to Find Parental Recovery When Your Child is Addicted

Heroin is killing my town
http://hikmt.us  http://www.facebook.com/heroiniskillingmytown
About: Heroin is killing my town is a nonprofit organization owned and operated by the founder, Dina Favreau.  HIKMT Has been instrumental in changing the laws in Massachusetts and Dina just got started.

This website is pretty new, but it was already putting up high numbers and pumping out exceptional content.  This site is ideal for the one still suffering, in recovery or for their family wanting to understand.

 Changing Lives Foundation
About: This blog aims to help the family, friends, and employers of someone who is struggling with substance abuse/addiction. The Changing Lives Foundation is a Colorado-based Charitable C-corp.

About: Chipur is a blog for people who suffer from mood or anxiety disorders. Chipur is run by Bill White. Bill is a mental health professional,specializingand he’s recovered from what he describes as ‘decades of mood and anxiety torture.’ He’s also been sober since 1984.

 Crying Out Now
About: Crying Out Now is a community of women speaking about addiction and recovery – telling our truths, and breaking down the walls of stigma and denial surrounding addiction – One Story at a Time.

 Dirk Hanson
About: Articles and health studies about drugs, addiction, and alcoholism, including the most recent scientific and medical findings.

 Discovery Place
About: Discovery Place offers blog posts from the perspective of an alcohol rehab center.

 Drinking Diaries
About: A blog about women and drinking–the ups, downs, and everything in between.

Drinking to Distraction
About: This blog is run by Jenna Hollenstein. Jenna is a professional nutrition therapist. The blog includes personal stories, how-tos and podcast style interviews. Good information on different ‘holistic therapies’ and nutrition. Highly recommended.

 Drug Class
About: Drug Class is run by Rand Teed. Rand describes himself as a ‘nationally recognized leaders in the Drug and Alcohol Education and Prevention Field’. The main focus of the Drug Class Program is to help people better understand the nature of and problems associated with substance abuse.

Fine Anon
About: Fine-anon is run by Syd. Syd is an adult child of an alcoholic married to an alcoholic who is learning the steps to recovery through Al-Anon. The blog details Syd’s journey in search of serenity.

 Growing up Chaotic
About: This blog is run by Dawn Clancy. Dawn manages the blog as well as a popular podcast that provides a 360° view on all topics related to the addict’s or alcoholic’s family and friends, codependency, domestic violence, drugs and culture, mental health, recovery and siblings and addiction.

 Guinevere Gets Sober
About: A top-rated blog offering reliable news, reviews and straight talk about addiction, alcoholism, smoking, and recovery… plus good stories.

 Heroes in Recovery
About: Heroes in Recovery celebrates the heroic efforts of those who seek the addiction and mental health help they need without feeling ashamed or isolated.

 Hip Sobriety
About: The Hip Sobriety was formed in 2012 by Holly Glenn after hitting rock bottom. Holly was addicted to alcohol and cannabis. Holly uses the blog to discuss her individualized path of recovery. She believes sobriety isn’t just about quitting alcohol and drugs, but it’s about getting after your best life and having everything you ever dreamed of. It’s about living the way other people won’t live, so you can live the way most people can’t.

 Fu@k heroin foundation
 Fuck Heroin Foundation
About: .If you or a loved one hurt those around you, if you or a loved one wake up with withdrawal symptoms, if you or a loved one’s life is unmanageable, you or a loved one may be suffering from heroin addiction.
 Jagged Little Edges
About: Jagged Little Edges is run by Lorelie Rozanno.

Lorelie has been in recovery for more than 18 years.She is now an alcohol and drug counselor, as well as an author. Rozanno is passionate about helping others recover from the effects of addiction. Her blog aims to inspire addicts and their families to reach out for help.

 Jody Lamb
About: Jody Lamb is a blog written from the perspective of an ‘adult child of an alcoholic.’ Jody uses the blog to share her personal story and what she learned on this journey.

 Leaving AA
About: Leaving AA is run by Monica Richardson. Monica is an avid supporter for those harmed in any AA or NA meeting or it’s culture.

 Life Corked
About: Life Corked is a blog written by Chenoa Woods. Chenoa turned to alcohol following the death of her mother. Chenoa’s blog reflects on her experiences with alcohol and subsequent recovery. Chenoa attributes her success to her relationship with God.

 Living Without Alcohol
About: This blog is run by. Mrs D. Mrs. D is a New Zealand housewife who started anonymously blogging about her struggle with alcohol after realizing her drinking was out of controlPh.D.and she needed to stop. She feels that writing out her thoughts and feelings in the early days of sobriety was immensely strengthening, and the community of support that soon grew up around her blog meant. Mrs D was able to develop a robust and lasting recovery.. Mrs D is now over four years sober and continues to update her blog weekly with all the goings-on of her busy, domesticated, alcohol-free life.

 Liv’s Recovery Kitchen
About: Liv’s Recovery Kitchen’s Mission is to provide a dedicated resource for all you need to know about good nutrition & wellness in recovery from addiction. Whether your goal is to lose weight, to feel more energized, or to learn how to enjoy life in recovery, this is the place for you.

 Mark Goodson
Site: http://markgoodson.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: Mark Goodson offers a hodgepodge of poetry, essays and creative non-fiction on addiction and recovery. Mark has been in clean for nine years. Mark’s blog aims to help and teach others who now face their issues with addiction and recovery.

 Message in a Bottle blog
About: Message in a Bottle is run by Paul, a former alcohol who’s clocked up more than 25 years in recovery. Paul’s an AA advocate and uses his blog to write about life in recovery.

 Holy Addiction

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/holyaddict 

About: Holy Addiction is my blog, so I had to put it here.  I hope you like the messages of hope and my new found love of iMovie and Adobe products to bring you cool movies like this.
My Journey From An Addict
About: My Journey from an Addict is a blog by Mary Beth Robertson. This blog details Mary’s life in recovery and offers inspiration to those contemplating life in recovery.

 My Life As 3D
About: This blog is run by Dean Dauphinais. Dean dedicates the blog to breaking the stigma associated with addiction. The blog allows Dean a platform for thoughts on addiction. Dean is the Father of a Person in Long-Term Recovery from Addiction, a member of the Parent Support Network at the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, and a Lead Advocate for Heroes in Recovery.

 One Crafty Mother
About: One Crafty Mother is written by Ellie Schoenberger. She is Founder of Crying Out Now, a blog where women tell their stories of addiction and recovery and offer each other support through a vibrant and growing community.

 Parent Pathway
About: Parent Pathway aims to support parents who’re children are affected by addiction. Parent Pathway was created for parents, by parents, to provide a place to find peace of mind at a time when their world feels like it is falling apart. Parent Pathway offers help for parents of addicts and alcoholics through information, support, community, and hope.

 Parents of an Addict
About: This blog is run by Ron and Darlene. Ron and Darlene are parents of a former addict now living in recovery. However, Ron and Darlene continue to share their experiences with the public through this fantastic blog. This blog is particularly useful for parents or over loved ones of an addiction/recovered addiction. This blog is an excellent companion to an Alanon program.

 Quit & Recovery Registry
About: Launched in September 2011, the International Quit & Recovery Registry seeks to understand what allows people to succeed in overcoming addiction, whether to tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or harmful behaviors. Led by Warren Bickel, PhD, a world-renowned addiction researcher, and director of the Addiction Recovery Research Center of the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, the registry taps the insights and experiences of people who are in recovery from addiction.

 Quitting Crystal Meth
About: Quitting Crystal Meth is a blog by Joseph Sharp. Joseph is a survivor of HIV and cancer. He’s also a recovering crystal me

Choose Freedom

   Choose Freedom
About: Choose Freedom is a heartfelt blog by a young man in recovery that works hard every day to spread a message of hope to the world.  You can also find him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/choosefreedom  

Reach Out Recovery
Site: http://reachoutrecovery.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: Reach Out Recovery is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to Addiction Education, Prevention, and Recovery founded in March 2011

About: Johnsosophies are flashes of insight gained over years of trial and error… The musings of a recovering mind.

Recovery Reflections
Site: http://recoveryreflections.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: Recovery Reflections offers inspiring blog posts for those in recovery.

Sandy Swenson
Site: http://sandyswenson.com
About: Sandy Swenson writes this blog from the perspective of a mother of an addicted child. Through her blog, Sandy is a voice for parents–particularly mothers–of children suffering from the disease of addiction, putting their thoughts and feeling into words.

Shatter Proof

Site: http://shatterproof.org
About: Shatterproof is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the devastation that addiction causes families.

She Recovers
Site: http://sherecovers.co
About: This blog is run by Dawn Nickel, Taryn Strong and Sharonlee Latham and Asley Prosser. She Recovers is dedicated to women now living in recovery. This blog is an excellent resource for women suffering from addiction or now living in recovery, and the blog is one I often recommend to female patients of ours at Ocean Recovery Centre.

 Since Right Now

About: This blog is run by Chris Aguirre. Chris is a former alcoholic now living in recovery. Chris offers many resources, how-tos, personal stories and podcasts. Highly recommended!

Site: http://smyls.co.uk
Blog Thumbnail:
About: Beth’s main passion is Recovery Coaching, specialising in helping people to rebuild their lives and achieve success after problems such as addiction, stress, life changes, illness, divorce, life transitions and mental health disorders.


 Sober Courage
Site: http://sobercourage.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: Sober Courage is run by Magz Shores. Sober Courage is somewhere for people to get together and celebrate life in recovery. This blog’s primary focus is on early sobriety, surviving Friday-Nights sober, sober parenting, and dealing with the social stigma.

 Sober Julie
Site: http://soberjulie.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: Sober Julie is a treat for anyone living “straight up.” This funky sober mom blogger shares inspiration, life, health tips, recipes, reviews and giveaways.

 Sober Nation
Site: http://sobernation.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: Sober Nation is a national resource center and online community for people seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

 Sober Senorita
Site: http://sobersenorita.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: This blog is run by Kelly Fitzgerald. Kelly is an advocate for breaking the stigma of addiction. Striving to fit in with her peers and living the party girl lifestyle, Kelly quickly discovered her drinking habits were much more extreme than others, with devastating consequences. After escaping to Cancun, Mexico and living abroad for five years, she got sober in a spring breakers’ paradise. Today, she resides in Florida and writes about living life as a 20-something sober girl.

 Sober Unicorn
Site: http://soberunicorn.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: Sober Unicorn is run by Cristina. Cristina has been sober since 2015. Sober Unicorn is an outlet for Cristina to be completely transparent and genuine. In this blog, Christina details her recovery experiences and reveals her failures and awakenings as stepping stones so that others may know the grace that has found her.

 The Discovering Alcoholic
Site: http://discoveringalcoholic.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: The Discovering Alcoholic is run by Gavin. Gavin is a recovering alcoholic since 1994. He started the blog back in 2007 and offered the blog as an attempt to lessen the stigma associated with addiction and to encourage others to share in this confidence or feel more inclined to seek help.

 The Hurt Healer
Site: http://thehurthealer.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: The Hurt Healer is run by Carolyn Hughes. Carolyn is a freelance writing specializing in addiction and mental health issues. She overcame her alcoholism and depression in the past. The Hurt Healer has a thriving community of worldwide members who want to make their journey to emotional wholeness and empowered living. The blog reflects Carolyn’s passion to inspire others to live their lives as the person they were meant to be.

 The Immortal Alcoholic
Site: http://immortalalcoholic.blogspot.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: The Immortal Alcoholic is run by Linda Doyne. This blog details the effect of being a non-alcoholic person married to an end-stage alcoholic. This blog also provides useful insight and facts concerning the complexities of conflicting information.

 The Soberworld
Site: http://thesoberworld.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: TheSoberWorld Magazine is published monthly and provides addiction resources and recovery services.

 The Sobriety Collective
Site: http://thesobrietycollective.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: The Sobriety Collective is run by Laura. Laura’s aim is to create a living, breathing community of sober individuals. Laura advocates a mental health approach to addiction treatment.

 The Spirit of Recovery
Site: http://thespiritofrecovery.net
Blog Thumbnail:
About: The Spirit of Recovery is a blog written by Ron, a 57-year-old recovering alcoholic. Ron attributes his success in recovery to AA. Ron’s blog aims to help those who still suffer in the problem or struggle to maintain a fragile sobriety.

 The Unruffled
Site: http://theunruffled.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: The Unruffled is run by Sondra. Sondra has been in recovery since 2014. Sondra’s blog details her experiences in recovery. Sondra helps people fill the void created when drugs and alcohol are abandoned.

 Tired of Thinking About Drinking
Site: http://tiredofthinkingaboutdrinking.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: Tired of Thinking About Drinking is a blog written by Belle. This blog details belle’s journey to sobriety. The website includes blog posts, Belle’s 100-day serious challenge and a sober ‘jumpstart.’

 Tommy Rosen
Site: http://tommyrosen.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: Tommy Rosen has been in recovery for over 23 years and learned first-hand how to move beyond addiction to real healing and freedom, one breath at a time.

 Transformation Is Real
Site: http://transformation-is-real.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: Transformation Is Real shares stories, books, and podcasts about personal transformation, resilience, and addiction.

 Veronica Valli
Site: http://veronicavalli.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: Veronica has worked as a therapist specializing in addiction for over ten years; her experience includes collaboration with young people in the criminal justice system, primary care adult treatment, outreach services and in private practice. Veronica has also worked in local government (in the UK) delivering the local drug and alcohol strategy.

Waking Up The Ghost
Site: http://wakinguptheghost.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: Waking up the Ghost follows Marilyn Spiller’s life in recovery. She’s been dry since 2013. Marilyn’s blog offers many inspiration posts for people either in recovery or contemplating life in recovery.

 What Me Sober
Site: http://whatmesober.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: What Me Sober is run by Bill. Bill has been a recovering alcoholic since 1989. Bill uses his blog to write about life in recovery. Bill started off blogging about Buddhism, but he now focuses on recovery.

William White Papers
Site: http://williamwhitepapers.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: This site contains the full text of more than 300 articles, eight monographs, 30+ recovery tools, nine book chapters, three books, and links to an additional 15 books written by William White and co-authors over the past four decades as well as more than 100 interviews with addiction treatment and recovery leaders.

 Yoga and Recovery
Site: http://yoga-recovery.blogspot.com
Blog Thumbnail:
About: Yoga Recovery is run by Kyczy Hawk. Kyczy is a yoga teacher, and her primary focus is providing classes designed to help people recovering from addiction.

Site: http://www.facebook.com/SocialManage
Social Manage


About: Social Manage is a social media marketing firm that will manage your social media presence so you can focus on your clients.  Social Manage is recovery based and enjoys doing recovery based social media.  502-418-3020 We love to make you shine.





god-knowAs You Understand Him

Raymond Kyle

Founder Warrior Foundation.

Many people have many different reasons as to how and why they began a process of healing and recovery. You ask 100 different people you may get the same answers but in 100 different ways. Any of us that are in this process knows the only way it’s possible is with God.

I know some don’t believe in God and it still works for them. Well you right, they may not believe in God as I myself and you may understand him, but you have to believe in something bigger than yourself, your higher power of your own understanding. Whatever works for you then do it.

As You Understand Him Click to Tweet

I know In my process until I allowed God to direct me and lead me I was still lost. Yes I was better and yes I was making progress but I had stalled cause I too thought I could do it all by myself. I couldn’t and it’s by the grace of God that I am here today and still working my process.

If you haven’t done so already it’s time to find what God’s purpose is for your life. Not our own but God’s. When we find this and begin to work it then that’s when the true blessings come. God is the only way we make it thru a lot of our days. When we think there is no way he creates one. Let God lead you in your process you can’t go wrong.

Click image below and learn morewarror-foundation-1


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  • My Daughter the Addict – A Suburban Mom’s Nightmare @StopFryingBrain By: Katie Donovan I was the PTO mom, the carpool mom, the Brownie leader. We ate family dinners at the table, taught our children manners...
  • Prince. It’s a name that everyone knows, whether you liked him or not. He made an unforgettable name for himself with his signature eclectic fashion, wild dance moves, & flashy hair & makeup. While some...
  • Pain Pill’s the Addiction. Food for thought and advice… Hello, my name is DRUGS – I destroy homes, tear families apart, take your children, and that’s just the start. I’m more costly than diamonds, more...
  • Hi my name is Organized Crime. Friends, supporters and users, of my products and services, call me OC and my middle names are corruption and immorality. I see that you are a supporter and user so...
  • Patient Brokering Kickbacks Lawsuits and Jail… Are You Next? If you have a facility/practice you need to look at this. Click on the posts to read articles. ..
  • When I was 15 years old and my Grandfather passed away of cancer. @StopFryBrain Friends and family brought over casseroles, pies, and lasagnas. Warm cookies left on the porch and neighborly visits of talks and...
  • The Friend Who Introduced Me to My Undoing I was 18 when I met the person who would introduce me to my ultimate undoing, Oxycontin. His name was Miles. I was outside smoking a cigarette...
  •   I am a aggressive Internet marketer (Certified Master Coach Internet Marketing) with 40+ years experience that specializes in the drug and alcohol vertical markets. Look at my endorsements above from executives in the drug...
  • How Do You Find A Good Rehab? By: Steve Castleman It takes courage to break through denial and begin to consider getting professional help. It may start with a glimpse, a fleeting flash of willingness....
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  •  StopfryingYourBrain.com becoming one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation stopfryingyourbrain.com  becoming one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation. It is a community of 131,000+ registered users and...
  • “Our” LinkedIn groups you should join if you have a product or service to sell or if you wish to engage yourself in the drug and alcohol community. Before you do anything else, you should...
  • Members of Congress, the Betty Ford Foundation, the Christi Foundation and Many Others Meet to Discuss Opiate Deaths Today. Click on the image below to join our automated drug, alcohol training and marketing series if...
  • Seriously an automated marketing system/robot for the drug and alcohol vertical that has real value? The behavioral health national referral list with FREE automated marketing system by the “brian”…is designed specifically to bring service providers...
  • Dealing with Pushy Boozers & Surrounded By Assholes By: J. Bella Last night was a big night for me. Not because it was Friday, but because I was sober and surrounded by drunk people. This...
  • Alcoholism is a Mental Terrorist. Fight the Fear! By: Lisa Fear is a state of mind.  It’s there to protect us and remind us danger is imminent. That doesn’t mean we have to let it...
  • I’ve Been Substituting One Addiction for Another. UGH!! By: Lisa So far in my sober journey, I have become aware that there is a syndrome, well at least for me anyway, of swapping addictions. I...
  • Heroin Kills More People Than Automobile Accidents Heroin in the suburbs? Are you freakin kidding me?! Didn’t we learn not to mess with that junk back in the 60s? Holy crap!! Yet heroin use is...
  • stopfryingyourbrain.com one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here to learn more When someone talk about the long-term consequences of war, let’s talk about the men and women who came...
  • Mexican Cartels Worse Than ISIL A United Nations report estimated over 9,000 civilians have been killed and 17,386 wounded in Iraq in 2014, more than half since ISIL fighters seized large parts on northern Iraq in...
  • Faith in Recovery  Click image below to visit our FB page
  • Faith in recovery USA Connections Welcome to United Churches Against Addiction. We consist of many subchapters. Currently we have two active subchapters, Faith in Recovery UK, Faith In Recovery USA. This is the USA subchapter....
  • Faith in recovery UK Connections Welcome to United Churches Against Addiction is a one stop shop providing support for people struggling with addictions by connecting them with local churches and quality specialised groups and centres suited...
  • United Churches Against Addiction – UCAA Welcome to United Churches Against Addiction. United churches against addiction is the parent organization of churches around the world whose purpose is to share resources and information with those...
  • Humbly United Brave souls are we who have waged a great war within ourselves and emerged victorious upon surrender, this is the axiom for which we lay a foundation that will bear the weight of...

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