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I lived with a group of all male roommates when I was 18 and still experimenting. I had yet to know what full-blown drug addiction was.


Chelsearae SFYB Contributing Author

I lived in a city with a beautiful landscape surrounded by mountains, but I spent most of my 18th summer locked inside, smoking, snorting, and swallowing substances, instead of enjoying it. My roommate and best friend, Miles, always (at least in the beginning) had a lot of money, but I never saw him go to one day of work.



He would make vague claims about his past in Seattle and the money he saved from working at a nice restaurant there. He would describe to me how easy it was to be nice and outgoing to the customers when he was on Oxy. I still couldn’t understand how someone could actually walk around and function, let alone go to work on this stuff.


I had absolutely no money, (though I did have a car we could use so I felt I was contributing in a way), and he paid for everything.

He even bought all of my paintings, which I had a stack of when I met him. He put them up all around the place. I didn’t paint again for quite a long time, although it used to be my number one passion.

 We did cocaine, pills, OxyContin, and smoked a lot of weed when none of those were available. I considered all of these people close friends of mine.

I lived with a group of all male roommates when I was 18 and still experimenting Click to Tweet

Loto winner

Realizing How Much I Didn't Mean to My 'Friends' Click to Tweet

One friend that would come over was named Spencer. Spencer had won 20 grand on a scratch ticket and had become a hardcore drug addict as the result. His poison was smoking oxy off of foil. He was big guy and pretty attractive a lot of bling, liked gold chains and rings but acted like a child a most of the time. He used to drive around, smoking oxy, get so high he would throw up out the window, and turn around and continue smoking more. A real dumb-ass once you got to know him

He would blow the smoke into a balloon and re-inhale it until it was gone. Sometimes he would pass the balloon to me. Spencer would either be really nice to me, or call me names. He would literally call me a bitch and say I was worthless, and then stop and smile and tell me I was awesome.


Spencer and I used to bicker like siblings, and one day he and I, along with 3 or 4 other friends were sitting in Miles’s room smoking weed or something.

Things escalated and I pushed him, it was playful and we were laughing and he pushed me to the floor, he was holding down my arms and I started getting a little freaked out and told him to get off me. Instead of getting off me he pulled my shirt down and I started getting really scared and screaming for him to stop. Instead of stopping he pulled my bathing suit top over in front of everyone. Everyone saw what happened and no one said anything, and when I recall this I wonder if they would have said anything if he proceeded to pull the rest of my clothes off or go even further than that.


Thankfully it went no further than that and he got up off of me. I re-adjusted my top and left the room. I did not move out or stop talking to them like I probably should have, but just pretended nothing happened and continued living there. Luckily Spencer didn’t come over that often.

Chelsearae SFYB Contributing Author

It wasn’t long after I discover Stop Frying Your Brain, they had lots of funny clips and great articles that I started reading. Then as I read, I slowly realized I had a pretty serious problem. One day I reached out to them. They hooked me up with a first class center. Great People.

That damn stupid Stop Frying Your Brain song kept rattling around in my head after visiting their website. It was worse than it’s a small world at Disneyland. Eventually… I would hook up with those guys and it’s all because of that one stupid song. Thanks guys you changed my life.

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How Have I Made It This Far?I Refused

Raymond Kyle

Founder Warrior Foundation.

For many of us our past at times may have made us wonder how we are still alive today? Well I will tell you how….by the grace of God!

We all have done things in our lives or put ourselves in situations that it’s a miracle we made it out of. For some of us like myself it seemed to become and everyday thing. We would willingly put ourselves out there not caring what the outcome would be. Escaping death for the first time was scary but then it no longer became a fear it became who we were.

You may ask why God would save us time and time again when we didn’t even attempt to save ourselves. Why would he save us and not the ones who died doing the same things we were? Well all I can say is its by his grace we are here today! His mercy and his love is what has gotten us to this point in our lives.

How Have I Made It This Far? Click to Tweet

He is a father to us all so therefore he protects his children. If you are one of us blessed children of God that has lived the life of addiction and crime then you are here still cause you have a purpose that you need to fulfill. So to you I say quit asking why you are here and start asking how do I fulfill my purpose. God has a plan and it’s up to us to fulfill than plan. God bless you!

Raymond C. Kyle

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Tap Into You – Do You Believe???????

How many times in our lives have we not done something simply because we didn’t believe in ourselves, simply because we didn’t think we were deserving or worthy, simply because we was afraid that we would fail?

Raymond Kyle

Founder Warrior Foundation.

The answer to that question is easy, too many times we have used these excuses to avoid doing something cause of fear, doubt, or uncertainty. The thought of failure for many of us is a looming distraction that ultimately keeps us from achieving the greatness that each one of us was created to be.



Tap Into You - Do You Believe Click to Tweet

We cannot tap into our full potential and we cannot be the Kings and Queens we were created to be by continuing to allow society, or another individual to tell us who we are and what we can or cannot do. We must face our fears, no matter how hard it may be it’s vital to our growth. We must overcome the doubt, and stop putting limits on ourselves and what we are capable of. We must quit allowing outside forces to define who we are, we are good enough, smart enough,pretty enough, and deserving of the life we are striving to live.

It is my challenge to you to begin tapping into your full potential each and every day. Show no mercy. Hold back nothing. Step into greatness where you were born to be. God bless you my friends.






Robert Henslee

SFYB Founder/CEO

Vulnerability Is Powerful and Beautiful

There is something about tearing down all those walls it took years to build and kicking fears ass. It takes a great amount of courage to be vulnerable, to take the mask off and show the truest version of yourself to the world. That courage takes you to a whole new level of living a life on purpose. The beauty of vulnerability is that we are changing ourselves and the lives of others. By being vulnerable we are not only showing the world we accept and love ourselves as we are but that we accept and love each other. Vulnerability radiates compassion and that alone brings in and gives a tremendous amount of support.

You Are Not Your Past

You have started over and it’s time to grab a hold of the NOW. Your past does not define you, nor does your addiction. Everything is fresh and new and it’s time to step out of the shadows of the past. Who you are is a culmination of all things beautiful and tragic leading up to what you are made of and who you are. You will forever continue to grow emotionally through life experiences if you put the work into recovery.

Positive Thoughts To Have In Recovery Click to Tweet

Who you are will change every day because each moment adds to the nature of our being, not just one event. You are seeing the world, people, places and events and most importantly yourself through a new set of eyes. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that you can do to change the past, it’s over and done with. Nothing good will ever come out of going back time and time again with the “I wish I would have done this”, or “I wish I wouldn’t have done that”. You are here, right here in this very moment and you have all the power within you to appreciate the tolerable, if not beautiful moments now.



You Have the Ability to Control Your Thoughts

More than likely you have had thousands and thousands of negative thoughts about yourself and your life. Stop! There is no need to sabotage the love for yourself, your family, or life for that matter any longer. Believe it or not, we are not here to live in misery although many of us have been through some very difficult life lessons. You have the ability to control how much energy you put into the negative and into the positive thoughts that come to your mind.

The truth is no one is positive 100% of the time; life makes that impossible because of the events we must go through that are out of our control but necessary for human growth. Of course you can’t help it when something triggers and a thought that is painful, unpleasant or downright unbearable; but you have the ability to take that negative thought and focus on something positive and positivity trumps negativity every time! It is imperative you do this for the way we think is the way we live, the way we learn to love ourselves again.

Doing this opens up the allowance of receiving positive things back into your life. If you put practice into this, and I mean on every thought you have, the more pleasant your thoughts become and when you get really good at it, it will start coming to you naturally. We think becomes what we attract. If you want a life filled with an abundance of love, laughter, friends, better jobs, closer relationships start focusing on controlling your thoughts now! When you start to have a better outlook on life and you shift that energy from negative to positive your whole world changes. You have paid your dues, you deserve to live a happy life regardless of your past.


Even Without Anything You Are Everything

Through your life of addiction you may have lost family members, relationships, homes, friendships, jobs, your driving privileges or custody of your children and you may have lost it all at the same time like I did. Although there is a deep level of pain that comes with losing it all, there is a tremendous blessing in it. You may have been stripped of everything that gave you an identity, all things you were attached to; but the beauty comes from being alone and without attachments, so that you are forced to look at yourself and find who your truly are. You have been humbled, the ego has been deflated or completely removed. With this come a great amount of clarity and a perfect time to find out who you are and you need look where you may have never looked before.

opportunity tags, abstract vector art illustration

The opportunity is here now to dig beyond who you thought you were and discover the nature of your being, who you truly are deep down in your soul and you will be surprised at just how much beauty you will find when you allow yourself and dedicate yourself to digging down deep enough.

You now have the ability to be present and start appreciating what you have and not what you don’t. This takes patience, guidance and discipline. We are told “To seek through prayer and meditation”, meditation is often overlooked because we are so accustomed to asking through prayer for what we need. When you meditate you find what you already have everything you need. You don’t have to be a Yogi to do this, you don’t have to climb mountains or travel the world! You can do this wherever and whenever you like. Through proper guidance and discipline you will find that everything you ever needed is in you already; faith, love, beauty, courage, compassion, companionship, will, acceptance, passion, authenticity, and forgiveness. It is when you find that, there is nothing that will hold the value that you once gave it and you will never feel alone.

Rest of my life

You Can Be the Person You Want To Be

You are free! You surrendered to the addiction and you are a Warrior! You are a bad ass! You have done one of the hardest things in life. You are taking control back over your life and you no longer are the person alcohol made you think that you were. You are unstoppable now. So go back to a time when you had big dreams, go back to a time when you had a passion for something that you didn’t pursue because the addiction or fear may have held you back. If that passion is still running deep, make your dreams a reality my friend for you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is time to be who you were meant to be from the very beginning of your existence; YOU!

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SFYB Staff Writer

Sober Survival at Parties

By: Lisa

On Day 43 of my sobriety, I let myself ‘out of my sober bubble’ and went to a party. My first party sober in my lifetime!!!!!!! I purposely arrived two hours late because I was really nervous so I waited until I knew there would be lots of people there so I could ‘blend in.’

Sober Survival at Parties

I rocked in looking fabulous as I had promised to myself.

While driving there my legs felt like jelly and I was really shaky.  Then I pulled myself together and told myself, “You are a grown up successful woman, with 3 kids and these are your friends”

That helped calm my nerves.

Remember (I didn’t know this then, –  alcoholism actually affects your central nervous system and it can take years to recover properly). No wonder I was so nervous. I arrived and immediately made sure I got ‘busy’ chatting to people.

I took a big bottle of pre mixed lime and soda with me and kept my glass nice and full at all times.

Luckily the birthday girl loves to dance, so she cranked the music and we boogied on down.  I actually got really hot and sweaty, I sure wasn’t expecting that from the night.

Earlier in the week the host had sent me a text prompting me to stay ’till the end and dance around the lounge.’ This implied she was expecting me to drink a lot as she well knows me for. She likes her wine this girl so because I was new to the sober partying thing, I was nervous about the staying late expectation.

As the night went on, I listened to people repeating themselves, I watched them spill drinks and smash glasses, I watched them wobble on their feet, I listened to little tiffs over who has been drinking MY champagne, etc etc. All stuff no doubt I used to do, ok,  – DID.
I found it all rather amusing. (it’s the little things ok!)

After 3 1/2 hours, I was able to do something I had NEVER EVER DONE BEFORE after a party. I got my car keys and drove home!!  It was very liberating.

So if you find yourself early in sobriety, (or at any stage really as we are always ‘at risk’), I want to share some pre party strategies that I planned in advance to help me.

This could apply to a party at any time of the year, but of course it is particularly poignant at the moment given ‘tis the season to be jolly and party invitations are plentiful. Some of these may or may not be relevant for you, but if you can use them and better still, add some more, great!

Sober Survival at Parties

  • Do lots of dancing to keep occupied
  • Ask other people lots of questions so they get talking about themselves, this takes the pressure off you (people LOVE to talk about themselves given half a chance)
  • I chose to arrive late so there were lots of people and I could ‘blend in’
  • Buy a new outfit (sober treat, you deserve it) so you look and feel your very best
  • I took Lime and Soda as it is the colour of wine so looked fine in a wine glass (this should stop the nosy parkers enquiring WHY you are not drinking)
  • Take a camera and be a self-appointed photographer to ‘keep busy’
  • Have an early exit strategy (eg, got to get home for the babysitter)
  • Pick up a friend on the way so you have the “I’m driving” excuse
  • Tell a good friend that will be there your ‘story’ so that you have a ‘sober ally” and ‘safe person’ to escape to if needed for some light, honest relief
  • Have fun watching everyone make a tit out of themselves
  • Know that you will remember all the gossip you heard (keep confidential of course!)
  • Have faith in the knowledge you will be hangover free the next day
  • Make sure the alcohol you take with you is excellent quality, only 2017 Vintage (paying attention are you?)

I reckon the best strategy of all is to not go to any parties when you are new in sobriety, but if you can’t or won’t say NO, I hope these help. They really helped me.

And, also very important, if you really really don’t want to go for whatever reason, I really encourage you NOT TO. Protect yourself at all cost and DON’T GIVE A MONKEY’S ARSE ABOUT ‘LETTING PEOPLE DOWN.’

Your sobriety is most important!




 You Can Too !


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Scott McAdams

SFYB Staff Writer

The Drama of an Addict

By: Scott McAdams

Drugs are merely a concoction of chemical elements. However, misuse or abuse of drugs invariably alters one’s life for the worse.

One day you’re in the best shape of your life. At this point, life always seems to make perfect sense. You could count on it. You were as clean as a whistle, dancing through life.

Then you indulge in some modest dabbling. Soon, however, you’ve developed a dependency. People close to you can see you’ve changed, but to admit this to yourself would be ego-shattering.

A_basketball diaries

Self-doubt and paranoia creep in. Addiction is a physical, mental, emotional, and progressive disease. One may feel his employer and associates shun him, and a pink slip feels imminent. Addicted students may drop out.

The addict begins to lose touch with friends and family. It’s no wonder. These people remain on solid footing, clean and sober. They’re fine. They’re still themselves. But the addict is asking them to approve of a drug-soaked stranger.

This reminds me of the classic drug film, “Basketball Diaries,” based on author Jim Carroll’s best-selling autobiography, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Wahlberg .

FB Join Group

Ever see that one? Street drugs graphically sap the strength and sense from two fine players, wrecking their family lives and futures. They, too, got in over their heads.

I’m also reminded of a popular television series. One of the clearer pictures of how addicts distance themselves emotionally from those around them (in this case, due to the continual use of the opiate Vicodin) is masterfully portrayed by Hugh Laurie in “House.”

A_house pill

“Dr. House” is a walking, teaching hospital. But to operate efficiently he must also consume ungodly amounts of Vicodin for pain from a serious injury.

He risks his best friend’s medical license to supply him with massive doses of Vicodin. They both get caught, of course. Dr. House soaring high as hell, provokes the detective on his drug case with a 3-4 hour wait attached to a glass anal thermometer. House gets sent to detox, naturally, and he lives to save another day.

There’s quite a dark side to this character. His addiction manifests as a cynical, emotionally flattened, detached-from-actually-caring-about-the-patient, childish manner. He berates his staff unmercifully.

Instead of having normal relationships, Dr. House, when not saving untold lives, can often be found passed out on his floor with newly-emptied bottles of Vicodin strewn about.

A_house bottle

He’s brilliant, calculating, insanely clever, and ruthless in his pursuits. No law applies to Dr. House, as he will pay any price to find a cure, save, or improve a life.

His avowed atheism could have something to do with the persistent darkness and unrelenting blues. He illogically replaces faith with science, as they are not mutually exclusive, existing on separate planes. In doing so, he answers only to himself, as his life-saving responsibilities and expanded ego demand ultimate control over all situations. Dangerously extreme and unrealistic. But on stage, this makes for great drama.

Offstage, however, the relentless drama of an addict is exhausting. It’s the kind of drama no one really needs. Not the addict. Not the family and friends of an addict.

Why not make 2015 a drama-free year? Not easy, I know. But doable. Definitely, an investment worth making. You’ll see.



 You Can Too !





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SFYB Staff Writer

Addiction Treatment How to Start Recovering

By: Beverly Sartain

I can totally relate to addicts. They often look like the walking dead, their external appearance reflecting the shame, disconnect, and desperation they feel inside.

Addiction Treatment How to Start Recovering

Some come off the streets. Others come from upper-middle class homes. No matter where they come from, you see the “deadness” inside them. They all long for reprieve and a place to escape themselves.

Like I said, I can totally relate. I remember how “bottom” feels. I wanted to die. And why not? I was already dead inside. Suicidal thoughts became a running stream in my mind.

There was no joy, no love, no compassion for “me.” I refused to give it to myself. I was undeserving and unworthy. These limiting beliefs were what fed my continued substance use.


I often wondered where my energy had gone. I was hollow inside. I connected more with emptiness than fullness. I felt like I had fried my system and totally messed myself up.

It’s hard to get better when you hate yourself and only see yourself as bad and wrong. That’s the world I lived in. Victim consciousness was all I knew. My response was to drink more alcohol and do more drugs, even though I knew it only added to my suffering and pain.

That kind of self-loathing runs deep. I understood the desperation of death, of wanting it to be over.

A_self loathing

But giving up isn’t the answer either. I may have looked hopeless on the outside, yet there was a flickering light inside me. It was dim. Really dim. But it was there.

Reconnecting to your flickering life force is transformative. It’s the stuff of recovery work.

But how do you find the energy to do it when you feel dead inside? Surrender is the key. It creates its own process. It begins by letting go of resistance. I had to shift my thinking from “I don’t want to live” to “I do want to live.”

Live Sign

That one choice gave me all the energy I needed to take the next step. And then the next one. And then the step after that.

Choosing recovery is a commitment to Self. Just as drinking and drugs had zapped my spirit, I became invigorated by the notion of reconnecting with my soul. Wow. That sounds like fun! So I tried it.

Reaching for that fueled me. It sustained me. It gave me the energy I needed to work on me.

And you know what? That’s all it takes to begin.


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Beth Burgess

SFYB Staff Writer

Stop “Escaping” and Start “Living” in the New Year

By: Beth Burgess

When I was young, it seemed the only way to have fun was to drink in the local cemetery or to get off on whatever the local dealer happened to have in his bag. The drink or drug didn’t matter. It just had to be strong and allow me to “escape.”

Now that I’m wiser, I see that there’s no need to escape if your life is already fun and fulfilling.


But, back then, I didn’t know life could be amazing without chemicals. That’s because I didn’t know how to build a great life. And I didn’t know it was up to me to do it. If I had, I never would have turned to the lure of substances to escape.

If that’s where you’re at as we enter this New Year, here are four ways to build a great, chemical-free life. One that’s full of fun and happiness.

Find a Challenge

Sometimes people use alcohol and drugs because they feel life is too boring and flat. Find a way out of boredom by choosing something that challenges you in a fascinating way. That might be running a marathon, mastering a musical instrument, or learning Chinese. Committing to a challenge can be incredibly rewarding. As an added bonus, you’ll become a stronger person with each new challenge you tackle.


Find Your Friends

I had some good mates back in the drinking days. But they were few and far between. Most of the people I hung out with were only interested in getting smashed. They weren’t the sort of people who had my back. They weren’t interested in “me.” I was just another drug buddy. Real friends are those who genuinely have your best interests at heart and want to see you succeed. Not those happy to watch you waste your life. Only surround yourself with true, nourishing friends. It changes everything.


Find Your Talents

Everyone’s good at something. And when we’re really good at something, it makes us feel happy and proud of ourselves. It’s a real buzz to do something well and to develop our talents. Whether you’re a great writer, an incredible artist, a comedy genius, or a whiz at making people feel good, find a great way to put your talents to use and see how much better you feel for it.


Find Your Purpose

It sounds a bit dull and serious, but finding what you’re here for in this life is actually one of the most incredibly fun journeys possible. Imagine finding something that means so much to you that you would do it until eternity and never get bored. That’s your purpose ‒ and it’ll give you more good times than any chemicals.


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SFYB Staff Writer

How I Learned to “Serve” Myself

By: Beverly Sartain

As a waitress and bartender, I served other people. They came for food, drink, and entertainment. When the night was done, I wanted the same. I wanted to relax, kick back, and let go.


Letting go often came in the form of bad habits. I drank and smoked cigarettes. And I reached for harder drugs as the evening wore on. I told myself it was well-deserved.

Much like every area of my life, I gave all I had to numbing out. I was an overachiever. I was certainly going to do the same with my substance use. I hit it hard, and I succeeded.

It was my job to know beer, wines, and liquors. I sold them to others. I encouraged it. Naturally, I needed to know how they tasted, right? So I took being a connoisseur to the next level.

I was at my unhealthiest, while working as a waitress and bartender in college. My days and nights were consumed with drinking and drugging.

How I Learned to "Serve" Myself

It was socially acceptable to be at my worst. After an evening bender, I would join my co-workers for a morning drink at the local restaurant. We met for “breakfast,” but it was all about the drink for me.

My hands would tremble as I lifted a $1.00 Mimosa and Bloody Mary to my dry lips. It was hard to tell if the tremors where from my movement disorder or from DTs.


Cleary it was DTs. I was fooling myself again.

What started off as a way to support myself through college, transpired into a drinking and drugging career. Not the career I had intended for myself.

The habits formed in my youthfulness became self-created barriers to my inner peace. I was seriously sidetracked. It’s as if I had served my soul to the devil and had to get it back.

How I Learned to "Serve" Myself

How I Learned to “Serve” Myself

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to step away from the environment that supported me financially, but left me spiritually bankrupt. No more waiting tables or serving drinks.

I needed to serve myself now. And I have ever since.


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T. E. Pepper

SFYB Staff Writer

Using the Principles of Recovery to Face the World Successfully

By: T.E. Pepper

This week I had a minor health scare. Nothing too alarming, but worrisome because I might need surgery, possibly a night in the hospital, a few days of bed rest afterwards, and some physical therapy. Nothing life-threatening, but somewhat serious and a significant disruption in my daily life.


However, the test they did on me at the hospital yesterday ruled it out, thank goodness. Now I don’t have to worry.

But it scared me for a couple of reasons:

  • I don’t like doctors poking around on me. It’s embarrassing. I feel exposed and vulnerable.
  • I don’t like the idea of being unconscious and cut open with a knife. Even if makes me better.
  • I don’t like losing control.
  • I don’t like trusting someone to do that to me. It’s very troubling.
  • I’m terrified of needing to take prescription pain pills. I know a lot of people in long-term recovery, who took pain pills for an injury (prescribed by their doctor), and they relapsed.

My recovery is about more than abstaining from alcohol. It’s about finding a new way to face the world. I don’t want to hide behind the chemical suppression of my feelings and perceptions. That’s not who I am anymore.

A_facing life

So I went to the doctor when I felt weird and thought I might have a medical problem. In the past I would have ignored it, hoping it would get better on its own.

Now I take better care of my body. I know hiding from scary stuff won’t get me anywhere. When the doctor ordered a test at another hospital, I could have ignored it and not made that appointment. But I didn’t ignore it. I faced that challenge and went the next day.


Don’t get me wrong. I was really scared. I was probably more afraid than I should have been, considering it was just minor surgery. Still, it terrified me.

But instead of choosing denial, I chose to be proactive. I talked my girlfriend, my parents, and my AA sponsor. Then I did what needed to be done, even though I was afraid.

I made the choice to “work” my recovery. I put those principles into action by facing difficult challenges and the unknown head-on. Denial is no longer an option for me.

During the worst of my active alcoholism, I was sick and in deep denial about it. I couldn’t contribute to society. I couldn’t even take care of myself. But I managed until the very end to pretend (to myself) I was healthy and useful.

Eventually, I couldn’t keep it up. That flimsy image of myself came crashing down. I finally realized I needed help, rehab, and sobriety. It was time to look at the world through clear eyes.

Today, I try to face difficult situations the same way. I focus on the truth of a situation, and I’m careful not to slip into denial.


I do what I have to do to reap the results I desire. If the situation is out of my control (like this current medical issue), I recognize that and accept it. I let these people do their job.

Working the principles of my recovery program helps me maintain this focus. I’m able to deal with whatever the world tosses my way. These principles keep me grounded in what’s real and far away from a drink.

That’s how I move through life today. By using those recovery tools, I’m happier and healthier than ever before. It works!


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  • Combing the Floor for Coke Crumbs It was another night of drugs in the apartment I lived in. I was only 18 years old, still relatively new to the world of drugs, and was surrounded...
  • FAQ ABOUT HOMELESS VETERANS Who are homeless veterans? The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) states that the nation’s homeless veterans are predominantly male, with roughly 9% being female. The majority are single; live in...
  • Know your rights when fighting Child Protective/Welfare Services Here are some of my recommendations. Keep in mind that I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice — so consider the source. Get...
  • The Greatest Story Ever Told Is Yours If you have a great story to tell please get in touch with us right away. We want to hear it. Your story can save a life. Please...
  • MISCONCEPTIONS OF SOBER LIVING HOMES 1. THEY ARE ALL IN BAD NEIGHBORHOODS While sober livings can range in locations usually matching an individuals budget, they are not all in bad neighborhoods. Some do resemble the...
  • What’s Your Passion? Being from a very small rural area in Ohio, it is commonplace for all that you do to be under the microscopic view of the general public that surrounds you. Many talk...
  • Deciding To Make a Change and Treatment Options Admitting and being aware of an addiction is the very first step to moving forward and healing. Deciding to make a change is one of the hardest...
  • What to do when your kid wants to leave rehab Click on image below and I promise you’ll learn something Click Here For More Info Join my group for more – Click Image Below Please...
  • No More Pain If You Had Enough Shame . Hey if you need a friend and some help reach out to me Robert @ 772.206.6676 If you’re a service provider and wish to become a...
  • We Are A Community Content Model We are a community content B2C model. We do NOT sell leads or referrals PERIOD. We provide information for the individuals that need it. These individuals PICK who they...
  • What It Means to Be an Addiction Advocate ? Many addicts have failed to move into recovery because of their environments, their communities, and their surroundings. They have been tossed aside, shunned, and avoided due...
  • Stop Frying Your Brain StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more.(This is very important information please share with all your colleagues by using the buttons on the “share”...
  • Listen Up Drug Advocates No More In Fighting ! .
  • Demoralization: The under-recognized “engine” of addiction Michael D Lukens, PhD © 2016 Anxiety and depression underlie most addictions; as painfully troubling and enduring conditions they are primary motivating factors.  Ask any gathering of addicted or...
  • If you stop frying your brain… you can stop feeling the PAIN…. “] Hey if you need a friend and some help reach out to me Robert @ 772.206.6676 If you’re a service provider and...
  •  I WORK RECOVERY ONLINE EVERY DAY… ALL DAY in the recovery community. THESE ARE MY FAVORITE RESOURCES FOR INFORMATION, INSPIRATION AND JUST ALL AROUND ENTERTAINMENT. Whether you suffer from addiction yourself or are dealing with...
  • Abuse & Addiction We all know that there is a huge connection between abuse & addiction. Then there is the cycle that spins through each subsequent generation, if that cycle is not broken. I was...
  • Addicts Are Weak – By: Blake Evan Community Best Answer:  I can understand how one’s gut reaction to addictive behavior and people would be to say it is a weakness of the mind. I will...
  • 2016 was by far the worse/best year ever. How is that even possible? One name; God.Now I did not begin the year by finding Him, in fact, to a degree, I have always “believed”, but...
  • Union Member Turned Heroin Addict – by RJ Vied At the ripe old age of 17 I found myself on my way to fatherhood. Fears set in as my entire life was about to change....
  • My Breath can’t fill your lungs By: RJ Vied This is a story of how those who loved me the most were unknowingly contributing to my suicide. I want to make this very clear; my...
  • Relapse is not part of recovery Relapse is not part of recovery. Let me say it one more time, relapse is not part of recovery. Even though it happens quite often to not only the...
  • 10 Tips For Staying Sober New Years Eve According to a 2011 feature in TIME magazine, New Year’s Eve ranks number one in the list of the “booziest” holidays of the year. It is the...
  • This is an email that I sent to my mother. I need you to understand that my addiction is not your fault. Parents are so hard on themselves. It doesn’t matter if you are the picture...
  • Crack, Smack, and Crystal: The Deadliest Drugs? By: Beth Burgess Crack cocaine, heroin (or smack, to go by one of its many street names), and methamphetamine (crystal meth) are the drugs that we are most...
  • Lisa Laughnan Addict In Recovery…  I am a recovering alcoholic & addict. I was given a second chance at life by the grace of God… below is my story. . Please tweet using the button...
  • PRESCRIPTION PILLS ARE THE NEW GATEWAY DRUG WITH OUR KIDS… I am literally speechless as I sit here tonight. I am reading messages that people are sending me from across the country and I am...
  • Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (Patient Intake) Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (Patient Intake)
  • The Demon In My Head… A demon (from Koine Greek δαιμόνιον daimonion) is a supernatural, often malevolent being prevalent in religion, occultism, literature, fiction, mythology and folklore. The original Greek word daimon does not carry...
  • Make the darkness go away… I’m the mom of a very much loved addict son, I made it my business to learn and try to understand why he does what he does and drugs do...
  • Erinkberndt Author My name is Erin Berndt & im 46 yrs old I am married to my soul mate, Fedor. I have 2 children Dacia & Anthony from my ex husband who I spent 22...
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine Facts and Figures Opioid Addiction • Opioids are a class of drugs that include the illicit drug heroin as well as the licit prescription pain relievers oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, morphine,...
  • A Simple Way to Survive the Loneliness of the Holiday Season By: T.E. Pepper Here’s the thing. A lot of us have burned through friendships and family, and no one wants to see us anymore....
  • The Scripps Research Institute – Special Recognition and Thanks By: Robert Henslee CEO/Founder Stop Frying Your Brain Sometimes it’s easy to forget who also is at the forefront of fighting addiction. It’s easy to spot...
  • Holiday Survival at Toxic Family & Office Festivities StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. If you are serious about making it through the holidays still clean and...
  • Beware of “Blackout Wednesday” By: Allie Holbrook Thanksgiving.  A day for gratitude, but also a time of excess.  Tables groan with turkey and pumpkin pie, wine flows freely, and there’s a sense that nothing bad...
  • Hope Without Handcuffs @StopFryingBrain By: Robert Henslee SFYB Founder To all my brothers and sisters I would like to introduce you to Hope Without Handcuffs. Working with law enforcement across the nation, great organizations like Families...
  • Thank You Mom, For Never Giving Up On Me BY:Katie Donovan For so long, I never understood how my mom stuck by my side. After all of the harm I’ve done, the lies I’ve told,...
  • Big Pharma Wants To Shut You Down… @StopFryingBrain Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions help us reach millions more. Don’t let corporate America dictate your freedom of speech on...
  • You’re too Stupid To Figure Out What’s Fake News and What’s Not…. Alex Jones breaks down the vast web of lies the media continues to spin in order to discredit Donald Trump, after he has...
  • No Matter how many women on the job… It still takes 9 months to have a baby…. Hello, my name is Robert Henslee. For those you that don’t know me, I am an avid Internet...
  • We are an “organic” social media community marketing content model. Come join our marketing effort today!  StopfryingYourBrain.com becoming one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation. Learn why below we are a...
  • 5 Signs of Addiction for Seniors Other relevant articles you may be interested in; 1) Opiate Dependence among the Elderly 2) Elderly Addicted to Opiates 3) 5 Signs of Addiction for Seniors 4) Things Are...
  • Addiction a Disease? Or Learned Behavior? StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. Yo big dogs listen up. My name is “FUBAR”. If you don’t know what that means...
  • Muscle-bound millionaire of addiction treatment under scrutiny By Christine Stapleton – Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Expensive cars. Flashy watches. Strip clubs. Casinos. Tattoos. Selfies of ripped biceps and b-boy stances. This is the lifestyle...
  • What is Addiction Really, and How do We Fix it? MD Lukens, PhD  © May, 2016 The Disease Model is Not Well Constructed To start this discussion off I need to repeat what I’ve been...
  • The Art Of Enabling…And I Was The Master! Ok, I know what you’re thinking….Oh LAWD, another article on enabling! And well, yes, I guess it is….but I’m not going to tell you what to do,...
  • First Responders having Addiction Training My name is TJ McWain and I am a police officer in Southern New Jersey.  As a police officer, I come into contact with substance abusers on a daily basis...
  • Fort Lauderdale and Atlantic Shores Hospitals would like to extend our hand We at Fort Lauderdale and Atlantic Shores Hospitals would like to extend our hand in helping you and your patients receive the best...
  • Treating Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms Dr. Cali Estes, of The Addictions Academy, has teamed up with Dr. Kenneth Blum, creator of Synaptamine to provide a new class that focuses on Reward Deficiency Syndrome and Post Acute...
  • CBD Oil Now Legal In All 50 States Strains of Marijuana that are Most Effective to Detox a Client from Opiates Strains of Marijuana that are most effective to detox a client from Opiates and...
  • Stop Patient Brokering In Your Facility Cold The Addictions Academy announced that they are offering a class to combat the rampant patient brokering going on in the addiction treatment industry. Dr. Cali Estes, of The...
  • Who Is YOUR Therapist? One of the reasons I made the decision to become a consultant was my desire to properly inform treatment center owners and CEOs after witnessing several being misled. I recently had...
  • Addiction specialist Cali Estes joins Dr. Drew Addiction specialist Cali Estes joins Dr. Drew to talk about her work with high profile people in managing and overcoming their addictions. Dr. Estes tell’s Drew about the...
  • Addiction NOT a disease… MD Lukens, Ph.D.   © 2016  Not a Disease The way I see it, addiction is NOT a disease.  It’s something else entirely.   However, as is the case with alcohol addiction,...
  • Great FB Groups @ Pages For Addiction I’ve been working with the best support people/groups in the addiction vertical on Facebook for a number of years now. All the groups (below) are some of the...
  • Say You Want To Help People With Addiction? The Addictions Academy was founded to increase education in the areas of addiction that have been previously unavailable to the general public. We offer on site training,...
  • Do’s and Dont’s When Opening A Treatment Center Though I am eager to help those interested in opening a treatment center/facility, there are some important things I tell my investors and CEOs to consider before...
  • United Health Law Suit vs. Sky Toxicology – Patient Brokering Breaking Down the United Health Law Suit vs. Sky Toxicology, Frontier Toxicology, numerous other labs, treatment centers and individual owners AND DOES 1-150. Case Number:...
  • Katie Donovan Named Executive Vice President of Families Against Narcotics  Other relevant posts: (1) My Daughter the Addict-A Suburban Mom’s Nightmare (2) Families Against Narcotics Announces Run Drugs out of Town Event (3) No One...
  • My Daughter the Addict – A Suburban Mom’s Nightmare @StopFryingBrain By: Katie Donovan I was the PTO mom, the carpool mom, the Brownie leader. We ate family dinners at the table, taught our children manners...
  • Prince. It’s a name that everyone knows, whether you liked him or not. He made an unforgettable name for himself with his signature eclectic fashion, wild dance moves, & flashy hair & makeup. While some...
  • Pain Pill’s the Addiction. Food for thought and advice… Hello, my name is DRUGS – I destroy homes, tear families apart, take your children, and that’s just the start. I’m more costly than diamonds, more...
  • Hi my name is Organized Crime. Friends, supporters and users, of my products and services, call me OC and my middle names are corruption and immorality. I see that you are a supporter and user so...
  • Patient Brokering Kickbacks Lawsuits and Jail… Are You Next? If you have a facility/practice you need to look at this. Click on the posts to read articles. ..
  • When I was 15 years old and my Grandfather passed away of cancer. @StopFryBrain Friends and family brought over casseroles, pies, and lasagnas. Warm cookies left on the porch and neighborly visits of talks and...
  • The Friend Who Introduced Me to My Undoing I was 18 when I met the person who would introduce me to my ultimate undoing, Oxycontin. His name was Miles. I was outside smoking a cigarette...
  •   I am a aggressive Internet marketer (Certified Master Coach Internet Marketing) with 40+ years experience that specializes in the drug and alcohol vertical markets. Look at my endorsements above from executives in the drug...
  • How Do You Find A Good Rehab? By: Steve Castleman It takes courage to break through denial and begin to consider getting professional help. It may start with a glimpse, a fleeting flash of willingness....
  • Exposing the FDA StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. There is also an excellent companion clip to this one which may be found by clicking here Wa...
  • Got Empty Beds at Your Facility? Updates and more discussion on this topic please join our FaceBook Group by clicking on image below. StopFryingYourBrain.com one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click...
  • Stop Frying Your Brain Our Capabilities Please join our network of over 250 facility operators ! stopfryingyourbrain.com one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here to learn more Do you...
  • Lost In Limbo? Hey if you need a friend and some help reach out to me Robert @ 772.206.6676 If you’re a service provider and wish to become a member of our network call John...
  • Is Your Landlord Partially Responsible for Your Relapse? This website is becoming the most visited substance abuse site in the nation. Click here to learn more I saw an article on allergy testing as it...
  • Allergy Testing Can Save Your Life, stop migraines and so much more StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. Published with permission SFYB is a Tedx publishing partner...
  • Watch this man react to the world after 45 years in prison StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. After rock-bottom, rediscover life! Oh what a wonderful world...
  • A Day in the Life of a Crack Dealer. Think about this for a while… Stop being so dam stupid. Be Smart. You have a choice. VOTE: While You Still Can! Donald Trump? StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming...
  • How PTSD Leads To Addiction. If you need some help your in the right place. StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. How PTSD Leads To Addiction. Today...
  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Living With PTSD. If you need some help your in the right place. StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. PTSD...
  • Elderly Addicted to Opiates who would have ever thought Grandma was a drug addict ? StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn why. Other relevant articles you may be...
  • Sober Living plays a critical role in the recovery process. Individuals that decide to drive the road to recovery encounter may detours and obstacles that can sidetrack their recovery. While there are many choices of...
  • Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. This video is adapted from Johann Hari’s New York Times best-selling book...
  • 50 Pounds of Marijuana Shipped to Wrong Address You Should Join You Should Join to learn about the best digital marketing for the drug and alcohol vertical? Click the button below. LinkedIn Groups You Should...
  • Prisons Abuse People with Mental Illness StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. Are we using the prison systems in America to treat mental illness? Sure looks...
  • Drug Addictions Alternatives That Work StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. Are we using the prison systems in America to treat mental illness? Sure looks that way...
  • Criminalizing Mental Health In America… StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. Are we using the prison systems in America to treat mental illness? Sure looks that way...
  • Are we using prisons to treat mental illness? Are we using the prisons in America to treat mental illness? Sure looks that way to the citizens. Thoughts? Do you have any suggestions what could be done differently....
  • US Government Turning Veterans Into Drug Addicts StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. Other Relevant Article – Click Here  You Should Join to learn about the best...
  • Veterans Being Pumped Full of Addictive Opiates StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. Other Relevant Article – Click Here Updates and more discussion on this topic please...
  • StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans You Should Join to learn about the best digital marketing for the...
  • stopfryingyourbrain.com one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here to learn more   We are looking for the best books to recommend to our user community. If you are an...
  •  StopfryingYourBrain.com becoming one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation stopfryingyourbrain.com  becoming one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation. It is a community of 131,000+ registered users and...
  • “Our” LinkedIn groups you should join if you have a product or service to sell or if you wish to engage yourself in the drug and alcohol community. Before you do anything else, you should...
  • Members of Congress, the Betty Ford Foundation, the Christi Foundation and Many Others Meet to Discuss Opiate Deaths Today. Click on the image below to join our automated drug, alcohol training and marketing series if...
  • Seriously an automated marketing system/robot for the drug and alcohol vertical that has real value? The behavioral health national referral list with FREE automated marketing system by the “brian”…is designed specifically to bring service providers...
  • Dealing with Pushy Boozers & Surrounded By Assholes By: J. Bella Last night was a big night for me. Not because it was Friday, but because I was sober and surrounded by drunk people. This...
  • Alcoholism is a Mental Terrorist. Fight the Fear! By: Lisa Fear is a state of mind.  It’s there to protect us and remind us danger is imminent. That doesn’t mean we have to let it...
  • I’ve Been Substituting One Addiction for Another. UGH!! By: Lisa So far in my sober journey, I have become aware that there is a syndrome, well at least for me anyway, of swapping addictions. I...
  • Heroin Kills More People Than Automobile Accidents Heroin in the suburbs? Are you freakin kidding me?! Didn’t we learn not to mess with that junk back in the 60s? Holy crap!! Yet heroin use is...
  • stopfryingyourbrain.com one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here to learn more When someone talk about the long-term consequences of war, let’s talk about the men and women who came...
  • Mexican Cartels Worse Than ISIL A United Nations report estimated over 9,000 civilians have been killed and 17,386 wounded in Iraq in 2014, more than half since ISIL fighters seized large parts on northern Iraq in...
  • Jeffrey Clark is native to Southern California. Jeffrey comes to WJW Treatment Centers after a successful career in both Real Estate and Residential Treatment. Jeffrey sought his own recovery in 2011. He then realized...
  • Everything was going fine for her. She had a great job, a solid marriage, and two wonderful kids. Slowly she became easily annoyed by the least distractions or inconveniences. Then what seems like all of...
  • The opioid crisis in America today is spreading so fast and is so devastating that we have been forced to fight fire with fire just to contain it. Using opioids to treat opioid addiction may...
  • When substance abuse treatment methods are typically discussed amongst professionals in the industry, it usually revolves around things like therapy sessions, prescriptions, labs, and family relations of the patients. Because the system is modeled to...
  • As with all addiction treatment, counseling and therapy make up the primary components of treatment and recovery. Typically, the recovering patients are suffering from underlying emotional trauma and other psychological disorders that often reflect in...

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