To all who claim a judgement free line of thinking, I shudder to think of all the ways you have been victimized, taken advantage of, and flat out used by those more than worthy of at least a second glance.
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The very nature of making an educated observation of those you encounter is based and rooted in the survival instinct itself and as individuals cannot be extinguished. This such defense mechanism need not be extended any further than that as each of us, from millionaire to dumpster diver is capable of drastically changing and in a relatively short period of time. The affluent fall prey to the disease of addiction as often as the dope fiend rises above it, this illness knows no socio-economic boundaries and doesn’t play by our rules, it is ravenous and will continue to spread if our approach isn’t reexamined.

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As addiction is increasingly prevalent a problem in mainstream society we see a shift in our collective conscious minds turning the tide of how best to treat this massive population of those fatally afflicted. Such phenomenon is not only a result of a wide spread exposure to addicts in everyday life but also the hard-won victory those who have recovered, paving the way for us who have been blessed to follow them. Their efforts and example have shown evidence that this transformation is possible, softening the hearts and minds of not only your average citizen but law enforcement and the judicial system as well.

To all who claim a judgement free line of thinking, I shudder to think of all the ways you have been victimized, taken advantage of, and flat out used by those more than worthy of at least a second glance.

From medical professionals to law makers and judges this evident health and safety epidemic cannot be thwarted by lock and key, in fact any such method applied has only watched this dilemma multiple. Treat the disorder with treatment and watch as the burden falls from that officer in the street to the fellow addict who will likely tell you how much they gain from such a burden by giving away the hope they have found by similar means. That isn’t to say the crimes committed beyond that of simply procuring, carrying, and consuming illegal substances should be pardoned in my mind. Despite the control this illness has over our choices, we still must stand accountable for our actions, especially if we intend to find freedom from its grips.

Simply examine the results other nations have found extremely remarkable once decriminalizing the disease, do the research, and respond accordingly or bear witness to another increase to over the estimated 50,000 plus dead this year thus far from overdose alone. Education and exposure, real access and treatment that doesn’t benefit from relapse by recycling clients should the order of the day if we intend to escape further decay. Those who have recovered and openly share their experience prove that we aren’t morally deficient lesser beings but rather fellow humans in need of treatment for an illness that ravenously plucks off our youth without prejudice.

The spread of its reach isn’t limited to the junkie in the street, pharmaceutical addiction is far more prevalent yet well less spoken of and why might you think that to be? 

One such opinion I heard this very evening at a convention hosted to celebrate an Anonymous program of which I proudly profess myself a member was simply put “There ain’t no money in the cure”. This massive collection of people from all levels of society in their first few hours away from the substance that promises to kill them to decades of uninterrupted abstinence was all the evidence I will ever need.

Their substance of choice was of little consequence as the solution remained the same for each of them, ongoing and dedicated daily maintenance is the only thing most will attribute to the miracle of their recovery. We who were once consider lost, discarded by the mainstream, swept under the carpet, or locked away can now stand and say we faced a fierce killer and survived. The challenges of the days ahead when in comparison to those behind us seem rather inconsequential by measure of severity and from that outlook we flourish.

The Stigma society placed on us and mistreatment of this disease may have been part of the cause behind its explosion yet I have faith that it is exactly what will arm the next generation of those in recovery and real change will be made.

You can no longer ignore us, you will not silence us and there will be no where to look away, we are here and have the only solution to show real results. Send us your broken who have surrendered upon the rock bottom that which will serve as the foundation of a life that will astonish anyone blessed enough to witness it, with any luck and faith that witness will be the broken addict looking for a way for we have found one. It is not golden clad mansions on the Malibu cliffs fleecing insurance providers with some illusion of a cure, it is those of us blessed enough to walk alongside you for the long haul for that is what is required.

To those who came in and kept the doors open long enough for me to be fully broken I thank and salute you yet most tell me that I’m here for you as much if not more so as proof of what you never want to be again. From you I will be taught what to teach the next man and the so on and so forth, our numbers will increase attracting them who might need us next, day by day, week by week and year by year. This is the only thing that has ever worked for me and having spent a long enough time in the trials and tribulations under the lash of addiction I can honestly say it is the only thing I’ve ever seen work for anyone else.

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