A Poem By Lisa Laughnan

So you traded your soul for worldly possessions? Now you sit and write out a statement with your confessions.
Lisa Laughnan

Lisa Laughnan

I’ve been down the very same road not long ago. I had sold my soul to the devil and put it in escrow.

He had no intentions of returning what was rightfully mine. Once his poison entered my veins the agreement was signed.

A young girl naive and not thinking about the consequences. It wouldn’t even open my eyes until I was sitting in jail facing multiple felony offences.

I’m not grateful of the people that I hurt or the crimes that I committed. I’m grateful that I found God while incarcerated and that agreement I made with the devil was remitted.

No one is ever to far gone to be saved. I am living proof, God gave me a second chance, and I am grateful that road was paved.

You can live a life of freedom and happiness without the use of drugs. You don’t have to be in a gang out running with thugs.

Life is precious, don’t waste it away. You can turn your life around by starting today.

Written By Lisa Laughnan