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Rapid Detox: The Waismann Method is a combination of the most advanced in-patient medical detox techniques (specializing in rapid detox) and immediate post detox professional care. Together with ourexceptional standards of safety and patient care, we have a complete opiate detox program that is not only safe, but incredibly effective.

Since the late 90s, Waismann Method’s doctors have successfully helped thousands of patients world-wide make a safe transition to an opiate-free life. Using our renowned rapid detox treatment, our doctors are able to induce and speed a patient’s withdrawal from opiates while the patient sleeps comfortably in their private rooms of our JCAHO Accredited Hospital.

Because of our success and outstanding safety protocol, patients from all over the world fly in to our one worldwide exclusive location, based only in Southern California.

(Due to our success, some treatment centers try to imply that they are affiliated with us. This is our only location; we are NOT affiliated with nor have we trained any other doctors or hospitals anywhere else.)

“There is no question that this treatment is the best. Made me comfortable in every aspect. Stop debating and get well. This program changed my life. Worth every penny.” -Suboxone Patient, May 2014

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