What is a Safe House How can it be Effective

Safe House


Donna HART

Donna Heart CEO Heart Foundation

I have spent the last couple years devoting my life to helping those who are not able to help themselves get into treatment for drugs and alcohol.

As I have come along I have cried many tears for those who are homeless and struggling to survive while waiting to get into treatment or sober living. My org. has spoken on many occasions about possibly opening a sober living house to no avail due to the zoning restrictions. Then we came up with developing a SAFE HOUSE.

What is a safe house in our own description? Basically a place to call home for a week. A place to bring these kids to while waiting to go off to treatment. A place to get them warmed up, fed full, and a hot shower while we get them prepared for the beginning of their journey into recovery. Preparing them may consist of getting them clothes together.Everyone, no matter where you come from has a need to fit in.  Fitting in and feeling comfortable is an asset to those who are in treatment. Also getting luggage to travel with that will fit their belongings in. Then we come to getting them to treatment. Having someone there to make sure you get to the airport on time and are able to travel with ID in hand.

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This is my goal. I want everyone who comes through HART Foundation to feel like they are truly a part of the family. We strive for health and happiness along with safety and spirituality. I want all of our children to feel safe and confident in knowing we will be there to support and encourage them as they start this long journey. To know that if you start to fall….you have a place to come to… who will be there and pick you up and get you to a meeting to re-establish your recovery and growth.

I have come to realize there is a whole new set of life rules to live by in this world of treatment, recovery, and meeting places. Helping these people who are willing to jump in and offer an open mind and be teachable will grow our children in a stronger and more responsible direction. Education is a factor we all need and will grow wealthy from.

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 Safe housing program-the following is generally what you can expect:

Safe, private location. Shelters and safe housing programs make everyone’s safety their first priority. You may be asked to keep the location a secret.

Confidentiality. Your information will be private and will not be shared with other agencies unless you give your written permission. You will be asked to honor the privacy of other program participants by not discussing their names or situations with anyone else.

Food, clothing, and toiletries. Shelters and safe housing programs will provide basic necessities for you and your family at no cost.

Sleeping arrangements. You may share common areas and might be asked to share a bedroom. In most shelters you will share the kitchen, common living areas, and bathrooms with other residents. 

what to expect

What to Expect if you Go to a Safe Housing Program

Your stay will be short-term. Safe housing programs offer short stays, between 3 and 7 days.

You will have daily contact with an advocate. Throughout your stay, advocates will work closely with you to help find a safe place to move on to. Advocates are available in person weekdays and by phone on weekends.

Options for moving on. If you still need a safe place when your stay at the safe housing program ends, an advocate will try to assist you to find treatment. Treatment is our goal with a bright and lasting future

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