Couples in Rehab Realizes Bad ResultsCouples In Rehab

Donna HART

Donna Heart

First lets determine what a couple really is ,two minds thinking as one, two of a kind, twosome, husband and wife, lovers,partners in crime, and the list goes on and on. These couples wed, hook up, cohabit and just hang out.

When we start bringing the life styles into co-relation to couples of course in this article we are specifically talking about substance abuse , such as buying, selling and using of drugs and alcohol together.

In my opinion while many many are reaching out for help, when they request to go into treatment together I have to question their motives. For those who are not actually married, how long have they been using together? How long have they known each other? Why do they want to continue in that painful hunt for the golden apple?

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To go into a medical treatment facility you have to leave everything behind and build a new you. This means…letting go of past relationships. Do you know that most of the time while your in treatment you discover you don’t really love each other anyways. Your drug buddies not members of the pta who are raising 4 children holding down jobs with insurance house payments and car payments. Lets face it, What do you really want from this partner?

IF, you go together you stand a high chance of walking away simply because the partner is unhappy with something. ie: Heather looked at her man too long at a group meeting, or Sally was way too friendly with her man and now she knows they must be involved and screwing around.

The drug using mentality comes back and you have to protect what is your source of survival and getting well. That is staying hooked up with the person who made your addiction possible by sharing drugs and doing what you have to do it acquire them in the realms of his or her safety net. WHAT?

The whole concept of going into treatment is to get you far away from ALL that possesses you to stay in that lifestyle. This means changing people places and things. I have seen many people go into treatment and their lives turn drastically into a huge mess of which, they should be concentrating on themselves and getting better , not making sure he or she is ok. Its hard enough to get acclimated to being far away from you hometown in a place full of the same gender, and you want to take a familiar source with you?  No, hell No.

Take this time to find YOU. get yourself clean and healthy. Start building a new life that does not compel you to associate with others who could cause you to have triggers and relapse. That could be fatal to you. That defeats the whole purpose of getting help and going into treatment. You have to look out for you. I know it sucks leaving behind people , even your wife or husband…but you have to do what you have to do to LIVE. You can not help each other you can only drag the other down. This could result in death.

Take charge of yourself, reach out for help and share the phone # of your resources but take that walk alone and discover the new you waiting meet you. Dont ever let anything or anyone jeopardize your recovery. That is yours…you work hard for that and throwing it away for someone who would be willing to watch you die is not worth taking the chance for.

Treatment is personal and designed for each individual…your program does not include your partner and will not conform to you taking one opportunity to relapse. Relapse is not a part of recovery and should be fought for everyday of your life.

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