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Treating Post Inaugural Stress Syndrome


Robert Henslee

 Robert Henslee Secretary Department of Defense Against Addiction (DoDAA) Recovery Army & SFYB CEO/Founder

Watching TV daily is has come to my attention people are behaving much like soldiers suffering from PTSD. They are well… PISSED !

On the TV I see news flash after news flash of large groups rioting and burning buildings. I’ve come to the decision these people must be ill. The symptoms seem to be similar that of PTSD victims suffering from shock.

How did this happen? Is my belief that these individuals have been influenced by mainstream media and cannot comprehend many Americans just don’t buy all the propaganda. Study some of the pictures when it was announced that Donald Trump won the election. It seems the fire grew much larger at… or just after the inauguration. Anyway food for thought. Could it be a whole new market for treatment centers?

Post Election Stress Disorder



students riot


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Operation We Can Recover. Ateeen… Hut…. Officer On Deck!

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Manders Espana

General Manders Espana Recovery Army Loose Cannon Advocate & SFYB Author Alumni  

The year is 2016 in Washington DC, New York, New Jersey, and Florida a group of 4 secret ambassadors teamed up to enlist the elitist of the elite within the recovery field to begin Operation “We Can Recover” 

I am one of four people who embraced a mission to show the world how easy it is to bitch about reality yet doing nothing but adding more opinions on a war that is killing people on a daily basis.

Plagued by anger towards the people on both sides the ones who were discussing the violation of privacy with the media shedding light on our disease and the reality for some of us accepting defeat.

Tank 1

Robert Henslee

 Robert Henslee Secretary of the Department of Defense Against Addiction (DoDAA) SFYB CEO/Founder

Five years ago facing a fear and taking an opportunity that I am forever grateful for I was offered a second chance and was led towards recovery on another level dispatcher for a lucrative tow company.

I began to heal. I became so intent on making my cousin’s proud I began to mend old wounds with confronting myself in these years I became more confident in myself and pretty much joked around about all the aspects surrounding my disease this was my self-defense method.

I continued to live with my cousin’s and 2 years into it I suffered a heart attack and embraced life realizing what was important and that was leaving behind a legacy to be proud of and it was assumed that I had overdosed causing my heart to fail.

Then I realized that I needed to educate myself and others around me waging war on the battle against addiction and the demons that lurk within our backyard.


Michael DeLeon Michael DeLeon

Michael DeLeon Director at Steered Straight, Inc. SFYB Executive Board

Craig Dickinson would best be described as an old school biker by day and guardian angel 24-7 I began to take more leaps of faith and constantly found myself turning to the site that led me to the third ambassador who led forth the initiative to send a message to the recovery advocates in the world to spread the word of mouth and not be afraid to embrace the broken pieces and address them.

Michael DeLeon who I am blessed for the amazing opportunities and strength to put the actions to play we then were blessed with Robert Henslee from Florida who is the man behind the curtain – Secretary of the Department of Defense Against Addiction (DoDAA) and we called a Silent yet subtle challenge we come out of the shadow inspiring others who are stuck within the addiction epidemic that brought us all together.


Dopeless Duck

Commander Dopeless Duck SFYB Senior Staff And  Executive Advisory Board Member

We then embraced 3 new members through this new war that was waged in 2017 officially but has been a top secret mission Mr. Billy Pfeiffer  Mr. RJ Vied and James Sweasy became the first ones who were being considered for the league of heroes followed by Bobble, Nester, Blake, Dopeless Duck, Nathan, Jenna, Josh, Tim Carmen, Rich Walters, Joann, Kristi, Erin, Denise AND several dozen others too numerous to list here – the page isn’t long enough… and I promised to finish this in one day.


Rj Vied – Commander Advocate SFYB Senior Staff, Executive Advisory Board Member 

This was the beginning and the mission just began with the candidates and the role these warriors will play within the next several weeks and join the Recovery Army League as we welcome more members of the Recovery Community allow themselves to come forth and join us for our adventures and bring fantasy fiction to a new level and embracing the comic book phase in hopes of getting the education out their surrounding our superhero abilities stay tuned next week as we set off on our first mission and welcome to my world.

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Who are homeless veterans?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) states that the nation’s homeless veterans are predominantly male, with roughly 9% being female. The majority are single; live in urban areas; and suffer from mental illness, alcohol and/or substance abuse, or co-occurring disorders. About 11% of the adult homeless population are veterans.

Robert Henslee

Robert Henslee SFYB Founder/CEO

Roughly 45% of all homeless veterans are African American or Hispanic, despite only accounting for 10.4% and 3.4% of the U.S. veteran population, respectively.

Homeless veterans are younger on average than the total veteran population. Approximately 9% are between the ages of 18 and 30, and 41% are between the ages of 31 and 50. Conversely, only 5% of all veterans are between the ages of 18 and 30, and less than 23% are between 31 and 50.

America’s homeless veterans have served in World War II, the Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam War, Grenada, Panama, Lebanon, Persian Gulf War, Afghanistan and Iraq (OEF/OIF), and the military’s anti-drug cultivation efforts in South America. Nearly half of homeless veterans served during the Vietnam era. Two-thirds served our country for at least three years, and one-third were stationed in a war zone.

About 1.4 million other veterans, meanwhile, are considered at risk of homelessness due to poverty, lack of support networks, and dismal living conditions in overcrowded or substandard housing.



How many homeless veterans are there?

Although flawless counts are impossible to come by – the transient nature of homeless populations presents a major difficulty – the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that 39,471 veterans are homeless on any given night.

Approximately 12,700 veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation New Dawn (OND) were homeless in 2010. The number of young homeless veterans is increasing, but only constitutes 8.8% of the overall homeless veteran population.

110530011804_homeless_veterans-640Why are veterans homeless?

In addition to the complex set of factors influencing all homelessness – extreme shortage of affordable housing, livable income and access to health care – a large number of displaced and at-risk veterans live with lingering effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and substance abuse, which are compounded by a lack of family and social support networks. Additionally, military occupations and training are not always transferable to the civilian workforce, placing some veterans at a disadvantage when competing for employment.

A top priority for homeless veterans is secure, safe, clean housing that offers a supportive environment free of drugs and alcohol.

Doesn’t VA take care of homeless veterans?

To a certain extent, yes. Each year, VA’s specialized homelessness programs provide health care to almost 150,000 homeless veterans and other services to more than 112,000 veterans. Additionally, more than 40,000 homeless veterans receive compensation or pension benefits each month.

Since 1987, VA’s programs for homeless veterans have emphasized collaboration with such community service providers to help expand services to more veterans in crisis. VA, using its own resources or in partnerships with others, has secured nearly 15,000 residential rehabilitative and transitional beds and more than 30,000 permanent beds for homeless veterans throughout the nation. These partnerships are credited with reducing the number of homeless veterans by 70% since 2005.

What services do veterans need?

Veterans need a coordinated effort that provides secure housing, nutritional meals, basic physical health care, substance abuse care and aftercare, mental health counseling, personal development and empowerment. Additionally, veterans need job assessment, training and placement assistance.

NCHV strongly believes that all programs to assist homeless veterans must focus on helping them obtain and sustain employment.

What seems to work best?

The most effective programs for homeless and at-risk veterans are community-based, nonprofit, “veterans helping veterans” groups. Programs that seem to work best feature transitional housing with the camaraderie of living in structured, substance-free environments with fellow veterans who are succeeding at bettering themselves.

Government money, while important, is limited, and available services are often at capacity. It is critical, therefore, that community groups reach out to help provide the support, resources and opportunities that most Americans take for granted: housing, employment and health care. Veterans who participate in collaborative programs are afforded more services and have higher chances of becoming tax-paying, productive citizens again.

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Department of children services

Know your rights when fighting Child Protective/Welfare Services

Dealing With Child Protective Services
Here are some of my recommendations. Keep in mind that I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice — so consider the source. Get an attorney if at all possible, and discuss these things with him/her. Your attorney will understand local procedures better than I possibly could.
Joann Miller

SFYB Desk Editor

What would you do if a child protective services (CPS) social worker came to your door with false accusations? What would be the best way to handle that. Read this to be prepared, before it happens to you, as it has happened to so many others…. people who believed it would never happen to them.


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Stay calmStay Calm

As you deal with the interview, remember to be polite. Child protective services workers may become angry at hostile and terrified parents, thinking they must have something to hide. Treat the social services caseworkers respectfully, but don’t give them any personal or self-incriminating information, or leads to more information.

They may need to see your children in order to close the case, and they will probably want to talk to both parents. Don’t be afraid. Do whatever needs to be done in order to get the case closed.

The less said, the better. Child protective services social workers usually show up at your door with little to no evidence. If they are acting on an anonymous tip, they have NOTHING. They cannot get a court order based on an anonymous tip. The only thing they can use against you is information you give them.

record everythingRecord and Document Everything

Check your state recording laws. Print out a copy of your state’s recording law, and put it in a file folder titled “Child Welfare Agents” near your front door. Have an audio recorder or video camera handy in the house at all times. If a child protective services social worker shows up at your door, be prepared to record the interview. You can, at that time, show them that you have a copy of the recording law.

Don’t be coerced not to record — this is your legal right if your state law says it is. Video is better than audio, if you can afford to do that instead.

Furthermore, you must document everything that happens in writing.

aid319398-728px-Take-Notes-Step-6-Version-2Take Notes.
 Keep a spiral-bound notebook on hand and use it to document every contact with child protective services or child protective services appointed “service providers”. Don’t back down on this! Prepare in advance, and stand firm against CPS agents! After each contact, write a letter (some recommend having such a letter notarized) detailing what occurred, and request that the social worker confirm or deny the facts as you understand them within ten days of receipt of your letter. If no letter disputing the facts is received, then your statement of facts will be automatically confirmed. This form of documentation can later be used as evidence in your favor in juvenile court. See: Your Case Notebook – Is It Up To Date?
hops656Don’t Invite The CPS Worker Inside

 You are under no obligation to let a child protective services social worker into your house. Under the basic law of our land, the United States Constitution, Amendment Four, you have the right to privacy in your home. No government agent of any type is allowed to enter your home without your permission. We know of many cases where entry was coerced by statements such as “let me in or I’ll take your kids”. Do not give in! Do not give up your Constitutional Rights! Stand firm on this! If your rights are not honored, you can sue them later, but it is so much better to force them to honor your rights now. Check out Forced Entry Lawsuit.

0727 warrant

The only exception would be if the child protective services agent shows up with a law enforcement officer bearing a search warrant. Usually, that doesn’t happen — and I will tell you why. The child protective services agent is there at your door to gather evidence. Usually, he doesn’t have enough real evidence to detain your child right away and there is not enough “probable cause” to obtain a search warrant. Typically, he will be just working on a phoned-in tip from someone who wants to retaliate against you for something. If you talk a lot, your words will be twisted in such a way as to be used against you in court. Also if you allow this person into your home, he will most likely find something there to complain about and use against you in court. A sink with 8 dishes needing washing can show up in his report as “a sink full of dirty dishes and a filthy kitchen” which of course would serve to make you look bad to a judge. Therefore, just don’t let these people into your home. You have no idea what an issue a child protective services social worker can make out of a pile of laundry sitting next to your washing machine!

If the complaint the child protective services social worker is there to investigate is that your house is dirty, you can go inside, take a few digital photos, and then go back outside to show her the house is just fine. Or, you can tell her that without a court order there will be no entry into your private home thanks to the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution. If she’s working with only an anonymous tip, she will not be able to get a court order. If instead, she has credible evidence, she may be able to get one.

Silent 11Say As Little As Possible

Of course, when you first see child protective services social workers on your doorstep, you want these people to go away and close their case. This will make you want to tell them things to clarify that you are not a danger to your children. Be careful what you say. As any activist will tell you, anything you say can be twisted and used against you!

For example, I thought it was good that my spouse and I were already involved in therapy and a 12-Step group for adult children of alcoholics. However this statement was used against me. It was used as evidence that I had problems and needed “services”. The fact that I was already taking care of my own needs and didn’t need a court order to do these things didn’t help.

cps rights

Another thing you really shouldn’t tell CPS agents is whether you were once in state custody. When you tell them you were a foster child, first of all they know there’s a file out there with your name in it from which they can pull documents to use as “evidence” against you. In my case, most of the paperwork in our thick file was pulled from my spouse’s very thick state custody file. They claimed they had evidence that he was violent from the time he was in kindergarten and they were prepared to use that juvenile file against us, even though he had never harmed our child. Second, if you tell them you were a foster child, it marks you as a victim and makes them think you can be victimized more. Former foster children have their children detained at a rate much higher than most, so just be on the safe side and don’t mention that fact if it pertains to you. It really is none of their business. You should not open your mouth to help them make a case against you.

It is also not wise to tell them something like, “I am not an abuser – I should know what that is – I was abused as a child.” What this says to them is that you were abused therefore you are likely to be an abuser. Believe me, no matter what terrible situation you went through as a child, it is better not to mention that to a social worker. They will not feel so sorry for you that they will just go away. No, it doesn’t work that way. They are looking for bad things to say about you to pad their caseworker report when they present it to a judge.


Yet another thing you shouldn’t say is whether your child was detained in the past. A history of child protective services interference in your family tells a caseworker you are on their hit list. If you have ever had a child taken from you by Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) move to another state or better yet, out of the country, and keep it a secret! There is a 1996 law (ASFA – the Adoptions and Safe Families Act) that gives the child protective services agents the right to take away all future children if you ever had a TPR in the past. If this law is used against you, there will be no reunification plan, no “reasonable efforts” to keep your family together, and most likely no visitation.

Child cust

Another thing to beware of: they may ask you for referrals to people to help prove your fitness to parent. For example, I was asked for my ex-husband’s phone number. Thinking he would give me a good referral, I complied. As it turned out, he was told that making a statement against me would help him keep custody of our children. The most damaging “evidence” they got against me were false statements signed by this ex-husband and his girlfriend, who had only met me briefly once and had never been in my home! This woman had the gall to make a twelve page false statement typed on legal paper regarding my parenting abilities! She called it an “affidavit” but did not sign it under penalty of perjury, and for good reason! Therefore I advise that you NOT give them “leads” to your friends, family, ex-spouses, therapists, doctors, etc. They are just looking for “evidence” against you and they are experts at coercing this sort of evidence from people who know you. Make them find their own evidence — don’t help them find or make contacts!

So, if CPS agents are at your door, stand firm and say as little as you possibly can! If you feel they are making a case against you anyhow, get an attorney to help you through an interview in your attorney’s office.

TrustingDon’t Trust CPS Social Workers

 In other words, know the enemy. Know who child protective services workers are. I used to work with child protective services workers in the Dept. of Public Social Services, Visalia, California, so I think I’m in a position to tell you what these government agents are like, though I’ve never been one. (I was a welfare eligibility worker.) The typical child protective services social worker is there for one reason: to have a job to pay his/her bills. This worker cannot afford to lose the job, so s/he will do whatever the supervisor says in order to maintain employment.

Now, if this child protective services social worker is put into a unit assigned to go investigate referrals and to make decisions regarding detainment, of children, then naturally this person would be suspect if s/he never detained a kid! In order to maintain employment, this child protective services social worker will have to take a certain number of children into custody… therefore when they are at your home, they are thinking to themselves, “what can I find out about this family to build a case aimed at taking their kid?” They must have a case to take to court, and they are there, looking for evidence.


Even if they seem nice and harmless, remember, this is how child protective services make money. To keep their jobs, they must take away children from their families. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They come to your door saying, “I’m just here to help.” The next thing you know, your children are in state custody and you are in court trying to prove your innocence. Remember, even if you like the person, behind every pleasant personality is a need to keep the child protective services social worker job. Behind every seemingly nice caseworker, there is a more experienced child protective services supervisor who may tell your caseworker to “find something” to use to detain your child. You would not believe some of the idiotic allegations I have seen in caseworker reports… but if they can get a judge to rubber stamp their side of the story, they can get away with keeping your children in state custody. Don’t trust these people!

ServicePlans3Service Plans

 You need to understand that child protective services funding is closely tied in with “service providers”. It is likely that the social worker will offer some kind of deal, saying you can keep your kid if you agree to “services” like psychological testing, drug testing, therapy, etc. What this offer really means is that they don’t have enough evidence to take your child into their custody, but if you will just go to their “service providers” they may get the “evidence” they need through these “service provider” reports.


Say, for example, you are accused of drug use. They want you to go to a drug testing service to prove your innocence. You say, “Okay, I’m not a drug user, I’ll go”. But then you find yourself facing false-positive results … or if you miss an appointment, you are told that will count as a positive drug test. Your life is being severely interfered with because you have to go to scheduled appointments, miss work, make special childcare arrangements, etc. Believe me, all this is not a “service” to you, no matter what they call it! It is only a way for child protective services social workers to try to get “evidence” against you so they can take your children away.

What I recommend based on what I’d do in similar circumstances: Do NOT sign their plans. Do NOT admit to anything. Force them to PROVE their cases in court, in a FULL TRIAL. Don’t accept just a hearing where you are coerced to sign guilty to the charges. They will try every trick in the book to get you to agree to their sick “service plans”. Stand firm and just say “no” when they ask you to sign your legal rights away.

no no no noJust Say “NO” To Private Interviews With Your Child

 The CPS agents will want to talk to your child alone. Just say “NO”. Tell the agents that your child has the right to have an attorney present and that if he insists on an interview then you and the attorney will be present and the interview will be recorded, preferably on videotape. Of course, if your child is attending a public school, you probably won’t get a chance to say “no”. What would happen is that the social worker would go to the school and, behind your back, get permission to talk with your children from the school employees. You can tell the school ahead of time (in writing) that you don’t permit such interviews, or anything other than basic education activities, however, you cannot trust school employees to go by your wishes. It might help to ask your attorney to write a letter to the school forbidding interviews with CPS workers. Keep in mind that the public schools are one of the major sources of CPS referrals. I have heard that caseworkers complain that public school employees actually want more child detentions than CPS agents do!

My advice is not to trust the schools, and to homeschool if possible. I am a big homeschooling advocate because I believe it is best for kids, and one of these days I will write a page about that too… but in the meantime, just keep in mind that it is hard to say “no” to interviews if your child’s school will say “yes”.

Public Schools

Already the government puts child protective services social workers into public schools to look for target children. Eventually, this may be the case in every public school. I think this is a good place for me to mention that I support the separation of school and state. Please check it out.

Be sure your children know that they have the right to say, “I don’t want to be interviewed without my parents and an attorney and a tape recorder present.” Child protective services social workers will not tell your child that s/he has the right to say that. If there is still time, you must be the one to train your child how to deal with government agents. Be sure your child knows the consequences of child protective services interviews. If anyone is detained, it is the child. If they say the wrong thing, they can be taken into custody and removed, possibly permanently, from parents, siblings, friends, their hometown, their pets, and everything else they hold dear in life! They will be traumatized by that separation, and probably put on harmful adult psychotropic drugs to deal with the separation. See: Drugging Foster Children.

If they complain too much about being incarcerated in state custody homes, they may be put into mental hospitals, or placed in restraints, which are known to be deadly. “Teach your children well,” as the old song goes. We live in perilous times. We owe it to our children to help them learn to deal with government agents that may harm them. Remember, children are eight to ten times more at risk of abuse in foster and group homes, so we are not over-reacting in teaching our children these self-protective measures.

prepAdvance Preparation

 I’ve suggested that you keep the following things on hand: a tape recorder, blank tape, video camera, spiral-bound notebook, and a file folder marked “Child Welfare Agents”. If you have time to prepare for a visit before it happens, you are very lucky. Most people don’t take the threat of government interference in their lives seriously — until after it happens to them.

To prepare, I suggest the following items be printed out from the internet and placed in your folder: your state and federal laws regarding child welfare services; court cases that ensure your rights; the Bill of Rights, newspaper articles and statistics showing that children are not safe in state custody homes. Be prepared to show these things to the social worker that comes to your door, and question them about the wisdom of taking children into state custody where they are eight to ten times more at risk of abuse.


If they want to take your kids, question them about the “reasonable efforts” requirement to keep families together, and about what “pre-placement preventative services” they are offering. If they want your child, ask about what “imminent danger” exists. Let them know that you know the laws!

For example, if they claim something happened on Monday to your child but they show up on Friday afternoon to pick your child up, you should be telling these social workers that obviously no “imminent danger” exists or they would have acted on the report right away! If you don’t stand firm and point out their mistakes, they will walk all over you and violate their own laws in many different ways. Yes, your child still might be detained, but if you show them you know their laws and can speak their lingo, they will think twice before choosing you as a new client.

Paper work

In addition to the paperwork detailed above, keep on hand in this “Child Welfare Agents” file your pediatrician’s doctor reports showing that your child is healthy. Every time your child sees a physician, request in writing that the full report be sent to you. You should not give these reports to a CPS agent, but you can let him know you have evidence showing that you are a good parent, not an abuser. Flash the papers before his/her face, don’t hand them over to be read… these are your own valuable documents and you don’t need to share or tell the worker who the child’s doctor is. Let the worker find evidence on his/her own. Don’t help a CPS agent try to build a case against you.

The point of having this folder is to let the social worker know that you know the laws and you are prepared to defend yourself! You are not going to share your “evidence” with a social worker. They have no right to it unless the case goes to court, and then you share it with your attorney only – or if you’re representing yourself, you can enter items like pediatrician reports into the court records as evidence.


 Be prepared to face coercion, even from your own court-appointed attorney. Just like many others, I too was told by my county attorney that I could take my child home that day if I would just sign guilty to the charges, and I was so desperate to get my baby, I signed. Thousands of us have done that. Believe me, it is better to say “No – I want a full trial – you must prove your charges!” If you give in to the coercion, you will be jumping through their “service plan” hoops for months to come. If you go through with a trial, there’s a possibility you will win your freedom from this government interference in your family’s life.

If you go through a trial, and your child is adjudged a state ward, and you are court-ordered to complete a “service plan” or “reunification plan,” then, of course, you should do your best to complete every part of it before the next court hearing. This plan will most likely include psychological testing and counseling — that is a standard waste of taxpayer money. If the social workers want to court order you to anything that does not apply to your case, you should insist that your attorney fights this requirement in court. For example, if they want you to go to drug testing despite the fact that you are not a drug user and they have no evidence that you might be, then fight it! After the court hearing, if social workers try to force you into “services” that are not in the court-ordered plan you can refuse to cooperate. You are only required to do things that the judge has ordered. You should document all such illegal requests for additional services that haven’t been required by a judge. You can request a state administrative hearing from the state social services department to discuss these requests with an Administrative Law Judge.


Likewise, you may find that child protective services social workers are trying to delay setting up services that are court ordered. You must document your repeated requests for such services and the excuses the child protective services social workers give for delaying the start of such services. Child protective services agents have been known to delay services so that your case will last longer. If your child is in state custody for 15 months, your parental rights can be terminated on that basis alone. Your goal will be to get your child returned at the next court hearing, so don’t allow delays!





Cali Thanks

Thank You Dr Cali Estes By: Donna Heart
Cali Thanks

Donna HART

Donna Heart CEO Heart Foundation

The last 2 months have been exhausting trying to figure out a positive means of reaching out to help our children and helping them to transition back into society with the option of NOT relapsing.
I spoke to one of the most respected doctors in addiction recovery, Dr Cali Estes.

I spent some time researching her to find out what it is that makes her so great. She” CARES and KNOWS” whats needed to help people to bring change into their life.

Thank You Dr Cali Estes By: Donna Heart Click to Tweet


After I had a very exciting conversation with Cali Estes and my friend Robert Henslee, I realized my organization helping people to go into treatment was just not enough. I enrolled in The Addictions Academy and took classes. Recovery Coaching and Family Recovery Coaching.

Click Image Below To Learn More

Addopt-an-addict again

The HART Foundation has reached out to hundreds of people and helped as many as possible to get them into treatment and save their life. Why, because I’m the mother of an addict. I know the struggle my son goes through every single day along with my struggle as his parent and family issues that come into play as a family. As that parent I have seen the depths of hell take over my child and damn near kill him many times. My family has been on the brink of excluding each other out of our lives due to lack of education and understanding of this epidemic we are all facing today.

Click Below To Learn More About Project Safe House

Safe House 1

What is the answer? We don’t know. Not really, if we did there wouldn’t be an epidemic of literally hundreds of people dying everyday. So What do we do?We equip ourselves with the best tools possible to help them. We get the education needed to save our children and clients.

Going to detox then treatment …and sober living isnt enough….Our loved ones have to go home at some point…then what? They have got to figure out how to adjust back into a whole new society on their own. They have to find the motivation and be willing to find a job, a meeting if they are working the 12 steps, a church, how to shop for food and entertainment, where to live etc. and what about the parents and family…how do they deal with all that?

recovery coach

A Recovery Coach or Family Recovery Coach.

The Addictions Academy has taught me the importance of having that coach alongside to help guide our loved ones into their new lives. We give them purpose and pride back. We give them a “Plan of Action”. We dont become their new best friend, we become their Rope. That rope will challenge and embrace their life and struggles to fit into society and grow from where they have actually been. HELL.

I personally have benefited from the classes at The Addictions Academy, I have discovered my weaknesses and strengths and realized the challenges we all face in this world of addiction we live in, learning to live again in a world that is so dark.

I am looking forward to being able to go 1 step further to help our loved ones
build a better, stronger life. That is the part of recovery we as society did not provide our clients with. This is about education and Education is the answer.

Thank you Cali Estes, The Addiction Academy.

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Spamming Prospects Cell Phones Marketing Bad



Robert Henslee

SFYB Founder

Spamming cell phones via Facebook messenger or SMS texting is marketing bad. No doubt about it. Here’s why.

Do you remember when telemarketers used to call you at dinner time only to try and sell you an insurance package or better yet a graveyard. You remember how much it pissed you off? Well spamming a cell phone via texting is just about as bad.

In the last few months I’ve had dozens of these experiences. The last one was from a profile of the major national brand whom I’ve been watching for many years now. As a multimillion dollar corporation their marketing just stinks if you asked me.


They are still using a first-generation mindset of standing on the street corners and broadcasting their message interrupting thousands of people with non-relevant content. Flat out pissing people off. Brand damaging.They just don’t have a clue. Permission based marketing models are so much more successful and effective. This is dinosaur marketing by old dogs that just don’t understand the world in which they live anymore.

As soon as you point this out to them, they will undoubtedly tell you how awesome they are, how successful they are, blab blab blab. What they fail to understand is just how brand damaging this truly is. If people want your information and you’re doing a good job with social…It will find them and they will give you permission to message them.


After these misinformed individuals are told this, then they get nasty threatening you with all kinds of horrible dark things. You know who you are.

We are on fire

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Society Says



Time taints the present, wrestles with the hope

of change being capable, to your putting down the dope.

There’s no understanding, the resentment is noticed,

our silence resounds in all of the demons you’ve kissed.

And while you fall again, we’ll boo and we’ll hiss,

because we like it here in our ignorant bliss.

We don’t need to hear you, or what goes unspoken

there’s no need to listen, while angels fall you’re still broken.

Your struggles are ignored by those of us around you,

we’ll keep turning our heads and just be glad we’re not you.

We’ll keep saying, ‘Not me. Mine won’t be affected.’

And we’ll make sure you stay there with no direction.



We choose not to know you or anyone like yourself

it’s easier for us stay above you, here on this man made shelf.

We’ve placed ourselves here, and it’s where we’ll stay

in all of our efforts to keep you out of our way.

Sit back in your corner and leave us be

we’re happy without you, we need you to see,

that in the pews on Sunday is where we’ll be,

passing out judgment in our offerings.

We’ll revel in the notion that our God loves us more

today and always, inside of those doors.



We’ll whisper and point fingers and call you weak

we’ll talk all about how you can’t succeed.

Our voices will serenade our own shared thoughts

of how you chose it and still remain lost.

We’ll not be relentless in our speech,

because you aren’t the one we’re trying to reach.

We don’t care about why or the reasons surrounding,

while we shake our heads, actions astounding.

We’ll work hard to keep you there, alone and trapped

because accepting truth is not our task.



We don’t want to know why you lie and you steal,

We don’t care about that or how you feel.

It’s your choice, you choose to stay there,

but we’ll do what we can to talk and stare.

Besides there’s no such thing as no control

we know your type without knowing you at all.

And as you sit there, crying, alone and scared,

we’ll just keep repeating how it’s you that doesn’t care.

We don’t need you with us because our time means more,

and we don’t want your chaos or your war.

We enjoy our own battles, we’re busy keeping score

of all of your failures, we know there’ll be more.



We’re counting them all, each and every one,

and sometimes we laugh at your coming undone.

We don’t need to understand you to have our fun,

we like our walls and thinking we’ve won.

We protect our own here and we’ll keep you away,

today and tomorrow, are one in the same

because to us you’re no one, do you have a name?



We read in our papers of the things you’ve done,

and we’re shaking our heads as we hang them in shame.

You make these choices and you can’t tell us we’re wrong

you’ve spent so much time there, it’s all the same song.

Your suffering is self-inflicted, and there you sit

like your completely unaffected taking that next hit.

And you just keep going, we know who you are

it’s been us keeping track, watching from afar.

We don’t have time to consider the problems

we like our view, and not trying to solve them.

You created this mess and our distance keeps us grounded,

trust us we know because we’re still counting.

While we revel in our successes we’ll leave you be

it’s obvious to us you like catastrophe.



We do not promote helping those as broken as you are,

we don’t have the time while we judge from afar.

So just stay over there, or stay in prison,

it all helps us in keeping our vision.

We tell ourselves that’s just who you are,

and we’ll doubt you completely, the person you are.

See us over here and in our crowds,

we want nothing to do with you, except keeping you down.

We’ll kick dirt like it’s confetti, throw it around,

celebrity status of the hopeless and drowned.

As we control the effort it takes to call you a disgrace

we’ll be proud of our decisions to keep you corralled and at bay.

So take yourself out of here, you and your pity

because we’re society and we’re the ones who are pretty.



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We are on fire

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Robert Henslee

Robert Henslee SFYB Founder

A special thanks to all those who helped. In 2016 we had 4 to 6 million unique viewers depending on which set of analytics you wish to believe.

We crashed so many times it was hard keeping analytics working as we switched to bigger platforms losing all raw server data several times.

Many thanks to Kyle and our IT staff for keeping the wheels on. Many long nights without sleep. I can’t thank you guys enough answering the phone at 2 am listening to me rant. How you guys did it is beyond me and yes… I’ll get you some more bubble gum.

Our busiest day in 2016 hit 50,000 ppl in a single day (was published in a paper in Japan). We’re seen in 172 different countries which still blows my mind. I added a collection of objects below that define what we’re all about @ SFYB and demonstrates better what we’re up against. Of particular interest is the object labeled “A big part of the problem”. Take the time to watch it. Explains a lot of what is wrong here.

P.S. A special Thanks to Joanne, Kristi, the SM team, all the advocates ppl like Dopeless Duck, Rj, Blake, Rich, Mark and a dozen others, our authors about 50+, FB friends and all our great sponsors who believed in my vision. To our artists like Joe Nester.. you’re part of the SFYB family. I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart. See right hand banner sponsors. Check em out they are the reason we are here folks. Special thanks to Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Arcadia Healthcare, Reliance Treatment Centers,TriCare Insurance Network, Va Hospital Network, Foundations Recovery Network.and Dr Michael @ the Lukens Group. These ppl were there for me when I needed them the most.

I will be adding more to this page as time permits.

Robert Henslee CEO/Founder/Publisher


A special shout out to my friends Joe Nester & Jenna Nicole. It is my belief you’re going places and I’m proud to call you friends. See you at the Reliance Open House. @R

Won’t you join us? Your voice could save a life!

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And Manders Espana (A General in The Recovery Army – “given addicts a voice” plus all the others ( Scared – You know who you are ) Daad & boots on the ground…. coming soon…  Can’t talk about it. cuz I’m waiting for donuts from sprinkles and details before I can build the page below. So come back later. Will blow your mind. The image below doesn’t click yet. Their are so many in our community. Special shout out to Stacie u rock babe and the hundreds of others to numerous to list. Lastly, don’t let the ass-hats/haters get you.Just Ignore em. Plus it’s like 2 am and I’m going to bed. Good night. I’ll add more tomorrow morn.

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Joe I’ll see you at the Reliance open House… Let’s have a burger or something and catch up. Much love brother you’re awesome @R

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