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Reach: 72.4k Reg & 86k+ Facilities & 26.8M Social Media + (Email Community Total 180k) Nations largest organic addiction related community. Welcome Andrea Grubb Barthwell, M.D., F.A.S.A.M., is the founder and CEO of Two Dreams and past president of ASAM


If you’re thinking about hiring a doctor or establishing an integrative health department, we encourage you to follow these four steps:

STEP #1:  Make a written commitment to yourself to write a vision statement for how you see your center setting itself apart from the pack.

The longer you wait, the sooner your competitors will get the jump.  Industry experts are testifying before Congress and other state legislative bodies that treatment professionals rely too heavily on more drugs to treat a drug addiction problem.  This resolution is pushing the profession into the direction of finding effective alternatives to drugs as a way of treating addiction.  Many effective non-pharmaceutical therapies are available, needed, and wanted by the consumers, who are your clients. In the very near future it will become a necessity to have a fully functioning integrative health department in each treatment center that provides alternative care that is not pharmaceutically based.

Another reason for the necessity of creating a fully functioning integrative health services department is the congruency it represents to your clients, community, and profession that more drugs for treating drug addiction is both a subtle and an overt contradiction in methodologies, which ultimately leads to more relapses.

Addiction Recovery Solutions has created a system for you to transition your addiction treatment center into the new age of integrated health for better outcomes and improved reimbursement. You deserve this revenue stream. Why give it away to a third party?


STEP #2:  List your objectives.

Is the health of your clients and your business highest on your list, so that you would want a doctor that is using clinically appropriate and medically necessary services to address your clients’ conditions?  Do you want high quality clinical services for your clients AND the revenue that comes with it?  Do you want to work with honest, well-trained, and reputable professionals – or are you willing to risk working with others who are not that concerned and keep the accounts receivable for themselves – not knowing if they will be in business tomorrow and might not be exactly compliant or honest?

Addiction Recovery Solutions is the right choice because we are dedicated to serving you and not the other way around. We are right there with you all the way as part of your medical team, not a separate entity that comes and goes with the schedule. Would you want a service provider sitting in your meetings that is actively competing for your clients care?


STEP #3:  Ask questions.

The way you learn about a potential doctor or health professional you want to hire is to ask specific questions and listen carefully to the answers.  Here are nine questions to ask a doctor to help you feel more confident about the one that you choose:

1) What services do you recommend for my clients needs?

2) What type of equipment will I need and how much space should I allot?

3) How many days per week should I schedule?

4) What specialized training have you had in addiction care?

5) Are you a member of the Florida Chiropractic Association, Alliance For Addiction Solutions, or other professional organization?

6) Are you and your staff certified by the ACACD, and can I see your hard copy certificate?

7) Do you bill the insurance carriers and get paid by them?

8) Are you insured, and can I see your malpractice face sheet?

Addiction Recovery Solutions provides you with the simple solutions to all of the above questions and more. Because we are the integrated health services provider for addiction recovery centers, we don’t have to focus on running a private practice as our main mission. This gives us the complete freedom to serve you. Isn’t that what you really want from all of your doctors and staff anyway?

STEP #4:  Once you’re satisfied that you’re working with honest, competent professionals, invite them to tour your center and facilities and allow them to completely understand your vision.  Ask for written quotation. This gives you the assurance that you know exactly what your investment in establishing an integrative health department will be – no surprises. If you hear the words, “It will cost you nothing,” it is not true – and it could cost you big!

Addiction Recovery Solutions will never sell you on the idea that providing health services will be free because your won’t have the billing headache. In fact, you already have a billing department or have outsourced it to another entity. Why would you want to give that source of revenue away? And why would you not want to know what services the doctor is billing your patients for?

The purpose behind these steps is to empower you with the information you need to make a wise decision in choosing the right professional for the right reasons.  The proper implementation of integrative health services is essential to creating a healthy environment for your center and your clients, and this decision should never be taken lightly.  These guidelines will help you to locate an ethical and excellent board certified doctor and other health providers for your for your needs.

You have to look no further as we have already provided the above answers for you. Addiction Recovery Solutions is the right choice for adding integrative health services to your addiction treatment center. Just call or text 772-288-6456 or email us at info@addictionrecovery-fl.com today!


DR Bruce


The following is a summary on how to choose the right integrative health professional including chiropractic physicians, nurses, massage and physical therapists, nutritionists, health coaches, and more.

It covers some of the common mistakes made by CEOs of addiction treatment centers in choosing licensed and certified health professionals, and also the four steps you can take to help you in choosing a true “professional.


MISTAKE #1Choosing a doctor based on private practice experience alone. 

No question, your doctors need first-rate experience and training in the field of medicine.  But they also need something else – advanced training and skills in the treatment and management of patients who suffer with the disease of addiction.  Many chiropractors and other health professionals market themselves as “experts” in treating addiction, but are really using techniques and methods that they use for their own private patients.  The best way to know that the doctor has been properly educated and trained is to make sure that he or she has been board certified by the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders (ACACD). Before you hire a doctor, ask to see written proof of their board certification and annual renewal certificates. Addiction Recovery Solutions doctors are all board certified of eligible in addiction medicine – no need to look further.

MISTAKE #2Choosing a doctor by agreeing to self-billing practices.

Agreeing to let a doctor bill and get paid by insurance carriers on your patients is a problem in three ways:  (1) Agreeing to letting the doctor bill and get paid by insurance carriers for your patients can be the bait that attracts your phone call.  But once these types of doctors get into your center, they often pressure your patients into utilizing higher billable services that are often not appropriate or medically necessary.  (2) Agreeing to let the doctor bill and get paid by insurance carriers means the fiduciary accountability is not between the doctor and your center but with doctor and the insurance carrier. Rarely do you know what the services are and, when told, it means that you are not entitled to any of the revenue.  (3) Agreeing to letting the doctor bill and get paid by insurance carriers also can lead to unwanted intrusion by auditors and unneeded inspections by state regulating and certifying agencies. Unfortunately, you can’t separate yourself from the billing practices of other practitioners when those services are performed in your facilities and on your property. Addiction Recovery Solutions solves this by working directly with your physicians’ group or billing department so that your clinical documentation is accurate and meets medical standards. We also have detailed training and expertise in CPT and ICD-10 insurance coding to enhance your reimbursements.


MISTAKE #3:  Choosing a doctor based on a single telephone call or interview. 

Instead, invite the doctor to your center for a second interview and ask for a quotation for the specific services you want for your clients.  Then you’ll know exactly what the doctor recommends (or should recommend) – and you won’t be the victim of tactics that could well bring your center unwanted attention.  This also allows the doctor to see your center, understand the type of clients you serve, and measure the square footage for delivering quality care to your clients. Addiction Recovery Solutions will come to you at your convenience as many times as you need to answer your questions, make recommendations, and even assist you with outfitting your spaces with equipment and supplies.


MISTAKE #4:  Choosing a doctor or integrated health services that can’t serve the days and hours you want.

Your time is valuable and your schedule is busy. Every doctor or health service provider should be fully accountable for being on time and working with your schedule, not interfering with it.  And if you aren’t pleased with the job in every way, it’s bad for your business.  Period. Addiction Recovery Solutions has the flexibility that a private practitioner cannot provide. This is all we do because we don’t have a private office to run. Private practice doctors’ offices’ market are patients, not addiction treatment centers.


MISTAKE #5:  Choosing a chiropractor without getting a background check or any references.

Any doctor can say anything about their past.  And, sadly, some of what they say is often not true.  Make sure you ask for references and check with the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine prior to entering into any agreements. Addiction recovery Solutions has already solved that problem for you. We background check everyone and also require a minimum 1M/3M liability insurance coverage on each doctor.


Whether you manage a detox facility, PHP, inpatient center, or IOP, we hope you find the information valuable, and if you have any questions please email us at mailto:info@addictionrecovery-fl.com or call us direct at 772-288-6456.

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Providing Cost-effective Non-pharmaceutical Therapies To Clients and Patients

DR Bruce


Today’s competition in the addiction treatment industry is frankly brutal.

If you are not already offering something other than medical drug therapy in your center, you are heading the way of obsolescence .. and it is going to happen quickly.

Here are the 4 most important reasons why you need to establish Non-pharmaceutical therapies (aka integrative health services) as a separate department now:
  • Improved and new revenue stream sources.
  • Improved outcomes (i.e., reduced relapse rates).
  • Improved relations and results with your clients.
  • Improved public relations and marketing image.

What are “integrated (or integrative) health services” anyway? They can best be described using the World Health Organization (WHO) definition:

“The organization and management of health services so that people get the care they need, when they need it, in ways that are user-friendly, achieve the desired results and provide value for money.”

So what? Why are they important to you and your treatment center?

In large part the above definition outlines why the industry as whole has been failing in patient outcomes. Recidivism and relapse rates are high, about 40 to 60% and rising according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). You might ask yourself if you are satisfied with that. You might also ask yourself if you also accept that as part of the business, if you haven’t already.

In the real business world, instead of relapse rates the term “failure rates” would apply. If you owned a manufacturing business, you would probably be out of business with a failure rate as high as what is typically the average in the addiction recovery industry. Insurance payers view this as unacceptable .. and the higher your failure rate is, the less likely your insurance claims get paid.

The primary reason relapse rates are so high is that the medical model of the 1950’s is incapable of dealing with the 21st century addicted brain. The old medical philosophy is to treat the disease with more drugs, and some talk therapy – like fighting fire with fire – hoping to burn it out. To survive in the competitive addiction treatment world, you must transition from last century methods to the new health model …  and you must embrace this new model soon.

Let’s be real. Almost no treatment centers would be in existence if it were not for insurance.  But insurance companies expect results, if you want to continue to get paid. Consider yourself very fortunate if you get paid half of what you bill for .. and you hit the jackpot if you get any reimbursement from them for multiple relapses. The addiction treatment and mental health profession in Florida is the most heavily scrutinized of the health disciplines. And it is not likely to get better anytime soon. In fact, the heat is being turned up.

So moving from the medical model, that has changed little in 60 years, to a multi-modality, integrated health care model, will significantly give you a significant competitive edge. Here’s why:

  • The services effectively complement traditional medical care
  • Virtually every medical procedure is covered by insurance.
  • Procedures are user friendly.
  • Most of your clients want these services.

When it comes to adding integrative health services to addiction treatment care, like chiropractic medicine, massage therapy, etc., a low bar is often set to entry. Any licensed doctor can call themselves an “expert” with a “short list” basis and little training for that claim. 

Yet these are doctors who may come into your facility, see your patients, have no expertise or formal training in addiction medicine and use your resources to bill insurance carriers for their benefit. Not only is this a bad business model for you, this type of arrangement is fraught with risk if you, as the manager or owner of the treatment center, does not have the knowledge of how a properly educated and trained team of integrative health practitioners can insulate you from liability and loss of revenue that you deserve. More importantly inviting private practitioners into your center to provide health services who are not specialists in the field of addiction and compulsive disorders often miss important clinical cues regarding your patients, thus adding a whole new set of malpractice problems for your center and you personally.

All of Addiction Recovery Solutions health professionals are fully insured, experienced, and thoroughly screened and background checked.

Everywhere in the health care media are nightmare stories about illegal activities, intentional or not, about overuse or improper use of treatment facilities, staff, and, insurance billing.

Some practitioners are using timeworn Bait-and-Switch techniques to get their foot in the door and hard sell unsuspecting centers into an arrangement that is self-serving for them and risky for you.  When you open the phone book or call the chiropractor down the street you really can’t tell who the qualified providers really are, or the ones you would never EVER want to use.  The honest and well-trained specialists in integrative health for addiction treatment centers work hard to distinguish themselves apart from the fly-by-night providers who have questionable billing practices, hard-sell tactics, and sometimes have very unsavory employees. So when a marketing agent shows up at your front desk and offers “wellness” services, it should send up a red flag.

Addiction Recovery Solutions is not a private practice setup down the street from your facility seeking an additional revenue source. We are a dedicated health specialty service that custom fits integrative health programs for your treatment center to fit your needs.

Your treatment center is a care facility for people who suffer with the disease of addiction.  The clinical and support staff you hired should be dedicated and loyal.  But like any organization, you must have professionals in it who care, understand, and are trained in behavioral and compulsive disorders … and when you bring on new staff that has little to no experience or training in addiction care you run the risk of derailing your entire program.

Hiring the right people is key to creating the right environment for healing, and the DCF’s guidelines for training and education are clearly outlined. Additionally, having treatment center experience and knowledge such as emergency response procedures in the event of withdrawal seizures and the legal implications of reporting incidents is crucial. A true addiction medicine professional will evaluate your particular needs, with the right measuring criteria, and fulfill those needs for you, your clients, and your facility.

The question now is how to find that “right” addiction professional that understands and specializes in integrative health … and we have the expertise and resources to help you do just that.

Addiction Recovery Solutions’ doctors are licensed and board certified or board eligible in addiction medicine. Our doctors provide detailed oversight to your custom fit integrative health program. We will ensure your success here.


Whether you manage a detox facility, PHP, inpatient center, or IOP, we hope you find the information valuable, and if you have any questions please email us at mailto:info@addictionrecovery-fl.com or call us direct at 772-288-6456.

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2002 MANTA 42

Hull #75 “Lucid”

This live aboard cruising catamaran is in immaculate turnkey condition and generously equipped with everything needed for full time cruising. It has been meticulously maintained and never chartered. “Lucid” is a US documented vessel and is presently docked at Renaissance Marina in Oranjestad, Aruba


  • Overall length 41’10”
  • Waterline length 39’8”
  • Overall beam 21 ft
  • Draft 3’8”
  • Sail area 883 sq ft
  • Displacement 13,500 lbs
  • Mast height above water   59’6”
  • Water capacity 100 gal
  • Fuel capacity 125 gal
  • Holding tank capacity (2) 20 gal each

ASKING PRICE:  $250,00


Interior finish is a blend of formica, vinyl and acrylic accented with varnished teak moldings, louvered teak doors and high durability synthetic teak and holly soles.  

Main Cabin

The L-shaped settee has ultra-suede cushions, an adjustable dining table and 2 storage hassocks for additional seating.  The U-shaped galley has a large double stainless steel sink with hot/cold water mixer faucet, and Seagull water filter.  In addition to the Princess 3-burner/oven propane stove, the galley has a GE turntable microwave oven.  A top-loading 10 cubic ft. combination divided refrigerator/freezer is situated adjacent to the navigation station forward of the galley.

The navigation station houses an iCom IC-M802 single sideband radio*, a Standard Horizon GX2150 VHF/AIS radio/hailer with remote cockpit microphone*, Mastervolt Mass Inverter Charger Control*, SB50 Remote Display for the solar array*, Spectra MPC-5000 watermaker display and control panel*, 110v and 12v receptacles.  The desktop lifts up to access the chart stowage compartment.  Below is the electrical panel with the electrical cabinet behind.  There is also a 3-shelf vertical storage compartment adjacent to the electrical cabinet.

An entertainment center faces the settee and contains a LG 21 inch flat screen HDTV set*, a Sony DVD player*, and a Clarion M309 Marine stereo with wireless remote and wired cockpit remote*.  An ample hanging locker is below.

There are 2 air conditioning vents and a thermostat control for the main cabin and forward port and starboard vents, as well as a single 12v circulating fan and 2 overhead opaque hatches.  The main cabin entry door is smoked Plexiglas and has a retractable screen.

Large exterior louvers shade the 4 smoked Plexiglas cabin windows (2 forward and 1 each to port and starboard).  The 2 overhead opaque hatches, the main cabin door and the cabin windows allow ample natural light.

Owner’s Side (Port hull)

Master Stateroom

  • Queen-size fore-aft berth with latex foam mattress
  • 3 reading lamps
  • Large cedar-lined hanging locker with teak louvered double doors
  • Shoe storage locker below
  • Settee with storage bin
  • 4 storage drawers
  • Large 2-shelf storage cabinet with double doors
  • Built-in book shelves
  • Toshiba 19 inch flat screen HDTV set
  • Pioneer DVD player
  • Separate air conditioning vent and thermostat control panel
  • 12v circulating fan
  • 2 screened opening port lights and 1 overhead opaque hatch

Master Head

  • Large vanity cabinet with mirrored double doors above the sink
  • Fresh-water electric head
  • Large separate shower stall with stainless steel handrail
  • 1 screened opening port light and 1 overhead opaque hatch with solar powered exhaust vent
  • Separate air conditioning vent
  • Holding tank monitor
  • Fore-aft stainless steel handrail



  • Large double storage locker with shelves, teak louvered doors
  • Single storage locker opposite with shelves and teak louvered door
  • Book shelves with retention rails
  • 1 screened opening port light

Guest/Crew Side (Starboard hull)

Guest Stateroom (aft)

  • Queen-size thwart berth with latex foam mattress
  • Single cedar-lined hanging locker with teak louvered door
  • 4 storage drawers
  • Settee with storage bin
  • 3 reading lamps
  • Air conditioning vent
  • 12v circulating fan
  • 2 screened opening port lights and 1 overhead opaque hatch


Guest Head

  • Large vanity cabinet with 2 shelves above the sink counter
  • Fresh-water electric head
  • Holding tank monitor
  • Separate shower stall
  • 1 screened opening port light
  • 12v circulating fan
  • Fore-aft stainless steel handrail


Guest/Crew Stateroom (forward)

  • Single V-berth with latex foam mattress
  • Double storage cabinet forward with 2 shelves
  • Overhead cabin light
  • 1 screened opening port light and 1 overhead opaque hatch with solar powered exhaust vent
  • Air conditioning vent
  • 12v circulating fan
  • Splendide washer/dryer with small cabinet below


  • Bookshelves with retention rails



  • Maxwell 1200 windlass
  • 33 lb aluminum spade anchor with 150’ stainless steel 3/8” chain
  • Generator locker in port bow with ample storage space
  • Rope locker in starboard bow (spare propane tank storage)
  • 2 general storage lockers forward of the main cabin
  • Anchor washdown and hose in port general locker (access to chain locker)


  • Outdoor hot/cold fresh water shower in starboard stairway receptacle
  • Fresh water washdown and hose in deck plate adjacent to starboard stairway
  • Retractable folding 3-step boarding ladders at bottom of port and starboard stairways (new 9/2011)


  • Port, starboard and aft seating benches with cushions
  • General storage area under aft bench with two access panels
  • Raised folding sling seat (attached to bimini structure)
  • 3 general lockers aft of cockpit (attached to bimini structure)
  • Propane storage locker under helm platform
  • Removable isinglass windscreen panels
  • Roll-up isinglass side panels

Sails (New 2/2012 by Mack Sails)


  • 10.62 oz HA Dacron with 5 round full battens and 2 rows of reef points


  • Self-tending 10.62 oz HA Dacron with 3 full battens, camber spar and downhaul


Hull, deck and bulkheads constructed of triaxial, biaxial and unidirectional fiberglass with vinylester, isophthalic resins and Nida-core (polypropylene honeycomb) coring material.  Vacuum bagged for stiffness, strength and light weight.  Hull fastened to deck chemically and mechanically.  Collision bulkheads with watertight compartments in bows.  Deck hardware reinforced with aluminum plates molded into the layup.  Twin fiberglass keels molded integrally with the hull.  Twin high density foam/fiberglass rudders with 2” diameter solid stainless steel shafts.

Mechanical and Electrical Equipment

  • Twin Volvo Penta MD2030D 30HP diesels (approx. 2500 hours)
  • Volvo Penta S120 saildrives with adapters and split zinc collars
  • Volvo Penta 3-blade folding props/hubs (new 9/2011)
  • Balmar 100 amp alternator on starboard engine (new 2006)*
  • Next Generation (Kubota) 5.5 KW diesel generator (new 2007)
  • 6 gel 6v house batteries
  • 2 AGM 12v starter batteries
  • Mastervolt Battery charging system (new 2008) (control panel at nav station)
  • Mastervolt Sine Wave inverter*
  • 6 Siemens 75 watt solar panels
  • Blue Sky Systems solar power regulator (monitor panel at nav station)*
  • Cruisair STX16 AC/heating unit with SMX II control (main cabin) (new 12/2014)
  • Cruisair STX10 AC/heating unit with SMX II control (aft cabins) (new 12/2013)
  • Paneltronics split 12v DC/120v AC panel*
  • 2 30 amp shore power cord receptacles


  • Full set of Raymarine instruments including E97 Multifunction Display*
  • Raymarine RD418D 18” digital radome scanner*
  • Raymarine P70 Autopilot with handheld remote*
  • Garmin 540 Chartplotter with Bahamas, East and West Caribbean charts
  • Harken 44.2 ST two-speed self-tailing winch
  • 2 triple Spinlock XTS power clutches to control all running rigging and reef lines (new 2/2012)
  • 1 single Spinlock XTS power clutch for control of the Dutchman Boom Brake
  • Remote display microphone for the Standard Horizon GX2150 VHF/AIS radio/hailer
  • Remote control for the Clarion stereo
  • Ritchie Powerdamp compass
  • Whitlock 36” steering wheel with elk hide cover


Pressure fresh water system (Jabsco Pressure Max 17)

Seward 11 gallon water heater (new 1/2010)

Spectra Newport water maker* (new membrane 5/2011)

Enhanced Racor fuel filtering system (new 2011) including polisher

Splendide Washer/Dryer

10 1/2’ AB Ventus Dinghy with 15 HP Yamaha 4 stroke outboard

New Bottom Paint (10/2012)

New 3-blade Volvo Penta folding props and hubs (9/2011)

New Strong Track system for mainsail (4/2012)

New standing rigging including running backstays (2/2011)

Guest 501A Beamer Wireless Remote Control Spotlight*

New Adler-Barbour compressor (1/2012)

Main and jib sail covers and lazy jacks

Screens for all overhead interior hatches

All galley pots, pans, utensils, dishes and glasses

Handheld Uniden Atlantis VHF

Handheld Garmin GPSMap 78S GPS*

1 pair headset communicators


3 SOSpender life vests

Assorted life jackets

Bosun’s chair


Jack lines

Dock lines and fenders

All tools

Numerous spare parts for engines, generator, watermaker, washer/dryer

Various spares and parts for plumbing, wiring, rigging, lines

Spare pumps and electrical parts

Laptop with electronic charts from New England to South America

Cruising guides for same areas

Manta Owner’s Manual

Operating manuals for various electrical/mechanical systems

Repair manuals for Volvo Penta engines and saildrives

2  20lb propane tanks

Courtesy Flags for Caribbean and Bahamas

Assorted snorkeling gear

2 fold-up mesh floats


*Replaced/repaired professionally 6/2012 as a result of lightning damage.

A revolution, decades in the making is beginning crest and the great green wave is about to break, on the verge of being able to discover the wonders within the cannabis plant’s capability and at the forefront fully and legally we wait.

Resting in the balance is what seems to add up to be the survival of countless addicts as we witness the fantastic results realized when this failed experiment of prohibition has ended in states such as Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. The early discovery and its numbers may be skewed statistics but showing a 10% decrease in overdose death doesn’t just look like to me.  It appears as thousands of addicts, just like me in the fight for their lives and yet still here another day to find a way out, it appears as my friends and closest loved ones. Having been met with my fair share of naysayers and a large degree of scrutiny I ask those among who has done the research, how many have detoxed addict after addict with the unprecedented results I’ve witness, how many have seen the marvel of this medicine performed in the manner I suggest? Certainly, I’m not promoting or condoning the recreational spliff, if your able and not an addict then more power to you, I simply suggest that the “gateway” swings both ways.

Going to a detox facility only to be introduced to the prospect of having to detox from your detox meds is Ludacris especially when you combine the excessive use, over use and now viable illegal market for such meds. Replacing your drug of choice with a drug that reacts with the same receptors as the drug you were on only to find the same mental reaction to withdrawing from is trading seats on the Titanic, the boat is still sinking. Not to discredit the many addicts who found their path via those such meds and the ability to comfort the fall from full blown junkie to clean member of society but let’s take a real look at the success ratio and ask ourselves if 3 – 5% is unacceptable. In this addict’s very limited scope of view I have seen the amazing effects CBD,  RSO and other Cannabis products and in the face of 630% increase in the overdose death of many people I call friend, I ask you why we would ignore this a plausible means of detoxing and treating addicts in the beginning stages of their journey. The most painful and highest risk phase where anyone in the field or with enough exposure to it can tell you we lose the most addicts, this is the implementation I call for at least a thorough and honest analysis of. For as I mentioned, these are countless lives who may be saved and endless families and loved ones spared the pain and suffering of losing someone to addiction. Such tragedies negatively affect family systems in ways untold, the damage expands person to person and the disease thrives and spreads in its wake. The disease is most perpetuated in its most tragic of side effects, the sickness slices through generations and from one addict to the next it afflicts and destroys lives.

Recently I was given the opportunity to attend and report upon a city that aims to remain progressive and slide into legalization as seamlessly as the federal government will allow. An organization based from Desert Hot Springs, CA known as DHS CAN hosted this convention and most of the city’s decision makers were available for open and transparent question and answers. Miracle Springs Resort was the venue, owner by Mr. Michael Bickford one of Desert Hot Springs more influential figures has invested in this city for some time now and shows immense interest in anything that might pull this city out of despair. The history of this spec on the map of California’s vast southern desert region is marked as being the state’s first municipality to file for bankruptcy, followed shortly thereafter by the Mayor’s personal claim, the old hide out of Al Capone, the staggering crime statistics per capita, this town seemed swept under the rug. That appears to be shifting as some of this gusty, sand swept stretch of half-finished neighborhoods, abandoned and dilapidated properties and poorly zoned or regulated building schemes is poised to burst into the year 2018 on the forefront of what’s being called the “Green Rush”. What I witnessed was a Mayor and city council in open forum discuss the most linear path to doing business in their city, providers, investors, real estate developers and interested parties both in operation and seeking to be all openly discussing their options and ability to grow and expand, ever pun intended.

As I previously stated, my scope of vision is limited to how this medicinal application might help the suffering addict when utilized as CBD with no psycho-active affect in dealing with P.A.W.S (post-acute withdrawal syndrome) may greatly reduce the mental addictive process in quelling cravings. Blessed and presented with a possible plant when specifically rendered oils are extracted not only capable of greatly softening the blow of opiate detox but when applied with less than 2% THC as CBD alone may aide and assist in keeping the addict from returning to dope and therefore live maybe one more day. To broadly accept suboxone, Subutex and the host of readily used substances in circulation yet condemn the one we can clearly sight as the least harmful, when your best argument is the “gateway” theory in the face of the deadliest drug epidemic this world has ever known I beg you to reconsider. With no argument or debate, humbly and solely as the view of this addict, I beg that you broaden your horizon so that we all might see some headway in the fight against a killer that seems only strengthened by our efforts to combat it. The day that methadone is shown with anywhere near the beneficial spectrum as CBD or RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is the day I’ll stop calling for it, the day a relic abandoned by the Nazi’s echoes is a less harmful solution than a controlled dose of any cannabis product won’t come. This may not be the solution for all, a more formidable and pharmaceutical maybe a better option for you but doesn’t each of us at least deserve to have access to options, as many options as may be available as it is my life or the life of a loved one on the line.  

The questions I arrived with were each answered as the city offered a clear path not only for the recreational user and producers legality, the business aspect was addressed in full and great interest and support was given towards the out of the box proposition I suggested. Strangely I expected to meet with more resistance as I know that in the substance abuse treatment community this subject is more than taboo. The illicit connotation and propaganda smear campaign waged against all things related to Marijuana (a moniker that is derived from that propaganda campaign itself) has done its duty and even its mention immediately draws to mind images of joints and bong rips. This fringe application mentioned in utilizing CBD, RSO and other Cannabis products must be further explored and with the help of organizations such as DHS C.A.N. and their President Mr. Jason Elsasser, I see proof of a positive and progressive future for the advancement and utilization of these products especially with men like this at the helm. Following the varied interesting panels of experts ranging from the former Chief of Police to the Mayor, a mock up live action version of TV’s “Shark Tank” and open forum discussions that which covered the broad scope of this wide-open frontier, the “Green Rush” has arrived. Stop Frying Your Brain was welcomed with open arms, our questions were answered in a scope and depth that served to spawn further conversations and soon we may see this rarely spoken solution put into action because of the interest and support realized. The common collective consciousness demands a shift in our seeking and the demand is the proof of this upheaval in the making. A dramatic realignment is needed in facing an epidemic that is now the number one killer of Americans under the age of 23, that should enrage you, 145+ estimated drug overdose deaths a day is an insane yet likely underestimated figure! What means of even stepping into that breach do you propose? Why, when the alternatives are failing and falling in staggering defeat would you meet Cannabis with resistance? Who could look at the endless list of prescribed meds in common use and open access with all there negative and harmful effects look at Cannabis and condemn its use? These are questions I ask that you each explore and answer for yourself, if your loved ones life is on the line at what length do you refuse to go?

Stop Frying Your Brain song kept rattling around in my head after visiting their website. It was worse than it’s a small world at Disneyland. Eventually… I would hook up with those guys and it’s all because of that one stupid song.

Theme song short

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I was released from jail at 2:00 in the morning…I really don’t know why county jail does that. I have a feeling it is a set up. Nowhere to go to in the middle of the night. And deep down I just want to start the cycle I am creating over again…my drug addiction outweighs all logic.


I met a prostitute outside the jail. She told me about how much money she would make with each John she serviced. My life is ironic, isn’t it? I am a slave to the white powder and a glass pipe. And now I am going to be chained to prostitution, in order to get what “I think” I need. My soul is going to be sold away bit by bit for twenty dollars a shot. We walk the beat together and she teaches me everything she knows about doing and turning tricks. And overnight I became a pro at it.

Getting into strangers cars and giving strangers blow jobs was the most degrading, physical thing I ever did. Because there were no emotions towards this person, no feelings towards this person, just an exchange of services and money. Their names and my name had no relevancy. What used to be the first question I would ask when meeting someone new was not even mentioned, nor was it important. I would get into a strangers car, he would ask me, “how much for a blow job?” I would tell him twenty, and then we would go to a safe place, a place where no one could see what I was about to do to this stranger in his car. You see most of my tricks preferred a quick blow job. Not many of you wanted to spend time in a hotel room with me, only a rare few. I guess you all had to get home to your wife and kids. And drop me, looser me off behind an alley in the hood, close to where my drug dealer is. And I would burry my feelings with each hit I took. Slowly and incrementally my crack habit becomes a $200–$300 a day thing. That’s a lot of blow jobs. And a lot of walking to and fro morning noon and night.

After I scored my white powder one night, I heard my name being called. It sounded like my sister’s voice.

Sure enough, I turned around and it was my sister. She had found me. She pulled her car next to me and was crying. I don’t know if she was crying because she found me or if it was the very sight of me and the sister I turned out to be, or if she was crying because I’m dying on the streets. She is in bad shape, and in a bad way. I’ve never seen my sister like this, so sorrowful. Apparently, she had given a police officer a description of me, asking them if they had seen me. Their comment was, “Oh yeah, the clean one, Liz Taylor, she just passed by five minutes ago.”

She started crying and I started crying. I finally realized that I’m not alone in this pain. What I’m doing to myself is slowly killing my sister too.

Alcoholics and drug addicts take hostages, without even caring. I told her that I had just picked up my white powder and that I would call her after I was done doing my thing. She didn’t understand why I didn’t want to come home with her, why I didn’t want to go to the safe place. She begged, pleaded, cried and then begged some more. Once again, I wouldn’t budge. I promised her I would call her later that evening. Then I watched her drive away, and I was alone again. I never called her that night, or the next day, or the next. Instead of holding tight to my sister I was holding tightly to the bag of white powder and my dirty crack pipe.

The cycle continued, in and out of dive hotels, in and out of stranger’s cars and in and out of the barrios. I am grateful I am not driving a vehicle and I am on foot because it is keeping me from killing you or myself while driving under the influence of hard drugs. But walking, running and roaming in the middle of the night on these psychotic streets, alleys and bridges is extremely dangerous.






As sad as this short true story is I have many to share with all of you. This is my twelfth arrest out of the 30 incarcerations that I have under my belt……and many more stories in between…




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King of the Body Brokers

Who’s your daddy? The great American deception. The game of illusion and who’s da king really? Sharing my thoughts as I make coffee this morning.
It is written by our forefathers that together we stand or divided we fail. I see this principle at work in the addiction communities.
The winners of this epidemic are the large faceless corporations making billions of dollars at the expense of human life from the very Americans that provide their profits.  Shameful if you ask me. What’s wrong with this picture? Divided we fail. 
Robert Henslee

Robert Henslee SFYB CEO/Publisher/Founder

For those that don’t know me, I run Stop Frying Your Brain.com which is a recovery website that features the addicts channel. We are a information portal for individuals challenged with addiction. We seem to be recently labeled the “National Enquirer” in the addiction industry.

Staff members are individuals in recovery. I really don’t care about what people say about them because I’m so proud of all our people and I find myself wondering if a bunch of addicts in recovery running a website need to worry about their reputation anyway.

They are making a difference. Proof positive we do recover. Additionally, after working with addicts for many years, I’m discovering they are actually brilliant people. They are extraordinary passionate about anything they do. Didn’t see that one coming. Who would’ve thought? Now I find we’ve a stable full of racehorses. (a bit like herding cats I might add). Fun !

Our mission statement is to provide information for those who seek it relevant to addiction. At last count we had some 5000+ articles relevant to the challenges of addiction. Featuring stories from others who suffered from addiction and most have positive messages and lessons learned by those who experienced the challenges.

Thousands of people on the website daily and the phone seems to ring continuously from people who are confused by the various operators and experts when they are looking for help. Like we have a crystal ball or something. What we do have is a large community of success and our addicts in recovery do have opinions about what and who works.

As you might imagine I’ve been active in the various Facebook communities pretty much 80 hours a week on average for the last five years.The “divided we fail” concept seems to be flourishing in most of the addiction communities on social. As a result, many of the people seeking help in these communities usually leave disillusioned and very confused. They want to talk to others who are successful in their recovery.

Backbiting of others at a all time high by the “experts” which operate in the various social groups such as facebook.

Pretty sad if you ask me. “Please don’t tag me with that one” or “If their going we’re not” is the statement of the day. Their mission statement seems to be discredit others just as an observation. Other fools seem to take pleasure by pointing out the faults of others while not offering anything of substance themselves and that’s why they do it in the first place if you ask me.

Hence as an internet community we’re all rendered ineffective. I watch with a heavy heart as the individuals which historically helped others are hopelessly slaughtered and discredited. From my perspective an inherently evil thing. Divided we fail seems to hold true across the board. For many their “morality” seems to be defined by the opportunity at hand. Take a few seconds and take a look at this


At the heart of the patient brokering laws is the intent that concerns should not profit off the referrals to/or use facilities they have a vested interest in.  (Financially speaking) billing exorbitant fees for services in the case of urine analysis too.
References: http://www.stopfryingyourbrain.com/patient-brokering-kickbacks-lawsuits-and-jail

 If the intent of the brokering laws are to prevent this activity… they are NOT working. We recently came across a major insurance company attempting to dodge the bullet. Denial of service.  Why is this legal?

Google Patent Brokering?

Ref: Google stops treatment center ads. (click Link)

Personally, I have over 40 years experience working in the computer industry. 20 plus years experience in pay per click advertising. See https://www.linkedin.com/in/gorillamarketing/ (note over 5000 endorsements/references)

So I know a little of something about Google adwords. I am recently disturbed by the news Google has stopped accepting addiction treatment advertising. See link above. I became aware of this when I started getting a number of calls to move large brand PPC models off Google onto other platforms. I would also point out Google is no longer the leader in PPC as well.

My take on this it fits with the theme divided we fail. This new WAR against patient brokering is leaving in its wake …..all the legitimate advertisers/operators. I believe it severely limits individuals ability to find the help they badly need.

Who died and left Google in charge anyway? Just saying this is a very dangerous trend for our freedom of choice ect. Total market control by an unelected private entity. Shame on you Google I say. This isn’t the behavior of a democracy. Now that’s more scary to me than a few immoral advertisers. Haven’t we learned as a society we can’t legislate morality anyway? Just saying.

If you’re a Google Adwords dependant take a look at the following. Google doesn’t realize the best CPA & CPL rates. Click image below and learn more.

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There was a neighbor boy who was into smoking white powder. At that time it was called free-basing. I am not sure why it was ever called free-base, there is nothing free about it.
Mary Taylor

Mary SFYB Outreach

Actually it is the most expensive drug on the market and has bankrupted almost everyone who’s ever laid their hands on it. Maybe that’s why we change the name to the appropriate one “crack”—-everything in your life cracks and crumbles in two. Anyway, when he asked me to try a hit I was not even hesitant. The feeling was immediate. Right away I knew I was in trouble and knew I was in a lot of trouble but I didn’t care, the feeling outweighed all logic and common sense. By the next day my hands were rocking my own white powder to smoke this freebase. I learned how to become a scientist, a chemist and a full-blown idiot. 

Once again, I didn’t even think about the consequences of that decision. I didn’t care that it would forever alter the course of my life.

I want to say my life was over that very day, but that would be a lie. I had been a dead girl walking for a long time and drowning my feelings in some form of addiction. But smoking white powder did something to me no other drug did. Yes, it took me away from me and turned me against me. It took me away from everyone and then turned me against everyone but the hunt was more intense.

It was more powerful and the monkey was stronger.

I am always hunting for the people who do what I’m addicted to and it didn’t matter who you were. It didn’t matter where you were from or what you looked like that freebase rock was my master. I wonder who is going to win this war? I was not equipped for this fight; I was not prepared for these consequences. The biggest change for me was where I ended up. The neighborhoods I ended up in that were so much more dangerous. The things my hands were holding and touching changed. The places I allowed myself to live changed. Even the pillow my head was sleeping on changed. Well my whole entire life changed after that first hit…THAT VERY FIRST HIT…  

After six years of being addicted to snorting white powder my hands finally put down the dirty rolled up bill that I used to snort white powder…


I left that apartment complex in my truck filled with my belonging…with one goal in mind more hits of freebase….


I ended up in really dangerous street that were filled with gangs and drugs, prostitutes and violence.

Back then, 99% of the street people were not into the glass pipe. They were into the needle.  There is a hierarchy among the druggies that live in the streets but I don’t care. I was gonna hang out with you junkies anyway. Because it doesn’t matter who you are where you are from or what you look like. If you are on the hunt I will find you. It’s as if my truck had a drug antenna on it and knew exactly where to go to score. 


As soon as I drove into the hood I heard a whistle and slowed down to look.

And then a stranger ran to my truck. It surprised me at first, but then he asked me “What are you looking for?” I told him “I was hunting for white powder.” “How much?” Was the next question. When I told him how much I wanted he ran behind one of the buildings and came back with my order. I paid the guy and drove away. This person who ran to my car is called a runner and that is their street job. This job keeps the actual drug dealer from getting arrested. The runner gets paid in what is called a kickback or a sconte. For every sale this runner makes he gets paid for the sale in drugs. He is also a drug addict.

I would score my white powder and drive to a Park a few blocks away. I would rock my own freebase to smoke and then wait to disappear. I noticed that there were people living in their vehicles at that park and that’s where I started living too.

I am now living in my truck. I sold my belongings for a couple hits and shortly after my truck was impounded.

So what I lost my truck, my home! But without a truck I stood out like a sore thumb. There aren’t too many white girls with blond hair running these deadly streets. Now, I am an easy target and I really don’t even care. I only care about that next hit, that next fix. But I’m learning more on the streets about streets. Morning noon and night-the really scary and crazy hunt is on. Every night I would hear gunshots and I should be scared but I am not. I feel l am invisible on drugs. I was only living for the next high and those highs no longer kept me settled.

Now I pick up my white powder and go into an alley and sit on the ground and get high. Now I am sitting on the nasty ground, in a nasty alley, with a nasty glass pipe in my mouth. And of course the police saw me- found me and took me…




As sad as this short true story is I have many to share with all  of you. This is my eleventh arrest out of the 30 incarcerations that I have under my belt……and many more stories in between…





Sober Life Coach

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of reacquainting with an old friend and trusted confidant only to find that now it seems our views and missions have aligned towards a path of helping the addict who still suffers.
john wallace

John SFYB Admin/Outreach

This seems to be one of the blessings provided by the work we do; the road seems to just rise to meet you when your heartfelt goals are true and although it is still new and surreal to me my friend Roman Braly wears it like a coat of armor as he’s walked this path far longer and been met with great success.

Whereas most in this industry or really any industry, success typically measured by the accumulation of wealth and assets acquired while rising up through the ranks, for those of any merit in the field of treatment success is a collection and host of friends that you have helped along the way from despair to lives of abundance.

That is the most fulfilling sense of accomplishment I’ve ever felt and ever since it has begun to occur in my life I’ve craved more of it as much so as I ever have for dope. The sense of ease and comfort in knowing that you have played any small part in a man or women lost to their addiction return from the gates of insanity or death to lead full and happy lives is the source of joy in my life I sought in substance for so long.

Years past I recall slinking in and out of varied fellowship’s and for some reason I sat up long enough and heard his words through the haze, both high and clean I watched as his life was met with calamity to which he responded to with a serenity you simply had to admire. One evening in the dark upstairs room that which this society met to listen to one of its own share their tale in hopes to inspire, direct, educate and entertain, I happened to walk in as Mr. Braly took it from the top.

Every word resonated deeply with me having no real background on the man who had stood before me and nothing to gauge him other than what I knew him to be, put that against the harshness of his upbringing and you’ll see the drastic contrast between that and the man I call friend today. Isn’t that the typical case for the addict though, once recovered we often shine far brighter than most and given most of our origins, having risen from depths most will thankfully never know.

The path of excess is long and weary and at the end of a long hard road the only way back is taken one step at a time so from our eyes it is often hard to see how far we’ve come. Added to that is the disease of addiction is cunning ability to trick us into forgetting how bad it got, we must grasp to that at times which is when gratitude isn’t hard to find for how far we’ve come.

At times of darkness, even during spurts of success my friend Roman always answered and to my own personal testament, his very character itself is designed for the work that he now does as a Sober Life Coach. The message that pierced through my drug induced haze is now broadcast through his podcast Sober Life for all to hear and see via multiple streams from Facebook, Itunes and varied other forms of Social and Online media.

The business Roman and his partner Bryan Amaro have grown in San Diego, CA can be reached online at SoberLifeCoach.com and is a testament to the direction that the treatment industry will find an inevitability. Paving the way to change with individual one on one care for individuals the likes of which is rarely seen.

The dark background I heard spoke years back has become Mr. Braly’s greatest asset in helping the addict who still suffers free themselves from a lifetime of depravity and the team of coaches he employs is nothing short of remarkable. Integrity and honesty are assets every person should honor and find necessary and when regarding the fatal nature of addiction paramount qualities to be sought when seeking professional assistance.

The road home isn’t always easily navigated and having highly trained, experienced, and talented professionals who have proven success at assisting many addicts to a lifetime of recovery from certain doom is a wish most could only dream of yet is truly with reach. By my assessment and observation, you can absolutely and put your faith in Mr. Roman Braly and his partner Mr. Bryan Amaro and the services provided by SoberLifeCoach.com if it be for yourself or loved one. Personally I consider it an honor to call them friends and would have absolutely no hesitation to call on either of them in my time of need.


We do not get paid for this or by anyone in fact! What you read here is the Truth and Facts and nothing but so help me God. Contact me personally if you have questions…Craig/Dad-2
Craig Dickinson

Craig Dickinson SFYB Field Reporter

We are excited to write about the newest Detox center to recently open in central Florida

ARC, AMETHYST RECOVERY CENTER DETOX , has opened its newest Detox center early this summer (2017). 2749 SW Port Saint Lucie Blvd. Port Saint Lucie FL 34953

We visited the brand new building, designed and built specifically for the finest treatment while detoxing, for you or your loved one. The facility is warm, modern and friendly to say the least.

Patients will be be greeted by Pam the Clinical Director as well as Janet CNA/Behavioral tech and Johnny the Operations Director/Administrator who all take quite seriously this most important part of anyone’s treatment.

When you are seeking out the most professional, sincere and kind staff, you can stop right here…

Amethyst has it all! Clinicians who themselves have been involved in addictions, combined with being certified professionals is where the most educated treatment is found.Here is as dedicated a staff as you will find anywhere, loaded with the newest building, modern tools and techniques, to ease any struggles in our early transition to recovery.

To see more of the Detox Center Click Pic Below

Amethyst Recovery Centers new Detox program boasts the finest care available, investing in a completely new building to house patients comfortably, while being monitored throughout their care.

Connie, a RN. is on staff full time in the facilities medical department, as clients requiring medication are taken care of in Amethyst in house Clinic. We watched as the newest medication carts and equipment came off the trucks. Specific medication drawers deliver medicines according to data entered into the system, for each individual’s program .. making for flawless treatment by medical staff.

To see more of the Detox Center Click Pic Below

The facility includes 40 beds (two per room 20 female & 20 male), similar to any hotel you have spent a night in. Each room is fitted with a large flat screen TV as well as the most modern video gaming systems, keeping clients entertained during treatment..a most important element in this sometimes difficult process.

Private, modern, clean bathrooms ensure everyone’s hygiene. Providing comforts are key to anyone’s program alongside their structured treatment.

To see more of the Detox Center Click Pic Below

Each individual has a uniquely designed treatment plan according to specific needs. Many patients suffer multiple disorders making “ONE WAY” treatment options a thing of the past.

Therapies available lay down the tracks for everyone’s future in recovery, focusing on specifics, as individuals differ and require personal attention alongside structure.

  • At mealtime Carlos hosts an in house Cafeteria, cooking in a new commercial kitchen.
  • Amethyst spared no details in providing Carlos with the finest/modern kitchen equipment available.
  • We witnessed cases brought in, with all new dinner ware to service the Cafeteria.
  • All food service equipment is kept clean and sterile in the kitchens own STEAM LINE dishwashing system.
  • Along with regular meal service, the cafeteria provides a beverage center available at all times..including a soft serve ice cream machine.

Among the other comforts, Amethyst provides commercial laundry equipment in house, keeping minimum the necessary luggage needed and providing all the comforts of home.

Providing clients and staff with security is a complete cctv surveillance system throughout the building. Entering and exiting the facility is all electronically controlled through the receptionist or key tag entry systems. All the security and monitoring provide for a no nonsense approach to dealing with this sensitive treatment program, leaving no room for outside interference or entrance of contraband.

To see more of the Detox Center Click Pic Below

We, as an outside party, writing in the best interest of our readers, where very impressed with this facility as well as all the staff we spoke with. Amethyst spared no expense in creating a top of of the line Detox Center, providing clients and staff with the latest tools in the beginning stages of treating addiction.

Amethyst continued dedication to the recovery world, has been providing care to clients in their main recovery center for some years now.Their dedicated staff grows along with their legacies of recovering clients.

To see more of the Detox Center Click Pic Below.

In a short visit to the main recovery center (where clients can follow their treatment after detox), I spoke with way too many dedicated staff/clinicians to list here. The ratio of staff in the aftercare programs is 2:1, providing a personal degree of attention to clients not seen elsewhere.

In addition to the Florida centers, there is a New England facility recently opened..
all of which we prepare to bring you, in our Editorials on Rehabs we can trust to send our loved ones.

To learn more about Detox Clink On The Link Below

Sincere well wishes, Craig/Dad-2.https://www.facebook.com/DAADDrugAddictsAgainstDrugsResour…/

For treatment options contact Jarret, Director of outreach 1-855-550-0750
Or visit the web site;

Visit Amethyst on F/B;

Special thanks to Sam Kesarisj

Looking for a review of your facility – reachout and we’ll send Craig your way (Click image below)

Note From The Publisher: Sam I want to personally thank you for all you have done for our community. We’re paying it forward here. Godspeed man and Thank You. Robert Henslee Ceo/Publisher/SFYB

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  • Union Member Turned Heroin Addict – by RJ Vied At the ripe old age of 17 I found myself on my way to fatherhood. Fears set in as my entire life was about to change....
  • My Breath can’t fill your lungs By: RJ Vied This is a story of how those who loved me the most were unknowingly contributing to my suicide. I want to make this very clear; my...
  • Relapse is not part of recovery Relapse is not part of recovery. Let me say it one more time, relapse is not part of recovery. Even though it happens quite often to not only the...
  • 10 Tips For Staying Sober New Years Eve According to a 2011 feature in TIME magazine, New Year’s Eve ranks number one in the list of the “booziest” holidays of the year. It is the...
  • This is an email that I sent to my mother. I need you to understand that my addiction is not your fault. Parents are so hard on themselves. It doesn’t matter if you are the picture...
  • Crack, Smack, and Crystal: The Deadliest Drugs? By: Beth Burgess Crack cocaine, heroin (or smack, to go by one of its many street names), and methamphetamine (crystal meth) are the drugs that we are most...
  • Lisa Laughnan Addict In Recovery…  I am a recovering alcoholic & addict. I was given a second chance at life by the grace of God… below is my story. . Please tweet using the button...
  • PRESCRIPTION PILLS ARE THE NEW GATEWAY DRUG WITH OUR KIDS… I am literally speechless as I sit here tonight. I am reading messages that people are sending me from across the country and I am...
  • Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (Patient Intake) Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (Patient Intake)
  • The Demon In My Head… A demon (from Koine Greek δαιμόνιον daimonion) is a supernatural, often malevolent being prevalent in religion, occultism, literature, fiction, mythology and folklore. The original Greek word daimon does not carry...
  • Make the darkness go away… I’m the mom of a very much loved addict son, I made it my business to learn and try to understand why he does what he does and drugs do...
  • Erinkberndt Author My name is Erin Berndt & im 46 yrs old I am married to my soul mate, Fedor. I have 2 children Dacia & Anthony from my ex husband who I spent 22...
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine Facts and Figures Opioid Addiction • Opioids are a class of drugs that include the illicit drug heroin as well as the licit prescription pain relievers oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, morphine,...
  • A Simple Way to Survive the Loneliness of the Holiday Season By: T.E. Pepper Here’s the thing. A lot of us have burned through friendships and family, and no one wants to see us anymore....
  • The Scripps Research Institute – Special Recognition and Thanks By: Robert Henslee CEO/Founder Stop Frying Your Brain Sometimes it’s easy to forget who also is at the forefront of fighting addiction. It’s easy to spot...
  • Holiday Survival at Toxic Family & Office Festivities StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. If you are serious about making it through the holidays still clean and...
  • Beware of “Blackout Wednesday” By: Allie Holbrook Thanksgiving.  A day for gratitude, but also a time of excess.  Tables groan with turkey and pumpkin pie, wine flows freely, and there’s a sense that nothing bad...
  • Hope Without Handcuffs @StopFryingBrain By: Robert Henslee SFYB Founder To all my brothers and sisters I would like to introduce you to Hope Without Handcuffs. Working with law enforcement across the nation, great organizations like Families...
  • Thank You Mom, For Never Giving Up On Me BY:Katie Donovan, National Director of Family Advocacy, Reliance Treatment Center For so long, I never understood how my mom stuck by my side. After all of...
  • Big Pharma Wants To Shut You Down… @StopFryingBrain Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions help us reach millions more. Don’t let corporate America dictate your freedom of speech on...
  • You’re too Stupid To Figure Out What’s Fake News and What’s Not…. Alex Jones breaks down the vast web of lies the media continues to spin in order to discredit Donald Trump, after he has...
  • No Matter how many women on the job… It still takes 9 months to have a baby…. Hello, my name is Robert Henslee. For those you that don’t know me, I am an avid Internet...
  • We are an “organic” social media community marketing content model. Come join our marketing effort today!  StopfryingYourBrain.com becoming one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation. Learn why below we are a...
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  • Muscle-bound millionaire of addiction treatment under scrutiny By Christine Stapleton – Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Expensive cars. Flashy watches. Strip clubs. Casinos. Tattoos. Selfies of ripped biceps and b-boy stances. This is the lifestyle...
  • What is Addiction Really, and How do We Fix it? MD Lukens, PhD  © May, 2016 The Disease Model is Not Well Constructed To start this discussion off I need to repeat what I’ve been...
  • The Art Of Enabling…And I Was The Master! Ok, I know what you’re thinking….Oh LAWD, another article on enabling! And well, yes, I guess it is….but I’m not going to tell you what to do,...
  • First Responders having Addiction Training My name is TJ McWain and I am a police officer in Southern New Jersey.  As a police officer, I come into contact with substance abusers on a daily basis...
  • Fort Lauderdale and Atlantic Shores Hospitals would like to extend our hand We at Fort Lauderdale and Atlantic Shores Hospitals would like to extend our hand in helping you and your patients receive the best...
  • Treating Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms Dr. Cali Estes, of The Addictions Academy, has teamed up with Dr. Kenneth Blum, creator of Synaptamine to provide a new class that focuses on Reward Deficiency Syndrome and Post Acute...
  • CBD Oil Now Legal In All 50 States Strains of Marijuana that are Most Effective to Detox a Client from Opiates Strains of Marijuana that are most effective to detox a client from Opiates and...
  • Stop Patient Brokering In Your Facility Cold The Addictions Academy announced that they are offering a class to combat the rampant patient brokering going on in the addiction treatment industry. Dr. Cali Estes, of The...
  • Who Is YOUR Therapist? One of the reasons I made the decision to become a consultant was my desire to properly inform treatment center owners and CEOs after witnessing several being misled. I recently had...
  • Addiction specialist Cali Estes joins Dr. Drew Addiction specialist Cali Estes joins Dr. Drew to talk about her work with high profile people in managing and overcoming their addictions. Dr. Estes tell’s Drew about the...
  • Addiction NOT a disease… MD Lukens, Ph.D.   © 2016  Not a Disease The way I see it, addiction is NOT a disease.  It’s something else entirely.   However, as is the case with alcohol addiction,...
  • Great FB Groups @ Pages For Addiction I’ve been working with the best support people/groups in the addiction vertical on Facebook for a number of years now. All the groups (below) are some of the...
  • Say You Want To Help People With Addiction? The Addictions Academy was founded to increase education in the areas of addiction that have been previously unavailable to the general public. We offer on site training,...
  • Do’s and Dont’s When Opening A Treatment Center Though I am eager to help those interested in opening a treatment center/facility, there are some important things I tell my investors and CEOs to consider before...
  • United Health Law Suit vs. Sky Toxicology – Patient Brokering Breaking Down the United Health Law Suit vs. Sky Toxicology, Frontier Toxicology, numerous other labs, treatment centers and individual owners AND DOES 1-150. Case Number:...
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  • My Daughter the Addict – A Suburban Mom’s Nightmare @StopFryingBrain By: Katie Donovan I was the PTO mom, the carpool mom, the Brownie leader. We ate family dinners at the table, taught our children manners...
  • Prince. It’s a name that everyone knows, whether you liked him or not. He made an unforgettable name for himself with his signature eclectic fashion, wild dance moves, & flashy hair & makeup. While some...
  • Pain Pill’s the Addiction. Food for thought and advice… Hello, my name is DRUGS – I destroy homes, tear families apart, take your children, and that’s just the start. I’m more costly than diamonds, more...
  • Hi my name is Organized Crime. Friends, supporters and users, of my products and services, call me OC and my middle names are corruption and immorality. I see that you are a supporter and user so...
  • Patient Brokering Kickbacks Lawsuits and Jail… Are You Next? If you have a facility/practice you need to look at this. Click on the posts to read articles. ..
  • When I was 15 years old and my Grandfather passed away of cancer. @StopFryBrain Friends and family brought over casseroles, pies, and lasagnas. Warm cookies left on the porch and neighborly visits of talks and...
  • The Friend Who Introduced Me to My Undoing I was 18 when I met the person who would introduce me to my ultimate undoing, Oxycontin. His name was Miles. I was outside smoking a cigarette...
  •   I am a aggressive Internet marketer (Certified Master Coach Internet Marketing) with 40+ years experience that specializes in the drug and alcohol vertical markets. Look at my endorsements above from executives in the drug...
  • How Do You Find A Good Rehab? By: Steve Castleman It takes courage to break through denial and begin to consider getting professional help. It may start with a glimpse, a fleeting flash of willingness....
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  • Lost In Limbo? Hey if you need a friend and some help reach out to me Robert @ 772.206.6676 If you’re a service provider and wish to become a member of our network call John...
  • Is Your Landlord Partially Responsible for Your Relapse? This website is becoming the most visited substance abuse site in the nation. Click here to learn more I saw an article on allergy testing as it...
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  • Sober Living plays a critical role in the recovery process. Individuals that decide to drive the road to recovery encounter may detours and obstacles that can sidetrack their recovery. While there are many choices of...
  • Everything We Think We Know About Addiction Is Wrong StopFryingYourBrain.com becoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more. This video is adapted from Johann Hari’s New York Times best-selling book...
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  • Are we using prisons to treat mental illness? Are we using the prisons in America to treat mental illness? Sure looks that way to the citizens. Thoughts? Do you have any suggestions what could be done differently....
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  • stopfryingyourbrain.com one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here to learn more   We are looking for the best books to recommend to our user community. If you are an...
  •  StopfryingYourBrain.com becoming one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation stopfryingyourbrain.com  becoming one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation. It is a community of 131,000+ registered users and...
  • “Our” LinkedIn groups you should join if you have a product or service to sell or if you wish to engage yourself in the drug and alcohol community. Before you do anything else, you should...
  • Members of Congress, the Betty Ford Foundation, the Christi Foundation and Many Others Meet to Discuss Opiate Deaths Today. Click on the image below to join our automated drug, alcohol training and marketing series if...
  • Seriously an automated marketing system/robot for the drug and alcohol vertical that has real value? The behavioral health national referral list with FREE automated marketing system by the “brian”…is designed specifically to bring service providers...
  • Dealing with Pushy Boozers & Surrounded By Assholes By: J. Bella Last night was a big night for me. Not because it was Friday, but because I was sober and surrounded by drunk people. This...
  • Alcoholism is a Mental Terrorist. Fight the Fear! By: Lisa Fear is a state of mind.  It’s there to protect us and remind us danger is imminent. That doesn’t mean we have to let it...
  • I’ve Been Substituting One Addiction for Another. UGH!! By: Lisa So far in my sober journey, I have become aware that there is a syndrome, well at least for me anyway, of swapping addictions. I...
  • Heroin Kills More People Than Automobile Accidents Heroin in the suburbs? Are you freakin kidding me?! Didn’t we learn not to mess with that junk back in the 60s? Holy crap!! Yet heroin use is...
  • stopfryingyourbrain.com one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here to learn more When someone talk about the long-term consequences of war, let’s talk about the men and women who came...
  • Mexican Cartels Worse Than ISIL A United Nations report estimated over 9,000 civilians have been killed and 17,386 wounded in Iraq in 2014, more than half since ISIL fighters seized large parts on northern Iraq in...
  • 4 STEPS TO A ESTABLISHING A FULLY FUNCTIONING INTEGRATIVE HEALTH DEPARTMENT FOR YOUR TREATMENT CENTER If you’re thinking about hiring a doctor or establishing an integrative health department, we encourage you to follow these four...
  • FIVE MISTAKES TO AVOID WHEN HIRING CHIROPRACTIC PHYSICIANS The following is a summary on how to choose the right integrative health professional including chiropractic physicians, nurses, massage and physical therapists, nutritionists, health coaches, and more....
  • Providing Cost-effective Non-pharmaceutical Therapies To Clients and Patients Today’s competition in the addiction treatment industry is frankly brutal. If you are not already offering something other than medical drug therapy in your center, you...
  • 2002 MANTA 42 Hull #75 “Lucid” This live aboard cruising catamaran is in immaculate turnkey condition and generously equipped with everything needed for full time cruising. It has been meticulously maintained and never chartered. “Lucid” is...
  • A revolution, decades in the making is beginning crest and the great green wave is about to break, on the verge of being able to discover the wonders within the cannabis plant’s capability and at...

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