Facebook allows people to advertise at far lower cost than Google Adwords


paid-search-or-social-2Split testing demonstrates Paid Social is starting to outperform Google Adwords Delivering CPA & CPL numbers way below market average in most verticals.

Opportunity for operators to play with the big boys for a lot less

Robert Henslee

Robert Henslee SFYB Founder


Facebook allows advertisers to zero in on a small, specific audience because Facebook aggregates data.
Facebook notes where people check in, what they like, whom they follow, and what they mention. And it makes that kind of information available to advertisers.

Facebook an interesting platform for an advertiser (a business owner or entrepreneur) who has a message, product, or service and who knows the audience they’re trying to reach. Facebook allows people to advertise at far lower cost than traditional Adwords advertising.

Being an old school Google PPC guy Facebook advertising is fast becoming… if not now the best direct-response platform and distribution channel to get a message to your ideal prospects according to our recent split testing. But a few things you need to learn.

Get New Customers FAST at lower CPA’s! 

A quick way to achieve decent traffic numbers fast, up your conversion rates and to generate revenue quickly is by incorporating paid social media marketing in your strategy.  Just call 772.206.6676

The organic reach on almost all social media networks is dying. This is no accident by rate limited designs and shrinking market reach/feeds. These platform providers have once again changed their value proposition after sucking us all in and grabbing our data. Organic advertisers are sucking air.

Not just Facebook’s organic numbers are falling off. Even Instagram and Twitter have shown signs of diminishing reach when it comes to potential customers the last 36 months.

No longer can you send out a tweet and hope for consumers to pay attention to your social media campaigns. Gone are the days. The new big opportunity for marketers is paid social. If you’re running only Adwords… your leaking marketing budget.

By investing in paid social media marketing campaigns, you’ll not just increase your engagement. You’ll also get higher organic reach and better search marketing as a result of paid social.

I’m currently transitioning Google Adwords advertisers onto Facebook paid social for those that have tight budgets and desire to have a competitive edge.  
I’ll be happy to help you get a bigger bang for your advertising dollar. Stop leaking marketing budget. Reach out to me today. Robert @ 772.206.6676


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