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 StopfryingYourBrain.com becoming one of the most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation. Learn why below we are a content marketing model 2nd to none in the addiction marketing vertical.

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We are a community of 32,000+ users and 83,000+ service providers growing like crazy. We have a market reach in the millions.
We drip (emarketing) great products, offers and services to our user community of 30,000+ building brand awareness second to none. We drip market to our 80,000 service providers too.

Need market reach we’ve got it. Be a part of our community marketing effort!

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compact-logo-Turnkey-SolutionsWe offer a number of paid advertising options including turn key PPC. Click here for more information.
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Need Social Media Content Marketing?

We built Stop Frying your brain specifically to help our network providers gain market share using the above methodologies. Won’t you join us?

If you don’t you will lose market share to those that do without question. Be a part the Stop Frying Your Brain community marketing effort today. You’ll be glad you did.banner-low-cost-high-value
We are a low cost ORGANIC (paid is optional) social media community content model featuring a high quality low volume lead gen solution for facility operators who are struggling with the high cost of Adwords advertising platforms and/or have limited budget for market entry.
Startups are our specialty. If you’re a startup comunity is the place to be. Largest bang for your marketing dollar with out question.
Get in touch for details. 1st come 1st serve. We built this 500,000 dollar model over 3 years specifically for your use.
This is a 5 year COMMUNITY marketing effort/plan and the best is still to come. Early adopters will get best results.
We-can-change-the-worldWatch the video below to learn more about us. Be sure to become part of our community marketing model today. It works and the price is right!


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Put your business or service in front of 31,000 registered users in our new review section.
Early adopters will get best placement. With our premium listings. Get Leads sent straight to your inbox.
Auto responder support complete with drip campaign capability and social media marketing.
Includes mailing to our 80,000+ a supplier list. And more… Click get listed button below and will be glad to tell you more.
StopFryingYourBrain.com bcoming most viewed Substance Abuse sites in the nation click here and learn more.


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