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Why we made the Stop Frying Your Brain website?

There are 5 groups of alcoholics.  The top two groups are Millennials, and they make up 53% of the alcoholics in the US.  Wow.  That’s staggering.

1.) Young Millennial Alcoholics
32% fall in this category.  They are 20-24, social, binge drinkers.

2.) Young Antisocial Millennial Alcoholics
21% fall in this category.  They are 25-26.  They started drinking when they were 15 and became alcoholics by the time they were 18.

  • Affluent, well-educated, tech-savvy, Cyber Millennials are more likely to binge drink than any other age group in the US.
  • Most binge-drinking Cyber Millennials live on the West Coast or in the Mid Atlantic region.
  • Cyber Millennials top the list when it comes to consuming risky levels of alcohol. They are the hardest partying group.
  • 12.4% of all Cyber Millennials are binge drinkers.
  • Most people think alcoholism occurs in middle age. That’s no longer true. In fact, affluent Millennials represent the highest percentage of alcoholics in the US.
  • Affluent Cyber Millennials live a double life. They are the most health-conscious of any age group. They eat organic, work out every week, and smoke less. Yet they lead the pack in binge-drinking and alcoholism.
  • Millennials drink so much wine they are changing the wine industry. How? They refuse to pay more than $20 for a bottle. They distrust wine critics. Instead they prefer to know the backstory of the wine. They don’t drink in bars or restaurants. They drink on the go and like sweeter wines. Therefore, wine makers are pricing wine lower, selling more box wines, making red wines sweeter.
  • Millennials consume 25.7% of the wine volume in the US. This is higher than the global average of 20.6%.
  • 55% of Millennial buyers (age 18-25) use mobile phones for procurement research, compared to 36% of those over the age of 45.  50% of Millennial buyers use tablets, compared to 31% of buyers over 45. This is the primary reason we made this site. Its a complete mobile site rendering on over 60 different platforms. Most addicted will sell everything BUT their cell phone.

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Can you afford to ignore 53% of market share? 

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