By now you’ve probably read most of the groovy articles on this site, watched a bunch of our badass videos, and you’re having second thoughts about your addiction, right? Like maybe it’s not such a cool thing after all. Like maybe it’s time to stop frying your brain.

Congratulations! Good decision, man. To celebrate, I just scarfed down the last of Flip’s outta sight vegan brownies in your honor.

Of course, when this hilltop moment passes you might be wondering what to do next.

Its That’s easy !

Why? Because that’s what we do, and why we created this site. Drug addiction is no fun. Neither is alcoholism. We know. Been there, done that, survived it. Kinda.


In fact, Flip and I were just laughing about the time her alcoholic ex-husband couldn’t get out of his car because his feet kept curling. No kidding. He and his buddies had chugged so much vodka his feet wouldn’t stay flat on the ground. They kept curling like fists. Weirdest thing Flip had ever seen.

She finally pulled him out of the car and helped him drag himself into the house. Since he couldn’t walk, he crawled up the stairs to the bedroom, while Flip pushed on his butt to keep moving him forward.

But when they reached the bedroom, he couldn’t climb into bed. The room was spinning too fast. So he crawled into the bathroom and slept on the tile floor all night. Good thing, because every time he woke up he had to hug the toilet and hurl.

Like I said, addiction is no fun. What a drag.


And that’s why Flip and I created this site. If addicts come here and decide it’s time to toss the monkey off their backs, we’re happy to help.

The first step is to click the button below. It will connect you to a call center and one of the awesome rehabs our friends rave about. Hey, you’ll only find the best on this site. We aren’t interested in rehabs that waste your time. Nope.  If you watch the brief video below we’ll explain better.






The goal is to find the best treatment options for YOU. That includes your financial situation, insurance requirements, job schedule, personal responsibilities, and family obligations. Everything.

Whatever you need, whether it’s information about addiction or help connecting with a good rehab, you’ll find it here at this site.

Groovy, huh?


Hey, talk about good vibrations. Flip just baked a fresh batch of her melt-in-your-mouth, chocolate chip cookies. She says there’s a glass of milk and a dozen of those beauties waiting for me in the kitchen. Alrightyyyy, I’m outta here!

Make peace not war, baby.

Flip and Flop

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