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Cali Estes

 Cali Estes, Ph.D SFYB Staff Addiction Author

Strains of Marijuana that are Most Effective to Detox a Client from Opiates

Strains of Marijuana that are most effective to detox a client from Opiates and also to reduce Post Acute withdrawal Symptoms. At The Addictions Coach we  have been helping clients fights Acute and Post Acute Withdrawal symptoms for years using the following products.
All of these strains have been selected for their unique cannabinoid profiles involving a higher amount of CBD (Cannabidiol) and a lower amount of THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana. CBD, in many preliminary trials, has been found to have a spectrum of beneficial properties including anti-seizure, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, analgesic, neuroprotective, and many other therapeutic uses. It may help many patients recover from highly addictive substances and it’s possible that a strong dose over time can reduce the size of a tumor or even be the cure to cancer.  We have only been allowed to study CBD for a short amount of time and I believe it will be revolutionary to our modern view of medicine.

 Charlotte’s Web
  • Charlotte’s Web was created by the Colorado breeders, the Stanley Brothers, specifically for a young girl named Charlotte diagnosed with epilepsy. This strain has a well-balanced variety of cannabinoids that can aid in the regulation of the body’s central nervous system. The low THC , high CBD content is a key reason this strain is used for treating many patients with a variety of ailments.
  • Harlequin is a sativa-dominant strain renowned for its high CBD content and almost invariable 5:2 ratio of CBD:THC making it a great choice for anyone looking for a soothing effect without being uncomfortably anxious or sleepy. I believe that CBD is an excellent medicine alone, but some believe that mixing CBD with a reasonable amount of THC will amplify the medical benefits. Others believe that THC is a crucial component and equally as important as CBD to the healing process.
Cherry Wine
  • Cherry Wine is an excellent cross of Charlotte’s Cherries x The wife. The wife is becoming more well-known for its abnormally high ratio of CBD:THC. Some growers have shown test results as high as 25% CBD and will be extremely potent even at lower doses. Charlotte’s Cherries is a cross of the famous Charlotte’s Web x Colorado Cherries bringing very sweet tones of Cherry flavor that cannot be missed.  Putting these two excellent strains together is a blessing to have such high amounts of CBD and an excellent taste of cherry. The effects are very powerful and can have an uplifting feeling of happiness.
  • ACDC is another very potent CBD-rich strain usually producing no psychoactive effects. It is very medicinal and can have a sedative effect without any negative side effects of paranoia or anxiety. This strain calms the body down in such a magnificent manner without much of an effect on brain function. It’s pain relief is very similar to being on an analgesic pharmaceutical drug, perfect for rehabing off of many dangerous pills.
  • Cannatonic is another strain with the common factor of a higher CBD content that has a calming effect and provides a sufficient amount of pain relief to the user. It is an excellent detox strain to smooth the effects of migraines, muscle spasms, and a wide variety of psychological/physiological symptoms. This indica-dominant strain has an uplifting vibe yet will bring the user a deep relaxed feeling without being stuck on the couch or feeling tired.

CBD is on the verge of becoming a very useful multi-purpose medicine that has a promising future. I highly recommend anyone detoxing from more dangerous drugs to give CBD a try. I believe many Ex-users will have significant relief of symptoms and feel much better in a matter of days. There may just be a monetary reason why big pharma, big tobacco, our prison system has helped outlaw such a tremendous plant, one that you can grow in your own backyard for free. Who would have thought such a small cannabidiol molecule could have such a large impact on society?




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Cali Estes
Cali Estes, Ph.D is a highly sought after Celebrity Addiction Therapist, Life Coach, Recovery Coach and Wellness Guru that blends talk therapy with forward and positive change to assist her clients in unlocking their true potential. She has been featured in books, magazines, radio and television for her work in the addictions and therapy fields. She works with individuals, drug and alcohol treatment teams and addiction professionals looking to advance their knowledge base.

Dr. Estes has over 20 years experience working with drug, alcohol and food addictions. Her deep understanding of drug and alcohol addiction, including the behaviors and ramifications that are associated with it, place her at the top in the field of addiction therapy. Dr. Estes is an interactive, solution-focused Positive Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. Her unique no-nonsense approach of cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology and life coaching combine to provide the perfect support for an addict. Dr. Estes’ background in food addictions and the emotional and physical tolls it takes on one’s psyche and physical well-being is highly unique.

Dr. Estes is currently serving as private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients. She has been featured on top tier outs such as NBC Universal News, MSN Money, Entrepreneur Magazine, Max Sports and Fitness, among others for her work in Addiction Recovery and has been published in several journals and books for her work on ADD and Relationships.

Dr. Estes is a Certified Masters Level Addiction Professional. She holds a Ph.D from DSU in Psychology and Life Coaching, a Master’s Degree from WCU, and an undergraduate from PSU, International Certification as a Drug and Alcohol Therapist, Master Certified Addictions Professional, as well as 24 certifications and over 20 years of experience as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Pilates Teacher, Food Addictions Specialist and Life Coach. Her unique approach to get to the root cause of the problem with each client and relate on a humanistic level makes her desirable in this industry. Dr. Estes is more than a ‘sober coach’. She has a background in clinical and personality psychology, addictions and forensics and has been featured on NBC, CBS, CNN, MSN, and more

In addition to being a prominent Addiction Therapist and well-known Recovery Coach, Dr. Estes has presented at National Conferences and is currently a National Education Provider offering Accredited classes through her sister company, www.theaddictionsacademy.com She has presented to individuals and drug and alcohol treatment facilities both national and international, and is a sought after Sober Coach and Life Coach to Actors, Musicians, CEO’s, Doctors, Sports Figures and Attorneys that need 100% Confidentiality when dealing with sensitive life issues. Dr. Estes is a clinician in the clinicians network for the National Basketball Association and the National Basketball Association Players Association (NBA/NBAPA).

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