Chelsearae SFYB Contributing Author and Alumni


Chelsearae SFYB Contributing Author

I write about my experiences if you would like to see more of my work select from below. I described my addiction journey. You decide if your story is like mine, hopefully you will learn from my experiences and come to the same logical conclusion as I did. 


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Tails of An Addict A Coke and Oxy Kind of Night

Methamphetamine Road Trip

The Night I Tried to Buy Heroin

Legal Highs and Mystery Amphetamine at Work

Lying to my Best Friend

Combing the Floor for Coke Crumbs

Ending My Love Affair With Opiates

Realizing How Much I Didn’t Mean to My ‘Friends’

An Account of My First Legal Prescription for Opiates

The Friend Who Introduced Me to My Undoing

I Was the Getaway Driver for a Robbery

My New Boyfriend Could Sense My Junkie-ness

How Did My Parents React?

Bad MDMA Memories and Comedowns

The Realization that I was in Deep with Oxycontin

A Tribute to Prince

Purgatory: In Between Addiction and Recovery

Legal Codeine in Bulgaria




A SFYB Senior Author and SFYB alumin. Fan base of about 80,000. She is the personal assistant of Mr Robert Henslee SFYB founder. A great example of what someone can accomplish who desires to get their life in order. She is on assignment in Europe on our new international joint venture soon to be announced. Please watch for the press release.

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