A revolution, decades in the making is beginning crest and the great green wave is about to break, on the verge of being able to discover the wonders within the cannabis plant’s capability and at the forefront fully and legally we wait.

Resting in the balance is what seems to add up to be the survival of countless addicts as we witness the fantastic results realized when this failed experiment of prohibition has ended in states such as Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. The early discovery and its numbers may be skewed statistics but showing a 10% decrease in overdose death doesn’t just look like to me.  It appears as thousands of addicts, just like me in the fight for their lives and yet still here another day to find a way out, it appears as my friends and closest loved ones. Having been met with my fair share of naysayers and a large degree of scrutiny I ask those among who has done the research, how many have detoxed addict after addict with the unprecedented results I’ve witness, how many have seen the marvel of this medicine performed in the manner I suggest? Certainly, I’m not promoting or condoning the recreational spliff, if your able and not an addict then more power to you, I simply suggest that the “gateway” swings both ways.

Going to a detox facility only to be introduced to the prospect of having to detox from your detox meds is Ludacris especially when you combine the excessive use, over use and now viable illegal market for such meds. Replacing your drug of choice with a drug that reacts with the same receptors as the drug you were on only to find the same mental reaction to withdrawing from is trading seats on the Titanic, the boat is still sinking. Not to discredit the many addicts who found their path via those such meds and the ability to comfort the fall from full blown junkie to clean member of society but let’s take a real look at the success ratio and ask ourselves if 3 – 5% is unacceptable. In this addict’s very limited scope of view I have seen the amazing effects CBD,  RSO and other Cannabis products and in the face of 630% increase in the overdose death of many people I call friend, I ask you why we would ignore this a plausible means of detoxing and treating addicts in the beginning stages of their journey. The most painful and highest risk phase where anyone in the field or with enough exposure to it can tell you we lose the most addicts, this is the implementation I call for at least a thorough and honest analysis of. For as I mentioned, these are countless lives who may be saved and endless families and loved ones spared the pain and suffering of losing someone to addiction. Such tragedies negatively affect family systems in ways untold, the damage expands person to person and the disease thrives and spreads in its wake. The disease is most perpetuated in its most tragic of side effects, the sickness slices through generations and from one addict to the next it afflicts and destroys lives.

Recently I was given the opportunity to attend and report upon a city that aims to remain progressive and slide into legalization as seamlessly as the federal government will allow. An organization based from Desert Hot Springs, CA known as DHS CAN hosted this convention and most of the city’s decision makers were available for open and transparent question and answers. Miracle Springs Resort was the venue, owner by Mr. Michael Bickford one of Desert Hot Springs more influential figures has invested in this city for some time now and shows immense interest in anything that might pull this city out of despair. The history of this spec on the map of California’s vast southern desert region is marked as being the state’s first municipality to file for bankruptcy, followed shortly thereafter by the Mayor’s personal claim, the old hide out of Al Capone, the staggering crime statistics per capita, this town seemed swept under the rug. That appears to be shifting as some of this gusty, sand swept stretch of half-finished neighborhoods, abandoned and dilapidated properties and poorly zoned or regulated building schemes is poised to burst into the year 2018 on the forefront of what’s being called the “Green Rush”. What I witnessed was a Mayor and city council in open forum discuss the most linear path to doing business in their city, providers, investors, real estate developers and interested parties both in operation and seeking to be all openly discussing their options and ability to grow and expand, ever pun intended.

As I previously stated, my scope of vision is limited to how this medicinal application might help the suffering addict when utilized as CBD with no psycho-active affect in dealing with P.A.W.S (post-acute withdrawal syndrome) may greatly reduce the mental addictive process in quelling cravings. Blessed and presented with a possible plant when specifically rendered oils are extracted not only capable of greatly softening the blow of opiate detox but when applied with less than 2% THC as CBD alone may aide and assist in keeping the addict from returning to dope and therefore live maybe one more day. To broadly accept suboxone, Subutex and the host of readily used substances in circulation yet condemn the one we can clearly sight as the least harmful, when your best argument is the “gateway” theory in the face of the deadliest drug epidemic this world has ever known I beg you to reconsider. With no argument or debate, humbly and solely as the view of this addict, I beg that you broaden your horizon so that we all might see some headway in the fight against a killer that seems only strengthened by our efforts to combat it. The day that methadone is shown with anywhere near the beneficial spectrum as CBD or RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is the day I’ll stop calling for it, the day a relic abandoned by the Nazi’s echoes is a less harmful solution than a controlled dose of any cannabis product won’t come. This may not be the solution for all, a more formidable and pharmaceutical maybe a better option for you but doesn’t each of us at least deserve to have access to options, as many options as may be available as it is my life or the life of a loved one on the line.  

The questions I arrived with were each answered as the city offered a clear path not only for the recreational user and producers legality, the business aspect was addressed in full and great interest and support was given towards the out of the box proposition I suggested. Strangely I expected to meet with more resistance as I know that in the substance abuse treatment community this subject is more than taboo. The illicit connotation and propaganda smear campaign waged against all things related to Marijuana (a moniker that is derived from that propaganda campaign itself) has done its duty and even its mention immediately draws to mind images of joints and bong rips. This fringe application mentioned in utilizing CBD, RSO and other Cannabis products must be further explored and with the help of organizations such as DHS C.A.N. and their President Mr. Jason Elsasser, I see proof of a positive and progressive future for the advancement and utilization of these products especially with men like this at the helm. Following the varied interesting panels of experts ranging from the former Chief of Police to the Mayor, a mock up live action version of TV’s “Shark Tank” and open forum discussions that which covered the broad scope of this wide-open frontier, the “Green Rush” has arrived. Stop Frying Your Brain was welcomed with open arms, our questions were answered in a scope and depth that served to spawn further conversations and soon we may see this rarely spoken solution put into action because of the interest and support realized. The common collective consciousness demands a shift in our seeking and the demand is the proof of this upheaval in the making. A dramatic realignment is needed in facing an epidemic that is now the number one killer of Americans under the age of 23, that should enrage you, 145+ estimated drug overdose deaths a day is an insane yet likely underestimated figure! What means of even stepping into that breach do you propose? Why, when the alternatives are failing and falling in staggering defeat would you meet Cannabis with resistance? Who could look at the endless list of prescribed meds in common use and open access with all there negative and harmful effects look at Cannabis and condemn its use? These are questions I ask that you each explore and answer for yourself, if your loved ones life is on the line at what length do you refuse to go?

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