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Elderly Addicted to Opiates who would have ever thought Grandma was a drug addict ?

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Dear Stop Frying Your Brain;

I saw the post by FUBAR on linkedin, figured since he got approved I could too. I want to share with you the story of my mother, Abby with your community.

My mother raised 4 children as a single mom.  She was your local cool-aid mom.  All the kids in the neighborhood hung out at our house.  We were the fun house with all the snacks, games and sleep over’s.


As I became older and had my own children, mom was always there to help baby sit or pick someone up if I couldn’t make it.  Abby was also the town beautician.  She had clients everyday.  Every client wanted her for proms, weddings, and/or just everyday haircuts.

When mom was in her 60’s, she had gotten into a car accident.  She had broken her right leg, left arm and bruised her pelvis bone.  After 3 months of recovery she was still in pain.  The doctor prescribed pain pills to reduce the pain she had everyday.

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Mom began to change slowly.  She started to put off her clients, not clean her house, nor talk much to anyone anymore.  She became recluse.  When I needed mom to pick up the kids, she was too lethargic to speak to on the phone.  So one day I went to her home and found her on the couch drunk and slurring  her words.  I asked what she had done today because the house was a mess and I didn’t know what she had taken for her pills and drinking on top of that.

After while, I discovered that she was selling her jewelry to buy pills off the street, from kids around the neighborhood that grew up with my children.  Needless to say, those children are in recovery now.

As I watched mom go down hill, I had asked my brothers and sister, to schedule an intervention.  After 3 interventions and 6 months in rehab, mom is now on the road to a great recovery.  She has come back to her old brand new self, with an appreciation for life and to live among the walking again.

I say to you as a reader, please pay close attention to what your parents are doing and taking of their prescriptions.  I as an individual of no addictions, I wonder why these doctors think so freely that the prescriptions they prescribe is at no fault of setting up an individuals lives for failure.

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