The Friend Who Introduced Me to My Undoing


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I was 18 when I met the person who would introduce me to my ultimate undoing, Oxycontin.

His name was Miles. I was outside smoking a cigarette and he was the only other smoker there. I was sitting down leaning up against the wall of the porch, looking up at a shorter guy with a medium build, unkempt black hair and large hazel eyes. He had some weed stuffed into the end of his cigarette. It was the first time I’d heard of someone doing that.



On the subject of pot, we moved on to talking about other drugs and found out we both loved them. We exchanged numbers and decided we were going to do an 8 ball (3 and a half grams) of coke the next day, and so we did. We sat in the living room of his dad’s house out in the country and sniffed it off the coffee table. From that day on we were inseparable.

The next day we walked around the park with 32 ounce Taco Bell cups filled half with Pepsi and half with rum. I doubt we shared more than a few sober minutes when we first met, and that was exactly how I preferred it. This way I did not have to think about anything stressful.


Not long after first meeting, Miles asked me if I’ve ever tried pain pills, and handed me a yellow oval shaped one on my front porch. I had liked every substance I had tried thus far so I was excited to see what it was all about. After that we went to eat nachos. On the way to the restaurant it started hitting me.

It was a heavy feeling, but light. I was floating; my head and entire body were buzzing and tingling. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face, every muscle in my body was relaxed, my mind was clear and free of worry. It was such a warm feeling and I absolutely loved it. I remember Miles looking at me and saying “Do you feel it yet?” and I just smiled in response.


I thought Miles was the coolest. He was extremely intelligent and super nice to me and everyone I saw him interact with; even my mom liked him. He would look directly into someone’s eyes when meeting them, and shake their hand firmly, then he would proceed to ask them very interested questions about themselves and listen intently, usually making them laugh or smile in one way or another. He had the ability to connect with absolutely anyone. I had finally met my match when it came to being in love with drugs and wanting to do them as often as possible.

He was the exact same way, so instead of feeling bad about my addictive tendencies, I felt that they were acceptable and I was not a terrible person. What I had previously considered a questionable aspect of myself, I now found validated, and every day was an exciting adventure of exploring altered mind states. He did not consider getting high on various things as something to do “every once in a while”, or “on the weekends”, it was a way of life, and I loved this idea. He was always handing me random pharmaceutical drugs and I happily accepted all of them.


Miles introduced me to OxyContin by handing me what looked like a tiny white speck of plaster and telling me to swallow it. I was thoroughly confused, especially after taking the yellow pills he had given me before that were much bigger. I didn’t think it would do anything to me but he said to trust him. We were both over at the mutual friend’s house we were at when we met when this occurred, and about a half hour later I ended up lying on the couch, unable to open my eyes from that tiny speck of a pill. I had to go to the bathroom a couple of times and lean over the toilet, unsure if I was going to get sick, but I don’t think I actually hurled that first time. This is how I got started.

Then I discovered Stop Frying Your

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