Hi my name is Organized Crime. Friends, supporters and users, of my products and services, call me OC and my middle names are corruption and immorality.


SFYB Contributing Author “FUBAR” Best stuff in the hood brother

I see that you are a supporter and user so you can, also, call me OC. From birth to death, I have power, control and manipulative influence in all aspects of every life, globally, and through my interests and involvements in fashion, cosmetics, styling, trending, branding, music, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, media, tv, politics, wars, sports, education, work, tattoos, Internet, electronics, global dictatorships, etc.

Hi my name is Organized Crime. Friends, supporters and users, of my products Click to Tweet


2016-06-18_11-35-27I allow you to think you are looking hot, attractive, desirable, successful, rough, tough, with attitude, etc. + If you choose to use, I can take it all away in the lack of a heart beat, at any moment.

Two / fives youths taking a joy ride, using and showing off in a four, two or three wheeled powerful weapon of potential mass destruction with little driving experience, it is usually described as an accident looking for a place to happen, makes my day. With our accident of birth we are branded by where we drop out ie: location, family, background, culture, etc. and no matter how much we rebel, resist, move, etc. our branding will stay with us to the grave + like a tattoo & piercings = employable for no more than minimum wage jobs, just as I want things to be.


My intention to trash the world always has been, is, and always will be accomplished through the provision of my products and services that, globally, allow losers to fulfill their objectives in the self design of their own personal, family, community and national destruction.

Self destruction is, and always has been, a Human Right and now, with Equal Rights, women have the opportunity to choose to be as foolish as men ( all in the name of “just having fun” ).


Hooking others into drugs and contributing to their destruction is not a Human Right, it is a criminal act = an inhuman act – not a Right … even with one’s own children, friends, parents, relatives, coworkers, etc.. It makes my day when gang or group members do outrageously foolish things that they would never do if they were alone and not acting out as a group = ( a pack of dogs showing off ).

In anguish: Tears ran down the cheeks of a man as he waited with other survivors Tuesday for a flight out of Tacloban in the Philippines, which was devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.

I can only fulfill my objectives and survive through being in bed with desperate individuals, organizations and governments, at all levels around the world, in mutually beneficial enterprises.

Society and government officials, for jobs and taxes, have allowed me to be so normalized and transparent that they, and most others, don’t even see or recognize me as being a major negative part of their lives. All they do is sugar coat their town, city, province / state, country, etc.,through the media / tv / radio / newspapers, etc. which allows me to do my drug dealings, etc. under the cover of the sugar….a perfect situation designed by them, especially for me.


De Nile is not a river but most of my friends and associates choose to take a swim in it when they are confronted with having criminal charges brought against them by law enforcement officials for trafficking, possession, using, DUIs, DOAs, resisting arrest, auto accidents, etc,

My success is directly related to how many rebellious and bold users / losers believe that they are having fun ( as shown in my public media brainwashing propaganda and advertisements ) while losing their health, morals and money = ( their lives, by choosing to use, are shallow, meaningless and worthless, especially gamblers ).

It pleases me to see young, poor and even well off, “Wanna-B addicts” choosing to use drugs, tobacco, alcohol, etc. while falsely thinking they will be enhancing their life experience, creativity and possible future successes + I am especially pleased when they do recruiting of friends, family members, classmates, co-workers, etc. into addiction, for me.

Welcome To The Future Green Road Sign with Copy Room Over The Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

Young people are so willing to trash their future possibilities, job opportunities, military careers, families, etc. ( rather than soaring to great heights like eagles

1) by choosing to use they risk becoming ill-legals = sick birds of a feather flocking and using together = ( trying to fit in ) rather than being drug / addiction free, productive, positive and creative individuals.

One of my goals is to manipulate users into falsely thinking that gambling is for a noble cause of fund raising in support of various charities, organizations, projects, etc. = whatever became of legitimate fundraising through personal, organizational, governmental, etc. contributions?


Desperate hypocritical governments’ good old boys, and global dictators, at all levels, support my kinds of criminal activities ( medical or recreational marijuana/ weed, gambling, chase the ace, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex toy and porn shops, bars, VLTs, casinos, money laundering, horse racing, drug paraphernalia shops, prostitution, wars, etc.

1) while keeping in mind the known outcome, of selling out to me, for jobs and taxes = business as usual…anything illegal that can be taxed and promises jobs will be legalized ASAP.

I create job opportunities and contribute to bringing about paychecks from employment in the areas of law enforcement, lawyers, prison construction and staffing, doctors, hospitals, auto repair, insurance and finance, mental health, drug recovery, PTSD, psychiatrists, counselling, creative accounting, judges, politicians, etc. etc… more than any government job creation program has ever accomplished.


Is it any wonder that governments and I are such great bed partners for the screwing / taxing the little guys for our own brotherhood of lucrative lifestyles, employment and survival, globally.

Special thanks to officials, locally and globally, who issue business licenses that allow me to import, inventory and sell illegal products and services in the name of free and mutually beneficial enterprise.


Non judgment and silence are taken as consent, acceptance and approval for all of my illegal products, activities and services…. wanna-b addicts who choose to use are always accepted family members as long as they continue to demonstrate their baditude attitudes. OC members must uphold and enforce my myth of the rat principle = “ those who ID their drug suppliers / pushers are rats “ ( my designed misunderstanding ) when in fact the real rats are the traffickers / pushers, my kind of people.


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