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Pastor Tim Craft here “High On Hope Ministries” working with Rich Walters & Robert Henslee @ Stop Frying Your Brain! Below is my story… Many more great things coming folks! Check back often..

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Tim Craft
Tim Craft is from Beckley, WV. He was a 12 year opiate addict. His date of deliverance is March 1, 2014. He entered Eddie James Ministries at that point and traveled America spreading hope with the ministry. He became Director of "EJM DreamLife" Discipleship Program and served in that role for almost 2 years. He now resides in Parkersburg, WV, where he has founded "High On Hope Ministries".

"HOH" has three branches, all striving to inject hope, offer help, and bring freedom. "The Movement", consisting of outreach events, is designed to inform the community of the addiction crisis and to, more importantly, introduce solutions. Its primary focus in to restore the Mid Ohio Valley, believing all events will leave a postive impact on the community.

Tim is also developing a response team which will work with first responders 24 hours a day to combat the overdose crisis. The team will offer the victims a way out in that moment. This second branch is called the "Freedom Project".

A residential/discipleship recovery program, "New Creation" is the third branch of HOH MInistries. This program will have two facilities. The male facility is located in Malta, Ohio, while the female's facility will be in Parkersburg, WV.

Tim has been a panelist on several heroin epidemic forums hosted by Attorney Generals from WV and Ohio. He has been given an assignment from God to show a dark world what freedom looks like. He has spoken at churches across America, and recently in Israel and Germany raising addiction awareness, breaking the stigma and being a voice of hope. Tim's purpose is to be a voice of freedom over addiction and to point people toward freedom found only in the one Who created us.

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