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Brave souls are we who have waged a great war within ourselves and emerged victorious upon surrender, this is the axiom for which we lay a foundation that will bear the weight of a full life in recovery.
john wallace

John SFYB Admin/Outreach

Staying present and mindful is a key deterrent in combatting toxic thoughts of yesterday or fearful projections into tomorrow, right here and now is all we will ever have and only in this moment are we capable of expressing true gratitude. If ever disturbed seek the leak in your spirit and plug it with the joy of simplicity, no big deals today, no worries, no frets, or fears for we are free and can remain as such with purity of our intent. Remain humble and know we are blessed and protected in ways we could not possibly imagine regardless of life’s circumstances so long as we follow this way and carry those along with not yet ready to walk on their own.

Embraced by a power so much greater than our comprehension could possibly encompass we walk with the armor of a thousand knights and regardless of the blows we may suffer along the way our spirits live on. The message we might deliver today will live in eternity and echo the ages for it was bestowed upon us from the divine web which weaves together all things saving lost souls for generation to come. The intuition or inspired thought that which we may be compelled to share is proof positive of the universal consciousness even the most cynical of men will find difficult to deny. The source of such stimulus comes from within ourselves yet oddly feels as the granted from something external to us with a synergy only wisdom can keep us from trying to define.

If yet to experience such things in our personal journey, if the path we travel seems dim and uncertain and the feelings that are spawned by that lack of light do not realize themselves as being self-generated it is the darkness we most certainly are headed towards.

The journey back into the grace and sunlight of the spirit is shorter than we think and in opposition to the endlessly winding rabbit hole of abysmal darkness that always ends in the void, it begs the question why so many of us travelled it for so long.

Gratitude for having walked that path of excess and known the absence of all things worthwhile is just as paramount as that which we must hold dear for the well-lit path of recovery and all the blessings within for it is we who have been to hell that best know the return trip home. Grab hold of yourself and find a love for whom you see in the mirror for it is there that we will learn to love one another in the purist sense and meaning. We who have found ourselves presented with a life beyond our wildest dreams know we keep it only by sharing with others and in that way payment is made upon a spiritual debt that will never be fully paid back.

The ledger shows true in the balance we find as we walk in faith through each day conscious and mindful to align ourselves with the spirit of the universe and trust in the protection if we continue along this way.

Join us if you have yet to, stay we us if you have just arrived and lead us those who got here before us as we all stand together none better or worse for we know that no matter how far from our last debacle we might be it is no further from our next if we lose the humility required for these such blessing to be received. Live Grateful, Stay Present, Stay Here!

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