Is Your Landlord Partially Responsible for Your Relapse?

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I saw an article on allergy testing as it relates to addiction on and thought, I’m going to contact the website owners and see if they would let me share my story to help others that have been diagnosed incorrectly due to their addiction problems.

I’ve been driving down the road to recovery for two years.I have been in 4 different treatment centers trying the to find the right one to give me what I need to sustain my sobriety. I have several medical issues that never seem to go away.

I recently went to my doctor for a migraine headache that just doesn’t seem to go away, a stuffy nose that had been around for a long time, and a skin rash. The stuffy nose had also been causing a whistling sound when I would breathe making it hard to sleep, and making my eyes water. I was also experiencing a feeling of tightness in the chest, and found it hard to breathe from time to time.

Types of Allergies Word Circles Concept with great terms such as mold, food, pollen and more.

My doctor asked some unusual questions during his examination. He asked me where I lived, If I rented or owned my home, and how old my home was. I was set back by these questions. I asked him, “Why he was asking me these questions?” I am here for you to help me with my medical issues. He told me that many people suffer from allergies and don’t even realize it.

warningDuring his examination he told me that he was going to send me for allergy testing. He said it would not hurt, just several pin pricks on my arm and if there is a reaction we would know what and if I was allergic to. He said he was going to give me medication for my migraines, and also recommended taking over the counter medicines; a decongestant, nose spray, and some eye drops. I told him that I was in recovery and was afraid to take any medications. When I told him I was in recovery, I noticed a change in how he dealt with me. After that point I felt like he did not know too much about recovery.

why-howAfter, I left his office, it made me think about a couple of things. First, had I let the doctor know at the beginning of the visit that I was in recovery (which is important for him to know), would’ve he tried to test me for allergies, or would’ve he figured that my symptoms were related to my addiction problem.

Even more troubling, how come the four different treatment centers that I went to did not ask me the same questions to see if I had allergies, test me, and find out that this was part of the reason I was feeling so bad.

Failed Test ca. 2001

Well, the test results from my allergies came back that I was allergic to mold, milk, and yes cockroaches. Not to upset anyone, cockroach parts are in most of the chocolate we eat. The FDA approves 60 insect pieces per 100 grams. ABC News did a story on this in 2012.

The apartment I lived in was old and musty, and there were cock roaches. I moved out and am definitely feeling better. I know that this is not the main cause of my relapses, however it was a trigger that could of be avoided with the proper medical attention of the 4 treatment centers that I went to for treatment..

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