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Employer Network


(Health Global Employment System V1.4A)

Global Behavior Health Human Resources & 1st Responder Employer Network


Post a resume or job on the Global Network at no cost
The Global Health platform services approximately 80,000+ private facility operators USA, 10,000 1st responders and government concerns world wide (including nuclear)
Funded by: Stop Frying Your Brain
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If you would like more information about the corporate/commercial use of the HR system please contact us using the contact button on the menu bar above. This system is free to use by all individuals/professionals in the behavior health industries.

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Executive Summary

As most of you well know over the last few years we’ve (Behavior Health Network Resources & Stop Frying Your built the largest network of health providers in the world.

In total the behavioral health referral network is approximately 80,000 members and growing rapidly. The fast six months we received a large volume of calls from facility operators and owners looking for top talent in the business.(Click here to join the Behavior Health Referral Group and get more information.)

Servicing these employment requests was an overwhelming manual effort. The labor cost were tremendous. Something had to be done. Meet the Global Health Human Resources platform.

In order to better service our clients and cut our operational costs, we built an online HR package to service these requests and incorporated them into StopFryingYourBrain website.

I’m happy to announce it is fully functional today. If you’re looking for great job, I would strongly suggest you load your resume into the HR system as fast as you can. It’s easy to do and totally free.

Effective immediately we will direct all inquiries from our facility owners/operators to the HR system. They can review all the resumes on file. You never know, these enterprises probably have a great job for you. Just look.



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