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Who’s your daddy? The great American deception. The game of illusion and who’s da king really? Sharing my thoughts as I make coffee this morning.
It is written by our forefathers that together we stand or divided we fail. I see this principle at work in the addiction communities.
The winners of this epidemic are the large faceless corporations making billions of dollars at the expense of human life from the very Americans that provide their profits.  Shameful if you ask me. What’s wrong with this picture? Divided we fail. 
Robert Henslee

Robert Henslee SFYB CEO/Publisher/Founder

For those that don’t know me, I run Stop Frying Your which is a recovery website that features the addicts channel. We are a information portal for individuals challenged with addiction. We seem to be recently labeled the “National Enquirer” in the addiction industry.

Staff members are individuals in recovery. I really don’t care about what people say about them because I’m so proud of all our people and I find myself wondering if a bunch of addicts in recovery running a website need to worry about their reputation anyway.

They are making a difference. Proof positive we do recover. Additionally, after working with addicts for many years, I’m discovering they are actually brilliant people. They are extraordinary passionate about anything they do. Didn’t see that one coming. Who would’ve thought? Now I find we’ve a stable full of racehorses. (a bit like herding cats I might add). Fun !

Our mission statement is to provide information for those who seek it relevant to addiction. At last count we had some 5000+ articles relevant to the challenges of addiction. Featuring stories from others who suffered from addiction and most have positive messages and lessons learned by those who experienced the challenges.

Thousands of people on the website daily and the phone seems to ring continuously from people who are confused by the various operators and experts when they are looking for help. Like we have a crystal ball or something. What we do have is a large community of success and our addicts in recovery do have opinions about what and who works.

As you might imagine I’ve been active in the various Facebook communities pretty much 80 hours a week on average for the last five years.The “divided we fail” concept seems to be flourishing in most of the addiction communities on social. As a result, many of the people seeking help in these communities usually leave disillusioned and very confused. They want to talk to others who are successful in their recovery.

Backbiting of others at a all time high by the “experts” which operate in the various social groups such as facebook.

Pretty sad if you ask me. “Please don’t tag me with that one” or “If their going we’re not” is the statement of the day. Their mission statement seems to be discredit others just as an observation. Other fools seem to take pleasure by pointing out the faults of others while not offering anything of substance themselves and that’s why they do it in the first place if you ask me.

Hence as an internet community we’re all rendered ineffective. I watch with a heavy heart as the individuals which historically helped others are hopelessly slaughtered and discredited. From my perspective an inherently evil thing. Divided we fail seems to hold true across the board. For many their “morality” seems to be defined by the opportunity at hand. Take a few seconds and take a look at this

At the heart of the patient brokering laws is the intent that concerns should not profit off the referrals to/or use facilities they have a vested interest in.  (Financially speaking) billing exorbitant fees for services in the case of urine analysis too.

 If the intent of the brokering laws are to prevent this activity… they are NOT working. We recently came across a major insurance company attempting to dodge the bullet. Denial of service.  Why is this legal?

Google Patent Brokering?

Ref: Google stops treatment center ads. (click Link)

Personally, I have over 40 years experience working in the computer industry. 20 plus years experience in pay per click advertising. See (note over 5000 endorsements/references)

So I know a little of something about Google adwords. I am recently disturbed by the news Google has stopped accepting addiction treatment advertising. See link above. I became aware of this when I started getting a number of calls to move large brand PPC models off Google onto other platforms. I would also point out Google is no longer the leader in PPC as well.

My take on this it fits with the theme divided we fail. This new WAR against patient brokering is leaving in its wake …..all the legitimate advertisers/operators. I believe it severely limits individuals ability to find the help they badly need.

Who died and left Google in charge anyway? Just saying this is a very dangerous trend for our freedom of choice ect. Total market control by an unelected private entity. Shame on you Google I say. This isn’t the behavior of a democracy. Now that’s more scary to me than a few immoral advertisers. Haven’t we learned as a society we can’t legislate morality anyway? Just saying.

If you’re a Google Adwords dependant take a look at the following. Google doesn’t realize the best CPA & CPL rates. Click image below and learn more.

Learn more about the Addict’s Channel click image below


Robert Henslee
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I am the CEO & Founder of Stop Frying Your Brain which is my pet project. I have many other concerns as well. I enjoy the title usually of "CCO" Chief Content Officer and others with many companies. This is a five year project and I'm about half way of year three. My user community of 175,000 define the build as this is a community asset. We had 4 to 6 million unique views in 2016 depending on which set of analytics you wish to believe. We switched servers several times and lost much of the raw data.

At SFYB Our mission statement is to bring good information to the individuals that need it so they can make excellent informed decisions about the services they are seeking. If you're in this industry and need some help with your concern reach out to me 772.206.6676 (texting works best). I can truly help you.


If you have a challenge my goal is to connect you with the best information and leaders in the industry. One thing I am certain of there is something here that can help you. Good luck and if I missed something please reach out to me.

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I do extensive Internet marketing consulting for individuals, startups and mega brands. I can save you big money, introduce you the market and generate customers for you quickly. I am the technical side of the house. I specialize in all the gadgetry, wizardry, social media and technology necessary to put your house in order quickly. Over 40 years experience

Our network providers, owns, operate and dominate the largest social media foot print in the addiction vertical consisting of hundreds of groups on the different social media platforms. We help both service providers and USERS with the largest audience of people exploring services and the largest network of professional service providers. PLEASE JOIN US.

I built as an option for operators who cannot compete against the mega brands and their multi-million-dollar pay per click budgets. is a community marketing content model which soon will out perform pay per click models in the foreseeable future.

We deploy and operate on 65 different mobile devices and have extensive emarketing capabilities on mobile devices on the back-end. We have agency quality available for our clients enabling them with drip-marketing campaigns.

Our website is constantly under development as we split test and learn exactly what the market wants, what works and how to build it. We are not afraid to test because this is a crowd source asset. We are defined by the community and users we service.

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