As with all addiction treatment, counseling and therapy make up the primary components of treatment and recovery. Typically, the recovering patients are suffering from underlying emotional trauma and other psychological disorders that often reflect in confusion and delusion.

The role of the specialty-trained and board certified chiropractic physician in the treatment setting is to be supportive of the therapist and work with other medical providers in the care and treatment of these patients. Understanding the root causes of these emotional life events and effectively re-training how the brain processes these events are crucial keys to successful outcomes and breakthroughs. Without the full utilization and commitment of counseling and therapy, other modalities of treatment, including drug therapy (MAT) are largely ineffective.

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Patients come and go. The substance abuse industry is insurance dependent. Insurance reimbursement limitations are part of the reason why relapse rates are high. It probably has more to do with the patient’s desire and commitment to get well however. If we believe that this is true, then we should be doing everything we can to inspire each patient to dig down deep and seek a higher place in his life. Each and every team member, whether she is an administrator, therapist, CFO, nurse, medical doctor, or chiropractor must go beyond the confines of her specialty and be a mentor.

Most of the time, it will require that we imagine what it is like being that person who suffers with the disease of addiction. Comorbidity is high in this population of patients mainly due to lifestyle choices and environmental circumstances. Regardless, when we serve in this capacity we must become better connecting humans. Let’s face it: these are not easy patients to care for or to communicate with.

By giving just a little extra we can improve the outcomes of the lives of these patients in a profound way. It often takes more patience than it does more therapy. My brotherhood and sisterhood of board certified doctors and specialty-trained practitioners understand this concept fully. This is what we are taught at the ACACD in each and every course and throughout the entire residency program. We are not the DC down the street looking to generate extra cash for his practice. This is our specialty and we take great pride in creating better outcomes and integrating with all of the team members of the treatment center

My intent here is not to read like an advertisement, but to point out observations through my experiences. Making a real difference in the lives of others is really what we are after and we realize that supporting the therapists’ goals is the primary purpose. In these cases it is the lives of people who suffer with addiction. They need support to overcome their disease, which means we have to give them tools and teach them healthy lifestyles. Not all health care providers see it this way. However, we do because it is what we do. However, in the end, we realize that it all comes down to one understanding principle. There comes a time when we must let the patient go. Ultimately they are responsible for their own lives.


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DR Bruce
Doctor Bruce Hansbrough received his chiropractic medical degree from Life University, in Marietta, Georgia. He has worked in integrative settings in Martin and Palm Beach Counties since 1993. Doctor Hansbrough is board certified with the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders (ACACD) and performed his residency at the Exodus Treatment Center and Concept House in Miami.

He has served as an integrative medicine consultant for mental health and addiction recovery centers. He is also board certified in occupational health completing his occupational health residency at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis and is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Occupational Health.

Doctor Hansbrough is a veteran and served as a commissioned officer from 1980 through 2002 in the United States Navy and Naval Reserve with three tours of duty in the Middle East and Persian Gulf regions. Doctor Hansbrough is also a graduate of the LEADERship™ program of Martin County and received the prestigious Chiropractor of the Month award from the nationally acclaimed Chiropractic Leadership Alliance in June 2010.
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