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 I am a recovering alcoholic & addict. I was given a second chance at life by the grace of God… below is my story.


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I am a recovering alcoholic & addict. I was given a second chance at life by the grace of… Click to Tweet






Lisa Laughnan
My name is Lisa, I am married, and I was born October 28th, 1980.

I am a recovering alcoholic & addict. I struggled with addiction for over 20 years.

Through my many struggles, I encountered many rough times. All of which I can blame on no one other than myself.

I lost my love and respect for everyone including myself. I was beyond evil, and I would do anything you could possibly imagine to get my fix.

Sufferings that I have encountered over the many years of my addiction include, but are not limited to; being institutionalized, overdosing, lengthy jail stays with my longest stay being 9 months, losing a loved one to alcoholism, losing friends to overdoses and suicides, and relapsing after my release from jail and contracting a deadly blood infection that almost took my life.

One thing that was different in my life when I finally became clean and sober this last time was that I had found my Higher Power, God, during my jail stay.

The very last day that I used, I cried out for help, my prayer was heard and the road was paved.

I have been clean and sober since December 5th, 2015, and I have not had a cigarette since December 28th, 2015.

Today, I am kind, caring and compassionate. I would do anything you could imagine to help save another person from going through the same hardships as myself.

I am the founder and owner of a Facebook group called Choose Hope Not Dope, as well as a page called Hope Fiend Addiction/Recovery Poetry. I also am the founder an owner of a website dedicated to spreading hope to the addict and their families that still suffer from this horrible disease.

My purpose in life is to break the silence and spread hope to the still suffering addict and their families.

I am here to speak out about the horrors of addiction and to share my experience, strength, and hope
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