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I’m the mom of a very much loved addict son, I made it my business to learn and try to understand why he does what he does and drugs do what they do. I just cant get over the hump of that call back by the devil.
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For 14 years I have watched my son deteriorate as a person and struggle to be as close to normal as he knows hoping no one will notice how high he is as he nods off while standing in the kitchen. Oh my God how I hated that….I cant even begin to explain how that feels. There are no words…

Donna HART
I always tried to keep the door open so when he was ready he would know I would be there to help him. What I actually did was enable him….Coming to the realization of what I was doing was critical to me and heartbreaking. How could I have allowed myself to be so blind all the while I was searching and researching for help and answers.


Love is blind and no matter how much you strive to help your child , your baby, your loved one…enabling them is actually helping them to die. Drugs have no love for you or their victim.
Parents have got to get involved with helping their loved ones to get help. Help is getting them in a position where they can go to treatment. The solution is getting your kids insurance. Its a way to get them away and out of their drug element… a way to change people, places and things. Without making changes they will absolutely fall back into the dark hole.

I have the ability to help guide you to where your child or loved one needs to be in order to save their life.
I’m the mom of an addict, I know what the parents and family’s go through…There is help and there is hope. Lets Talk Addiction support group

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Donna HART
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