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Listen please! I’m sick and tired of hearing about how “bad” south Florida is for treatment. A perfect example of media influence. I was going to bite my tongue but I refuse. First off, hope your all having a great day! This post isn’t to promote any one facility or treatment centers at all.

RJ Vied – SFYB Contributor

This is in hopes to clear up some of the one sided “what sells” media and gossip regarding South Florida. I’d first like to address the comment made by our Reporters. I quote ” The real victims are the insurance companies!” Are you f word kidding me!?!? I’d love to see a “victim” to whom on average receives close to 20 million dollar BONUSES each year. BONUSES.

How about why no one can offer a sufficient amount of scholarships? So soflo treatment centers are bad because they can no longer cover the expenses of a scholarship, due to the fact census across the board are way down, DUE to the fact Florida has self destructed itself by exposing NOTHING but negative and its faults. I am 110% in shutting down the bad, but to stigmatize the entire industry does no one any good.

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Last on the media, again I wanted to bite my tongue. The palm beach post was doing a piece on the SUCCESS in recovery in SOFLO.

They were in my living room interviewing my wife and I along with 10 other people who found recovery. When asked why this piece was never published this was their response, “it just doesn’t sell”. Hmmmm.


Finally, to have our representatives on tv telling the country “anyone who sends their kids to south Florida goes home in a body bag”.

What in the…… excuse me sir, but if you took the time to see the doubled amount of bodies living a fulfilling life as a result of Florida recovery, if the media would show the thousands who get together daily, who love and support each other, maybe just maybe the quality treatment centers can operate, save lives and offer more scholarships. Maybe you can have comfort in knowing YOUR state is offering solution to this epidemic.


This entire perception of South Florida is basically effed. Rather than making us look like the bad guys, why not NOTICE we are the FIRST state to take action.

We have dedicated police, task force and federal members doing an incredible job. NO ONE else is taking this kind of action to clean up the industry. Lets be real, you want to see corrupt, take your blinders off and visit any other state NOT under the radar, Yet! Florida is cleaning up for sure, but it’s a damn shame those people actually offering appropriate levels of care, family programs and aftercare are feeling the brunt of all this. America, there are MANY down here living in the solution.

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There are many quality treatment centers. And it’s a matter of doing some homework and research, but they’re here. At least for the next few months.

Then we are looking at a whole new bombshell of “what do we do now”. Finally and I’ll end with this because I have coffee getting cold. For all to whom want to beat the industry with the “insurance” stick. I walked my 1.5 year old little girl into the ER this past weekend. She was in shock from an allergic reaction.


Drenched in sweat and red as an apple. Two scared parents and a sick, scared little girl walk up to the front desk. FIRST and only question was ” does she have insurance?”

Yesterday I walked to a dentist, I asked if they could scholarship my root canal! I was looked at as if I had 3 heads. Your resentment and valid arguments should be towards the state, the ins companies and the government. Do NOT get mad at the treatment centers whom hire master level therapists, psychiatrists, doctors and qualified staff. I don’t see the Feds banging down St. Jude’s because there not giving away free chemo.


Point in this rant! Agree or disagree is cool with me. So many people have gotten a new shot at life by going to south Florida.

Many have built beautiful lives and families, applied to colleges and became awesome members of society. Please don’t take away from the good going on because of the few greedy people who WILL see their day. And to the media! Write up a piece about how great your state is, how thousands found a new way of life, show a little pride in success of others rather than sales from corruption.


Robert Henslee

Robert Henslee Publisher/Founder

To my young friend RJ. I think the media bias is a result of the politicians attempting to put a positive spin and justification to their current efforts. I have made several comments on the landing page. Click on image below to read them. Tks@R

New Florida Laws For Treatment and Detox Operators – Click Image



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