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Manders Espana

General Manders Espana Recovery Army Loose Cannon Advocate & SFYB Author Alumni  

The year is 2016 in Washington DC, New York, New Jersey, and Florida a group of 4 secret ambassadors teamed up to enlist the elitist of the elite within the recovery field to begin Operation “We Can Recover” 

I am one of four people who embraced a mission to show the world how easy it is to bitch about reality yet doing nothing but adding more opinions on a war that is killing people on a daily basis.

Plagued by anger towards the people on both sides the ones who were discussing the violation of privacy with the media shedding light on our disease and the reality for some of us accepting defeat.

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Robert Henslee

 Robert Henslee Secretary of the Department of Defense Against Addiction (DoDAA) SFYB CEO/Founder

Five years ago facing a fear and taking an opportunity that I am forever grateful for I was offered a second chance and was led towards recovery on another level dispatcher for a lucrative tow company.

I began to heal. I became so intent on making my cousin’s proud I began to mend old wounds with confronting myself in these years I became more confident in myself and pretty much joked around about all the aspects surrounding my disease this was my self-defense method.

I continued to live with my cousin’s and 2 years into it I suffered a heart attack and embraced life realizing what was important and that was leaving behind a legacy to be proud of and it was assumed that I had overdosed causing my heart to fail.

Then I realized that I needed to educate myself and others around me waging war on the battle against addiction and the demons that lurk within our backyard.


Michael DeLeon Michael DeLeon

Michael DeLeon Director at Steered Straight, Inc. SFYB Executive Board

Craig Dickinson would best be described as an old school biker by day and guardian angel 24-7 I began to take more leaps of faith and constantly found myself turning to the site that led me to the third ambassador who led forth the initiative to send a message to the recovery advocates in the world to spread the word of mouth and not be afraid to embrace the broken pieces and address them.

Michael DeLeon who I am blessed for the amazing opportunities and strength to put the actions to play we then were blessed with Robert Henslee from Florida who is the man behind the curtain – Secretary of the Department of Defense Against Addiction (DoDAA) and we called a Silent yet subtle challenge we come out of the shadow inspiring others who are stuck within the addiction epidemic that brought us all together.


Dopeless Duck

Commander Dopeless Duck SFYB Senior Staff And  Executive Advisory Board Member

We then embraced 3 new members through this new war that was waged in 2017 officially but has been a top secret mission Mr. Billy Pfeiffer  Mr. RJ Vied and James Sweasy became the first ones who were being considered for the league of heroes followed by Bobble, Nester, Blake, Dopeless Duck, Nathan, Jenna, Josh, Tim Carmen, Rich Walters, Joann, Kristi, Erin, Denise AND several dozen others too numerous to list here – the page isn’t long enough… and I promised to finish this in one day.


Rj Vied – Commander Advocate SFYB Senior Staff, Executive Advisory Board Member 

This was the beginning and the mission just began with the candidates and the role these warriors will play within the next several weeks and join the Recovery Army League as we welcome more members of the Recovery Community allow themselves to come forth and join us for our adventures and bring fantasy fiction to a new level and embracing the comic book phase in hopes of getting the education out their surrounding our superhero abilities stay tuned next week as we set off on our first mission and welcome to my world.

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Manders Espana
I am Amanda Mitts better known as General Manders Espana of the Recovery Army, born and raised in a small town in Western Pa called Stahlstown, Amanda grew up and after being released from the foster care at the age of 19 I found myself relocating to the Washington DC area planning on recreating myself I ended up getting involved in an abusive relationship and found myself trying to make a life by becoming an exotic dancer which led into a spiral of addiction to becoming a recovery advocate.

My achievements consist of A.R.A.T Amanda’s Recovery to Addiction Time, this was a part of a campaign I wanted to catch on to give us positive thoughts to help get us through the weekend because when we have a lot of free time this is when most relapses happen. I am very outspoken in the recovery community and try to provide the same focus on the passion that I feel when I see someone who just needs a friend. I'am creator of the C.O.RE Awards *Crusaders of Recovery* this is a thing that I came up with to give credit to those in the addiction field for all the distinguished motivators in our community that take ownership and spread the same message that I do.

I have been working with Michael DeLeon setting up ways to get Steered Straight up and going in the DC area and Robert Henslee with SFYB coordinating the troops. I will be taping my feature on Road To Recovery this weekend. I also am developing a campaign to promote a new non-profit organization called Recovery Army it is pretty much as it sounds it is an official campaign set up to launching a war against the pandemic to show the world how we “the worthless ones” are uniting and spreading the education of our disease.

I also am taking it a step further and already launched the transition from taking our cause to the next level we want to take our sites Spanish and we are going to launch the feeds for live posts global we want warriors to spread the message to help prevent this number from increasing. I launched a program where I reached out to a grieving mother who wanted her story to be shared and I felt such a bond with her I asked if I could attempt I put together a tribute that is featured on kthen forum.

I meet up with the kids at my daughters school and since the holidays are over and 2017 has begun we are planning on doing some fun events to spread awareness and I am thinking about starting an after school special program to encourage the children the real dangers because face it this is an uncomfortable topic for most people but ignorance is silence, silence is addiction, addiction is death unless you find your way towards the light.

I love writing poetry I love learning and most of all I love being able to help provide some insight to people based on how I felt I am not judging anyone I just am a small town hillbilly mountain girl with a big mouth and even bigger dreams.” Stay tuned, because well I will just leave it at this.

And many thanks to the cat's at Stop Frying Your Brain way cool ppl. Especially my friend Robert Henslee CEO who has supported me since the beginning. And if you're looking for some GREAT FB groups click on the little boy praying on this post or on the StopFryingYourBrain website
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