Please don’t die…..I love you with all my heart!Dragon Rich

Rich Walters

Rich Walters SFYB Senior Editor/Author

Loving an active addict is one of the toughest things in the world…..


It will literally destroy you as a human being, if you allow it…..It is so hard to let go because you’re continually living with the fear of losing them…..They say that we don’t have the power to get our loved ones sober….IT’S AN INSIDE JOB……

But that doesn’t mean that we won’t give it our best shot….Sometimes our best shot entails the loss of money…the loss of sleep….health problems…..Heartache….bloodshed and the list goes on….But we are engineered to NEVER give up……Love is such a deep rooted human emotion….It’s powerful enough to drive men and women insane…..


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However, I know from personal experience that the addict mindset thrives on manipulation….Especially with the ones that love us the most…..WE WILL USE YOUR LOVE AGAINST YOU…..WE WILL TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF YOUR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE……

But on the other hand we don’t want to hurt you…..We don’t have a choice….If you’re anything like me you lost the power to choose whether or not you were going to use……But now that I’m sober the shoe is on the other foot….Now i know what it’s like to love someone who’s actively using and let me tell you…..It’s devastating!!!

no power

You are POWERLESS OVER YOUR LOVED ONES…..And that’s a tough pill to swallow……The only sane thing to do is let them go…..Let them find their bottom…..Stop catching them as they fall…..Sounds easier said than done right???

IT’S SO HARD!!! Now we have the threat of overdose at an all time high…..This well known fact makes the process even harder……In order for an addict to find long term recovery they must hit a serious bottom…The only problem is that some of their bottoms are death……Some of them don’t get sober……

Oh God Please Help Em…

kitty praying

And every night before i go to bed i beg God to please spare my loved one…..Please let them find peace and contentment…..Please let them live long, happy, prosperous lives……Addiction is very real….but so is recovery…..If you or a loved one is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction please reach out…..please find us because there is a solution…..


WE HAVE FOUND A WAY OUT……it’s time to band together as a nation and take our husbands, wives, sons, brothers, sisters, daughters and children back from the streets…..God is working through a lot of us who’ve found freedom..


Rich Walters

Rich Walters SFYB Senior Editor/Author

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Rich Walters
Rich Walters is a Senior SFYB editor author & advocate, a father of 3 beautiful children and an alcoholic/addict in long term recovery....A member of countless committees in regards to substance abuse and community restoration....Rich has been an instrumental part in the Parkersburg Strong Movement in Parkersburg, WV

He is a part of the Walk against heroin which takes place in Parkersburg every fall.....He played a major role in starting a new fellowship in his area (Heroin Anonymous)....He has spoke at countless events all over the West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.....

He will be attending the National March Against Heroin in Portsmouth, Ohio where he will be sharing his experience on this epidemic and recovery from the stage....He's a college graduate and ex college football player who's life completely changed due to the devastating grip of addiction....

He's been on fire since April 28th, 2014 and doesn't plan on ever looking back......He's a firm believer that some of us are "Chosen" to do this work.....It's not something we've selected because we were chosen to do this by a power far greater than man......

His enthusiasm and passion for recovery are contagious and when he speaks he paints a very vivid picture of life before, during and after the chains of addiction.......Recovery and helping others is his life.....T

his man is a force to be reckoned with and he will continue to be a voice for the voiceless.....He screams recovery from the rooftops and carries and energy that is so attractive for the people who are still sick and suffering....If you haven't had a chance to see him speak then you should probably check him out......God bless and long live recovery!
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