I am literally speechless as I sit here tonight. I am reading messages that people are sending me from across the country and I am at a loss for words. I am touched by the outpouring of support and by so many who are sharing their stories of addiction.

As I am typing this I have tears rolling down my cheeks and I am so amazed by the reactions I am receiving. As I stated in my video with Choose Freedom I feel in my heart that it is my obligation and my duty to spread the word on addiction and to educate myself as well as others on this disease. That is all I want to do, help others struggling and spread the word.

Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith SFYB Staff Author

After reading your messages I am also still blown away by the number of **CHILDREN** suffering from addiction. These stories break my heart. I can not tell you how many *kids* have messaged me saying they buy and use prescription drugs like Xanax, OxyContin, Adderall and many others. Many have also tried Heroin and not one single kid who has messaged me has used a needle to inject this DEADLY drug.

They are snorting and smoking it. They told me their parents are unaware and “oblivious” they are using drugs. They have told me they use these substances to “boost their confidence” and to relieve anxiety and to be able to play their sport with no pain!!



We need to wake up!!!! As parents you have an obligation to educate yourselves on these drugs that can be found in medicine cabinets and are available to our children with little to no cost.

If you think for one minute this is not happening right here in central Illinois you are blind and you need to stop and understand this is occurring and I promise you your kids are aware it is happening! So please please just speak to your kids.

Are you a parent who won’t listen until a child in your community dies…is that what it is going to take for you to wake up?

You may not like me or respect me and that is perfectly fine but damn it, wake up!!!!




These pills can lead to heroin use and open the doors for other drugs! It is in our communities and in our local highschools and if you don’t think it’s happening then you are blind!

It’s right here in SJO!!!! Prove me wrong, I dare you and I encourage you to prove me wrong!


ASK YOUR KIDS start this conversation now!

I took my story public for this exact reason and now my inbox is flooded with messages from children asking me how to stop popping pills, begging me to not tell their parents or the school asking me what they can do!

Messages telling me that when they try to stop taking these pills that they get sick and feel like they have the “stomach flu” this is called withdraw and while you might not know what this means your kids do!

I have messages from kids saying they have tried heroin (most are snorting) not one said they use needles they are smoking or sorting. Most told me they snort it because then there is no smell and no needle! (No evidence)


While heroin might be a foreign language to you it’s not to your children. They can buy a bag for as cheap as $20.00 which is enough to kill them!!


Don’t let your kids become a statistic!

My heart is breaking tonight as I am reading these messages! This confirms everything I stated in my personal testimony and confirms it is happening right here, right here in our little small towns. The towns we move to thinking these towns will be a safer place to raise our children, towns where we all know each other and towns we never think this will happen in.

Well wake up, it’s happening.

Now what in the hell are we going to do about it???
Are you going to continue to ignore it?
Are you going to continue to think it won’t happen to your kids?
or that your kids know better…?

If that is your mentality you are naïve and need to open your eyes.

I have messages saying they take pills at school and exchange pills at school and they told me their teachers think it’s Tylenol they are taking and exchanging.

We are uneducated on this new epidemic!

Research it, ask your kids, speak to other kids you owe this to your children.

So again I ask and beg you to educate yourselves! Please just educate yourselves and your kids!!

Kids as young as 12 right here in our small towns in central Illinois are popping Xanax before taking tests at school. They know about these drugs and they are getting their hands on them. (12 years old)

We warn our kids about strangers and people dressing like clowns but why are we not warning them about pills or talking about heroin??

WHY? Do we need to lose a child before we wake up!?

What in the hell is it going to take?

I will keep blasting and sharing until we start realizing this is a problem.

Please just have the conversation I promise you that you will be shocked by the information your children share with you.

Tonight I pray we don’t have to lose more children to a drug overdose. Just because your town has not YET buried a child from a drug OD doesn’t mean it won’t happen or won’t strike your town!

This breaks my heart that our kids are doing these deadly drugs. I know first hand what these drugs do to us and how quickly we become addicted!
I can’t imagine being a child dealing with the hell and torture of withdraw or a child who is “speedballing” it literally breaks my heart and this is why I won’t stop spreading the word and educating myself and others.

Learn the warning signs that are very hard to identify, learn about the side effects and just talk to your kids!


That is all I just pray you listen!

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Jamie Smith
Hi my name is Jaime Smith (Zimmerman) I was born in Champaign, Illinois on March 21,1978. I come from two amazing parents and an incredibly strong family. I am the oldest of three and have one sister and one brother.

I grew up in Mahomet, Illinois which is approximately fifteen minutes west of Champaign or two hours south of Chicago. I graduated from Mahomet-Seymour High School in 1996. Today my parents still reside in Mahomet and still live in the same house I grew up in.

I am married to an AMAZING man, we have been together for seven years and were married on November 18, 2013. My husband, Chuck is the most loving, caring and smartest man I have ever met. (Next to my dad and my grandfather) Chuck inspires me to be the best person I can possibly be. He challenges me everyday and pushes me to reach my full potential. He is my biggest supporter and is truly my rock.

We currently live in the small town of Saint Joseph, Illinois. (Known as SJO) It is located approximately fifteen minutes east of Champaign. We are a blended family and have four incredible children. Three boys and one girl ranging from age twenty to age ten. Our kids are your typical all American children.

My professional background is in Marketing, Advertising and Sales. I have a true passion for Marketing and have over fifteen years experience within this field. I previously worked for a very large well known marketing company that is based in New York City. I spent over ten years with this company managing the Downstate Illinois territory and represented an extremely large portfolio of brands as well as clients.

I have also previously worked as a professional promotional model for several different companies and brands before landing my career representing Down State Illinois.

In my spare time I enjoy everything from reading to spending time with family and friends. I am a very social outgoing individual who loves meeting new people. I love the beach and warm weather. I also have a huge passion for music and listen to EVERYTHING.

You can find anything and everything in my I-tunes account ranging from Kenny Chesney to Guns-N-Roses all the way to Eminem. Music is my outlet and something that relaxes my mind and speaks to my soul.

I have an enormous love for dogs and we currently have two. Ace, is our three year old Malti-Poo (the chill one) and Kali, is our eight month old full blooded Pit Bull. (our baby beast) They are both extremely spoiled and I truly believe they think they are humans.

Today I am on a new life mission to spread awareness around the disease known as addiction. I am a recovering addict and through my recovery journey I now have a need and a desire to help others who might be dealing with addiction.

My goal is to spread awareness around the growing drug epidemic taking over our country and affecting our innocent children. Throughout my own addiction I now feel I have an obligation to help others and to get our communities talking about the issue that is affecting so many of our loved ones and our kids.

I am your typical 'All American girl' who fell victim to this horrible disease and found my own life in shambles. Today I am in recovery and feel it is now my duty and my obligation to bring awareness to this issue and push the envelope to get people talking.

I have started my own support group called 'The Demon Named Addiction' it is place where people can go to get support, share recovery stories and to educate themselves on the disease of addiction.

I will spend the rest of my life fighting my own addiction and focusing on my own recovery but if I can help others along the way then that will help inspire me to continue fighting my own personal battle with this horrible disease.

My full story about my own personal struggles with drug addiction can be found on 'The Demon Named Addiction' as well as I encourage anyone dealing with addiction to visit my support group.

It is my mission to help others dealing with this illness we call addiction and to help spread the word around this epidemic taking over our count
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