Relapse is not part of recovery

Relapse is not part of recovery. Let me say it one more time, relapse is not part of recovery. Even though it happens quite often to not only the newcomer, but to those who’s been in the process for years as well, it still is not part of recovery..
Raymond Kyle

Founder Warrior Foundation.

To consider relapse as part of recovery, takes validation away from your process of recovery. Recovery is about bettering yourself,and pushing forward. It teaches dedication, hard work, focus, determination and courage. If a relapse occurs

it’s not cause it’s good for us, and that it’s making us better. It’s not cause it’s part of our process. It’s simply cause you lost focus, you had a weak moment in your process, and you allowed the disease that you battle to win.

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But my friends, it does happen, and as sad as it may be it happens quite often. But don’t come into your process with the mindset that relapse is part of recovery. With that mindset it’s only a matter if time til it does happen. Instead, you stay focused on your progress, you keep the mindset that by any means necessary you will not relapse. The mindset that you will not give up. The mindset of a warrior; born to fight and fight to win.

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Raymond Kyle
Founder at I Am A Warrior Foundation
My name is Raymond C. Kyle, and first and foremost, I am a grateful recovering addict. I am also the founder of the I Am A Warrior Foundation.

After living 20 years in active addiction, and the painful lifestyle that comes with it, I made a conscious decision that enough was enough and changed my life in ways that at one point I never thought was possible, but I am here today, and I am grateful for another chance at life.

The I Am A Warrior Foundation, is my opportunity to be able to give back to the same life I took from for years, the same life I took for granted and abused for many years.

The goal of the I Am A Warrior Foundation, is to educate, and bring awareness to the many life struggles individuals face in life, from addiction, to depression, to suicidal thoughts and tendencies, to bullying, and many other of life's many struggles. It is my hope and prayer, that with this foundation, I am able to inspire,to motivate, and to give back to life in ways that help change lives, save lives, and mold individuals for a better tomorrow.

Over the years I have been in and out of numerous correctional facilities, and state hospitals. I have lived under bridges, slept on park benches, and lived in the streets. I have seen the darkest sides of a lifestyle that nobody wants to experience. I have also been laying in a hospital bed dead on more than one occasion, due to drug overdoses and such, but today I make a choice to live life to the fullest, and to get the most out of a life I was chosen to live. Although I have everlasting affects from the lifestyle I once chose to live, it does not stop me from doing my part in helping individuals just like myself succeed in life. I am honored to be able to do so.

The I Am A Warrior Foundation goes to schools, churches, and community events, where I am able to give my story to help change lives. We also partner with other organizations like this one to deliver messages of the reality of certain lifestyles and the consequences that come with them. We are self funded, we do not put a price on what we do, cause there is no price you can put on life. We do accept donations so that we can better be able to continue what we do.
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