Running Back to Egypt

Stephen Kavalkovich

SFYB Contributing Author Stephen Kavalkovich, Former Paramedic 

The Old Testament story of the Exodus is a very poignant portrayal of  humanity. Thousands of years later, not much has changed. The Israelites were held in back breaking captivity and bondage to Pharaoh.
After God used Moses as a great leader to “let his people go”, the Red Sea was parted and off to the Promised Land. In their eyes, the bad times were over and nothing but riches and joy from now on.


2017-03-30_11-12-59If we read further, we will find that the journey to the land God promised them, was supposed to be an 11 day journey.

Sadly, this trip took 40 years and most of them never made it. The instructions were clear and the road was there. Soon after the danger of the pursuing armies of Egypt was eradicated, they forgot where they came from. They forgot the pain and torture. They had the thought that the troubles were over. God provided a way out, but now we face new challenges. We have to eat manna, and there is no steak and eggs. The desert is hot, and there is no shelter. Then the blame game began. They pointed the finger at Moses, if not for him, we’d could have a house, bed, and assorted foods. I mean, so we have to perform hot, difficult labor. But…But… at least we wouldn’t be facing these new Goliath’s.What does that say about people, then and now?

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Think of a time in your life when you were in bondage, broken and full of despair. Perhaps, it was a relationship full of resentment, abuse, or mistrust.

Maybe it’s a job that is making you miserable and hopeless. What about a drug addiction that took everything from you. You sat on the street in the cold with nowhere to go and yet, couldn’t stop chasing the next high. We have all been in that situation where we wanted out, and a way opened up. The rehab got us a bed, but now they insist you follow the rules and clean your room. We begged to get in, and someone made it happen in our cries. But…but..I want it to be my way. You finally escaped the abusive boyfriend, but now have to go back your mother’s basement at 37 years old. You are a grown woman, how can she demand certain house rules be followed? Late at night you text the one who hurt you and tell him, “ as long as you change, I will come back. “ We know how that one will end. A vicious cycle of escaping the quicksand and running like a moth to a flame back to it.


God didn’t rescue us from our “Egypt’s” so we can run back when we have new, unfamiliar terrain to traverse.

Perhaps, if the Israelites that he rescued from captivity would’ve entered the Promised Land had they put the same faith and trust in Him when it came to this new, strange road in the journey. Perhaps, if we are brought out of our slavery after begging God to save us, the answer is to trust. Trust the process in the next chapter of the story. The promise isn’t that it will be easy, but if we are saved it’s for a reason that isn’t in vain. Easy would’ve been staying where we were, even though it was suicide on the installment plan. Change is painful, but not as painful as staying where we aren’t supposed to be.

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Stephen Kavalkovich
Stephen Kavalkovich - Nationally Certified Recovery Coach, Author, Speaker, Former Paramedic

I am a man who lost, rather, gave up all that I had as a result of addiction. My substance abuse began shortly after returning from New York City on 9/11 following the terrorist attacks. However, my entire life until and beyond that point was a vicious cycle of switching seats on a sinking ship up until I all but drown. It is my goal to share and care for others just like someone did for me. I hope to inspire and encourage you and show that their is a way to freedom and peace. As my writing will show, I have experIenced much pain and loss in my life. My purpose is to share through written word and speech as a way of helping others face their demons.

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