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lookingWe are looking for bloggers, writers, authors, subject experts, subject authorities or facility owners/operators in the addiction industries who would like to get in front of 35,000+ registered prospects (soon whole lot more – we have a good PPC monthly budget).

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Stop Frying Your Brain Contributor Guidelines

We pride ourselves on providing our community with timely, high quality and valuable content from some of the best minds in the industry.  To maintain these standards we ask our contributors to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. All posts must be at least 300 words and may contain relevant images, videos, and outbound links that improve the overall experience of our community.  Irrelevant hyperlinks will be removed and submissions containing keyword stuffing will be rejected.  Note: All links must naturally fit into the sentence/article and provide value to the reader.  Posts may not contain affiliate links.
  2. Posts may not be overly promotional; however, contributors are welcome to include a relevant CTA at the end of their posts.
  3. Author bios for individual contributors must be placed in the user profile and may not be included within the text of the post itself.
  4. Given the large volume of posts that we receive daily, we ask that your posts be in a ready-to-publish state consistent with our existing content when you submit them for final review. While we review each post and may adjust formatting as needed, posts requiring heavy editing may be rejected.
  5. Our contributors are responsible for the originality and accuracy of their submissions. Any contributor caught plagiarizing content will be banned.
  6. We syndicate content published on Stop Frying Your Brain to third parties such as Yahoo! and Google News. Please proofread and edit your post carefully before submitting. While we can make changes to our copy of the article if necessary, we do not have the ability to edit or take down posts syndicated to external sites.
  7. All post publication & editing is done at the discretion of Stop Frying Your Brain editors. We do not guarantee that we will be able to honor requests from contributors to edit or delete posts after they are published.

Please note: Submitting a post does not guarantee that the post will be published. 


Addiction Recovery Partners

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