Men and women use heroin for the “effect” produced by heroin…..

The effect

Rich Walters

Rich Walters SFYB Senior Editor/Author

The effect is so strong it will forever be burned into my mind as soon as it hits your bloodstream it immediately squeezes your heart and your stomach.

After the squeezing sensation subsides, your body quickly becomes warm and numb and your mind literally blocks out all of the bad things occurring in your life.

It is the ultimate release…..

However, that release/effect is so dangerous it can and will take your life….

Followed up by the miserable withdrawal and the never-ending misery of depression/paranoia/anxiety/worry/guilt/shame and remorse….

Today I can remember that effect, but instead of obsessing I can remember ALL of the bad things that come with it…..

Men and women use heroin for the “effect” produced by heroin….. Click to Tweet

I have a ton of things between myself and that effect such as God, 12 steps, home group, family, sponsees, friends and peace of mind……

So, in other words, I have been restored to sanity….

As long as I stay spiritually fit I will recoil from heroin as if it were a hot flame…..

In order for me to stay in recovery,

I MUST find something to replace that effect….

Today I live for the effect produced by good living…..

Today I live for the effect produced by love…..

Today I live for the effect produced by peace……

Today I live for the effect produced by

GOD……Today I am FREE!!!!!!!!!!!







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Rich Walters
Rich Walters is a Senior SFYB editor author & advocate, a father of 3 beautiful children and an alcoholic/addict in long term recovery....A member of countless committees in regards to substance abuse and community restoration....Rich has been an instrumental part in the Parkersburg Strong Movement in Parkersburg, WV

He is a part of the Walk against heroin which takes place in Parkersburg every fall.....He played a major role in starting a new fellowship in his area (Heroin Anonymous)....He has spoke at countless events all over the West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.....

He will be attending the National March Against Heroin in Portsmouth, Ohio where he will be sharing his experience on this epidemic and recovery from the stage....He's a college graduate and ex college football player who's life completely changed due to the devastating grip of addiction....

He's been on fire since April 28th, 2014 and doesn't plan on ever looking back......He's a firm believer that some of us are "Chosen" to do this work.....It's not something we've selected because we were chosen to do this by a power far greater than man......

His enthusiasm and passion for recovery are contagious and when he speaks he paints a very vivid picture of life before, during and after the chains of addiction.......Recovery and helping others is his life.....T

his man is a force to be reckoned with and he will continue to be a voice for the voiceless.....He screams recovery from the rooftops and carries and energy that is so attractive for the people who are still sick and suffering....If you haven't had a chance to see him speak then you should probably check him out......God bless and long live recovery!
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